Sheldon Lavin, Worlds Meat Tycoon

Sheldon Lavin: The Key to OSI Industries International Success

OSI Industries was originally founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as a corner butcher shop. It eventually was renamed into Otto & Sons in 1928. The brothers became a partner with Ray Kroc as McDonald’s first supplier of beef in 1940 and became forever immortalized as part of the American way of life. After several decades of success with their partnering with McDonalds, Otto & Sons became OSI Industries in 1975, the very same year Sheldon Lavin was asked to join the company.

OSI saw rapid growth in only a few years and opened its first plant in West Jordan Utah by 1977. When McDonalds went international OSI built plants in Germany and Spain, eventually becoming a massive and complex multinational corporation.

Thanks to his leadership during this time period, Sheldon Lavin would eventually become chairman and CEO of OSI in the early 1980s. His keen foresight saw OSI not just being a food processing company for McDonalds, but also ventured out into other sectors of the food industry.

With his personal experience as an CEO and a banking investor, Sheldon Lavin proved to be a critical asset in what would become one of the most profitable growth phases for the company which continues on into the 21st century. The company eventually constructed plants throughout Brazil, Austria, Poland, the Pacific Rim, Hungary and Mexico which gave birth to the company’s aggressive expansion during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Sheldon Lavins oversaw a joint partnership with K&K Foods in Taiwan, which started OSI Asia-Pacific. Gen OSI was established in the Philippines in 1990 while a company in China, known as WFOE was constructed in Beijing during the year 1992. Another plant was established in Shanghai in 199h.

The company didn’t stop growing in the US. New plants were opened in Chicago and in Oakland, Iowa in 1986 and 1996 respectively. Mr. Lavin would eventually see the company branch from beef production and entered an partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods in 1994 expanding the company’s production from beef and branched out into other meats such as sausage, bacon, hot dogs and poultry.

Thanks to the impressive foresight of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Industries would eventually become one of the largest companies in the US generating sales of 6.1 billion by 2016 and earned three recognitions for environmental safety by 2018.

About Sheldon Lavin:

Career Life of Successful Businessman Wes Edens

Wes Edens co-founded Fortress Investment Group in collaborations with other key principals. Besides co-founding Fortress, he co-owns Milwaukee Bucks, and also he founded e-sport team FlyQuest. Mr. Wes attended the Oregon State University and was able to earn his degree in Finance and Business Administration. A few years later he joined Lehman Brothers and worked there as the managing director before moving to BlackRock Asset Investors where he served till the idea of establishing Fortress came up. As he was serving in these two companies, he gains massive experience and skills that enlightened him in running various businesses and handling customers hence by establishing Fortress would yield lots of success. Since the establishment of Fortress Investment Group it has been recording remarkable improvement and growth since it is currently leading in the investment manager this is an indication of the leadership and governance from the able leaders such as Wes Edens.

Edens started to be the co-chairperson of the Fortress in 2008, and since then the progress of this company has drastically increased and attracted more investors to make their investments with Fortress. The team in the Fortress are well conversant with investment more asset management hence they offer the right services that are satisfactory to the investors. The most significant achievement of Wes Edens in Fortress was when he helped the firm to buy Springleaf Financial Services which made the company to earn huge returns from their investment. Mr. Wes is a great investor and has been successful in all the investment business that led him ranked at Forbes Billionaire list at position 962. His passion drives him, commitment and determination in business and through that he works hard to ensure all the goals that he set are achieved.

Moreover, he ensures that the employees serving under his leadership are motivated in working hard since it is through hard work and teamwork that will aid the firm to attain its goals.Furthermore, Wes Edens is a great  philanthropist that is devoted to giving back to the community. There are lots of philanthropic organizations that are supported by Wes through donations. Some of the organizations that he provides donations include Environmental Advocates of New York, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, and the University of Florida amongst many more. Through the donations and support he provides has enabled hundreds of people to meet their basic needs and easy access to quality education. Wes lives in New York City with his wife Lynn, and together they have four children.

Randal Nardone: An Impeccable Leadership Journey

Randal Nardone is a co-founder with two other partners for Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the chief executive officer and director of the company. He is gladly connected to around eight organizations in 20 different industries. Randal co-founded the company in 1998 that continues to grow in his leadership and other partners. Since 2013, Randal Nardone has worked as the chief executive officer and in 1998; he assumed the seat of a principal of the Fortress Credit Corporation. Randal is the able president of Ncs 1 LLC. He also stands in to serve as the chair and president of Springleaf Holdings LLC. His service is extended to Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC where he is the secretary and vice president. Being a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group has been an exciting journey for him and the other partners. The headquarters of the firm is in New York in the United States.

His leadership ladder is quite a wide and exciting one. He has been an all-time principal and director of the Fortress Credit Corporation. Mr. Randal was as well the president and chair of Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC. The great company enjoys the service of this great leader since 2006 as the director, principal, and co-founder. In the same year, Randal was elected to the office of being a director for Eurocastle Investment limited where he still serves. Following ear in 207, Randal was given the title of a non-executive director at Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd. In the year 2008, more responsibilities were added to him serving as the director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation where he still gives direction. In 2010, the Springleaf Finance Inc.

saw his excellent work, he was given the post of director, and he continues to show his unique skills and expertise in there. Mr. Randal is the current director of Springleaf REIT Inc. since 2011. His profile reads excellent leadership posts which equally suggests that he is a man with a vision. He serves in many board settings, and he continues to earn respect in his career and profession.Randal Nardone went to the University of Connecticut where he earned a BA. He proceeded to Boston University School of Law where he acquired an honor in Juris Doctorate. Randal Nardone is affiliated to several organizations either directly or by association. In all these, he shows his commitment and dedication to excellence and success. Mr. Randal was named a billionaire in 2007 as part of the famous Fortress Five.

Christopher Linkas: Encouraging Young People To Begin Investing Early

Investment expert Christopher Linkas thinks its important for young people to begin investing at an early age. He points out that young investors have many advantages over people who become involved in investing later in life. Some of the reasons Christopher Linkas gives for young people to start investing as early as possible include:


  1. Recovering Over Time


When people begin investing while they’re young, whether they invest in low, medium or high risk stocks they have time to recover from money lost due to the volatility of the market and grow their wealth.

  1. Letting Their Money Work


By investing early young people can earn interest and let it grow in value and generate compound interest over a long period of time. This allows them to build a large nest egg for retirement.

  1. Changing Spending Habits


Young people who learn to invest regularly and live within a budget rather than impulsively spend their money can attain their financial goals and have the money they need to become entrepreneurs should they so desire.

  1. Gaining An Edge


By beginning to invest early, young people can improve their decision-making, begin making profits that will put them ahead of their peers financially and be able to afford larger purchases like homes later in life.

  1. Improved Quality Of Life


By investing early, young people improve their changes of enjoying a better quality of life. This will allow them to be able to take advantage of more opportunities that come their way and have the financial foundation to pursue activities that they enjoy. Christopher Linkas can provide young people with a variety of tools and share insights and strategies that can lead to strong returns and help them amass a fortune over time.


Many companies seek out Christopher Linkas for investment advice. The Bowdoin College graduate has worked as a financial analyst and vice president at RER Financial Group, an Associate with AEW and with Goldman Sachs as a vice president. Christopher Linkas currently works with a major investment group based in the UK. He is also a wealthy and successful investor.

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How Entrepreneur Jeff Aronin Approaches Treating Diseases

Jeff Aronin earned his bachelor’s degree at Northern Illinois University. Later on he attended DePaul University where he earned his masters of business administration. He founded his first company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals, in August 2000. He was this company’s president and chief executive officer. In 2009 he sold this company to Lundbeck, Inc. for $900 million and became that company’s president and CEO. Today he is the chairman and CEO of two firms, Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital and Paragon Bioscience, LLC.

At Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital, Jeff Aronin invests in life science companies around the world. He takes an active role in establishing these businesses and then managing them. Some of these companies are Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. This former company works to provide cures for central nervous system disorders. At Paragon Biosciences the focus is on helping patients who are experiencing a debilitating disease. This company has acquired 13 drug approvals by the FDA. They research diseases for which there are presently no cures.

Jeff Aronin says the first step at Paragon Biosciences is to identify those diseases which are most in need of new treatment. His team this studies the underlying reason a disease exists and whether there are any new approaches to curing it that haven’t been tried before. If they come up with a novel approach to treating a disease they build a new company which focuses on just that disease and bring in the right personnel to carry on drug research for it.

When it comes to developing drugs for diseases it is a high risk/high reward type of deal. Most drugs never make it out of the research phase or during clinical trials they do no better than a placebo. By remaining focused on diseases which really need cures Jeff Aronin makes sure each drug they have under development will have great potential once it is on the market.

Jeff Aronin lives in the greater Chicago, Illinois area. He serves as a board member for a number of organizations in that area such as Discover Financial Services, the Economic Club of Chicago, and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Johanan Rand On Changing Lives Through His Personalized Medical Therapies

Johanan Rand is one of the most qualified doctors that has offered and continues to offer innovative solutions for aging patients around the country. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Johanan has constantly brought about solutions for aging-related problems. The main symptoms experienced by patients being erectile dysfunction and menopause. Dr. Johanan treatments and therapeutic procedures are well researched and well thought out. They include a weight loss program that allows patients to fully engage their daily activities and adopt a better lifestyle.

Dr. Johanan focuses on providing a solution from the root cause of the problem. Some symptoms, however, are treated immediately while others require critical analysis and research. There is also an education program that patients are required to take part in to fully understand their ailment and the treatment procedures. A patient understanding of the process of their treatment is paramount as their reception becomes easier.

The most Unique thing about Dr. Johanan treatments is the attention he gives to each of his patients since almost all their treatments are personalized to suit each individual. To achieve this kind of personalized treatment, Dr. Johanan takes all his patients through a physical examination that is thorough. This examination is then analyzed to get a comprehensive understanding of precise treatment that the patient requires. The patient is then taken through a series of questions that allow even deeper understanding of the problem. Dr. Johanan then creates a personalized plan for physical exercise, diet, medical care, and therapy.

Dr. Johanan Rand has put emphasis on the need for his patients to fully understand how the program works in order to enhance the efficiency of the treatments. With his extensive experience in epidurals, steroids injections, nerve blocks, intravenous vitamin therapy and anti-inflammatory medications Dr. Johanan has been able to provide effective solutions to his clients. Dr. Johanan has come up with just the right therapies and plans for his patients over the years. His discovery journey towards better health in old age continues to grow. He has shown commitment to creating life-changing personalized programs. It is through his effective therapies that patients have time and again referred other patients to his program.

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This Stansberry Research Author Believes Warren Buffet’s Firm May Be About To Go The Wrong Way

Few people have ever dared to question investment decisions that one of America’s top investors has made over the years, but Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research says Warren Buffet appears headed down the wrong track with two companies Berkshire Hathaway owns. Buffet first made it big by buying the shares of the National Indemnity insurance company and started using the profits from its “float” to invest in other companies. The way Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway gained profits was making profitable but low-risk safe stock investments and buying companies that weren’t expensive and knew how to manage their capital assets well. But over the years this started to change.


Stansberry noted first how Buffet started moving more of his portfolio into banking and other high-capital companies like GM and Delta Airlines. Even his regular stocks in the IT company Apple are not performing like they used to. But the most damning investments have been in Berkshire Hathaway Energy and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad company. These two companies require enormous capital supply from Berkshire Hathaway but bring next to nothing in returns for the company. While it cannot be made clear why Buffet left his original investing strategy from companies whose huge earnings made their way into Berkshire Hathaway’s accounts to companies that bring back little while sucking in huge amounts of capital, Berkshire Hathaway shareholders should be concerned about the company not beating the S&P 500 index the way it used to.


Stansberry Research is an independent financial research publisher that offers both premium and free advisory services. Their research is conducted by proven analysts who know Wall Street well and who only recommend strategies that have actually succeeded for investors. Stansberry Research does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to investment strategies but instead combines opinions and perspectives to meet a variety of client needs. They have three different portfolio management services they provide including the Capital Portfolio, Income Portfolio and Total Portfolio, and each has their own set of features. They also have additional research services that come for those invited to a bundled membership. To find out more about what Stansberry Research offers, you can read their guide that’s free to download on their main website.


Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame: Lee May

During the 1970s anyone who watched the sport of baseball in the United States of America would have been well aware of a phenomenon that was happening in the team of the Cincinnati Reds. At the time they were referred to as the big red machine. This nickname was given to them because of the fact that they had a series of victories during the seasons in the 1970s. There were a number of factors that influence the team success during this time. One of the most important contributing influences to the success of the team was that of professional baseball player Lee May.

Lee May was recruited out of Birmingham Alabama in the 1960s. He first began to play professional baseball as a rookie in 1961. He played professional baseball as a rookie for a period of around six years. It was not until 1967 after an incredible performance during one of his rookie years that he was recognized as having significant levels of talent. During the 1967 rookie season, Lee May was able to hit 12 home runs with only 438 batting sessions. At the time this was an absolutely phenomenal performance, and he was quickly recruited to the Cincinnati Reds team.

Over the next two seasons of professional baseball, he gained a reputation as one of the most impressive power hitters of the entire professional baseball league. Every year that he played as part of the Cincinnati Reds, they got closer to a title. Lee May held the home run records in the years 1968 and 1969. In 1959 the Cincinnati Reds were only four games away from setting the pace in the newly formed National League Western division. Lee May was able to become a leader of the clubhouse. Lee May passed away in July 2017, but he will be remembered forever in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.


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Glen Wakeman Offers Business Advice to Miami Businessmen


Glen has vast experiences in traveling and mostly discusses the benefits that go has brought to his life. His work experience made his traveling dreams be realized. He worked for General Electric Company for 20 years. Throughout his career at GE, he managed to work in 32 different countries. Additionally, he has resided in over six states. He says that this has contributed significantly to his achievements.

The most significant achievement of his life is when he founded the new division known as General Electric Money Latin America. The firm recorded substantial growth since it started with a single individual to 17,000 individuals worldwide.

Glen’s Traveling

Glen indicates that his work experience and career has been advanced due to the travels he makes. His career presented an ideal opportunity of traveling to various countries. As earlier indicated, he has lived in more than six states and worked for 32 countries. He demonstrates that this has advanced his thinking capacity and how to approach specific challenges. In his statement, he includes that the world is a large place that incorporates various cultures and ways of life. Every culture has its method of approaching challenges. If you visit multiple cultures, you will be equipped with methodologies to contact specific solutions. Moreover, he has good expression skills and has learned many foreign languages. He goes ahead to give the benefits of traveling

Stress Relief and Comfort

Researchers indicate that stress can have negative impacts on the health of an individual. Moreover, it affects how you handle things and the concentration. The psychiatrist has reported that vacations are convenient ways to relieve stress. Besides, it is a neat way to relax your body. They have health benefits.

Language Learning

Just like Glen, you learn various languages depending on the travels you make. For instance, Glen has learned many words regarding the countries he’s traveled to.

Enhances skills

As indicated, you learn different ways of life and cultures. This will equip you with the different ways you can approach a problem.

If you work internationally, there are high chances of succeeding in your career. This is because you interact with various people of different cultures.

Strong Ethics & High Standards Are Just A Few Pillars That Make IC System To Be A Solid Company

When it comes to accounts receivable one leader shines brightly and that leader is IC System. IC System is a formidable accounts receivable with a rich history of working with clients for over eighty years. IC System quality far surpasses others in the industry, which is why they soar so high in the industry as a true market leader.


Ruth and Jack Erickson formulated IC System in 1938 and it is Headquartered near St. Paul, Minnesota. One of the fundamental, key concepts that has kept IC System ahead of the game is that the company provides ethical and honest service to their customers. IC System has continued for decades to keep up their ethical service to their customers and has solidified a great reputation. In addition, IC System has been a master pioneers in he collections industry and it was first noted when they transitioned from typewriters to computers. Also, they support their pioneer spirit by strictly adhering to state of the art implementation of the most current regulatory standards.


IC System ethical and honest connection doesn’t just stop with its customers, but they extend outside their customers by reaching out to various communities in the form of charity. In the context of corporate responsibility IC System gives yearly in the form of services, time, money and other resources to help communities all over the world. With respect to sustainable practices IC System is proactive in setting and achieving benchmark goals to by vehemently analyzing failures and successes, systematic operational practices and complete communications with partners. In addition, IC System maintains sustainability by oversee infrastructure and lands, pursue carbon neutrality via renewable resources paired with efficient use of energy and proper consideration to the possible environmental impact when making purchasing choices.


Further, IC System sustainability efforts are reinforced by having a strong influence on their corporate culture. IC’s corporate culture is guided by a frame-work that’s linked by five main values (part of a larger list) to influence their business practices. The five core values consist of pursuing satisfaction in the corporations work, while maintaining an environment that creates innovation, results, treat people with respect and maintain integrity.

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