David Samadi Expertise in Urology is Assisting Thousands of Patients

In the recent times, professionals in the medical world have been forced to deal with the raising cases of cancer patients. The disease is claiming the young and the old. Experts have now claimed that cancer is a threat to human life. Despite the emergence of powerful and influential doctors in many parts of the globe, people are struggling to get cancer cures in many parts of the globe. There are so many people dealing with various forms of cancer. Men, however, are struggling with prostate cancer, a disease that affects the prostate glands. David Samadi is a professional who has ventured into the medical world in the last decade, and he is already impacting the lives of cancer patients, especially the men in the United States.

David Samadi can now be considered to be a household name in the United States. The businessman was born several decades in Iran where his parents were living. By the time of his birth, the country was experiencing wars and other calamities. At some point, he had to leave his parents and siblings because he was chased from his homeland. The respected leader settled in Belgium with Dan, his younger brother who was only twelve years old. The brothers loved each other, and they kept each other company until they got a chance to migrate to the United States.

The grass was green in the new land. David Samadi was a bright student who chose to go back to school and make his parents proud. After witnessing the rising number of cases of cancer patients, the businessman enrolled for a medical degree, and this has remained to be a great decision. David Samadi was always among the top students in his class, and he managed to acquire a position in some of the leading hospitals that are found in New York City. David Samadi realized that most of the treatment cancer patients were using were not very effective, and he decided that he was going to discover better and more effective cancer treatment methods.

In a very short time, David Samadi has managed to give so many men a new opportunity in life. Most of the cancer beneficiaries from the businessman are men who are battling various forms of cancer. As a urologist, the doctor understands how to deal with bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer. Under his care, thousands of men have received the treatment they require to live a normal life.

David Samadi’s  Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/DrDavidSamadi/

TMS Health Solutions is Pioneering the Way in Alternative Treatments for Clinical Depression

As an organization that specializes in providing solutions for mental health conditions, the team at TMS Health Solutions understand how the effects of clinical depression directly impacts a person’s quality of life. Studies conducted by the CDC have shown that more than 40 percent of the adult population experiencing clinical depression do not respond to the standard methods of treatment. This is why the experts at TMS place their focus on creating alternative methods of treatment for people classified as having treatment resistant depression.

As a mental health organization, the staff at TMS Health Solutions are not only trained in their respective fields, they are also compassionate and caring individuals who listen to the needs of their patients. Often the people they see have come to them after exhausting all other possibilities for a solution to their clinical depression. They offer these individuals an alternative method known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS Therapy. As a method that has been approved by the FDA since 2008, this non-invasive method of therapy has been shown to help people who have treatment resistant depression.

The process of TMS Therapy involves the use of electromagnetic pulses that help stimulate specific nerves within the brain to counter the debilitating effects of clinical depression. The procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes and can be performed in a doctor’s office as an outpatient service. Since no sedation or anesthesia is required, there is no down time after the administration of this treatment so people can leave and continue their normal daily activities. The number of treatments needed to resolve clinical depression will depend on the severity of the condition.

The professionals behind TMS Health Solutions have committed themselves to finding better methods of treatment for mental health conditions through research and education. Their TMS Therapy is one of the most advanced solutions for clinical depression available today. They have a practicing philosophy of creating a patient-centered experience, which includes redefining what outpatient psychiatry is all about. They also strive to make their therapies available to those who need them by accepting most types of insurance plans and working as advocates to find financial aid solutions for those individuals not covered by insurance.

Where The RealReal Fits in the History of Fashion

Fashion does have a very interesting history with fashion. For a lot of the history that fashion was around, men and women had some very interesting pieces of clothing and accessories. However, fashion for men has started to become minimized. This eventually resulted in men that do not care as much about fashion. Meanwhile, women have been socialized to deal focus a lot on their looks so that they can be attractive to the opposite sex. These days, there is beginning to be a turn in the opposite direction at least when it comes to clothing.

The RealReal is not only aware of the growing amount of men who are taking a little more pride in how they look, but are also encouraging them by offering them something that they can’t easily find where they normally shop. Of course women get to enjoy as much style as ever. However, The RealReal takes it even further with women in that they get to enjoy some of the items that capture their creativity as well. One of the best things women get to do is that they get to explore their tastes and even make new strides in fashion. They can find all of the flattering pieces they want.

With The RealReal, men also get to rediscover the art that comes with fashion. The website allows them to look at all of the pieces of clothing and accessories and take note of all of the different styles, patterns and cuts. Even guys that are used to the logos and graphic designs on their t-shirts can look for something different. They can actually look at patterns, coordination, and even cuts. Once they see some of the more fun designs, they may be interested in trying these clothes out for themselves. The RealReal is showing that even men can have fun with fashion.




Education and Career Advancements of Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman graduated from Yale University in 1980 with a major in Biology. He enjoyed school and furthering his education and enrolled at the University of Virginia medical school shortly after he graduated from Yale. While attending the University of Virginia Dr. Mark Holterman participated in the National Institutes of Health program because in addition to aspiring to become a pediatrician, he also wanted to become a medical scientist. While attending UVA Dr. Mark also followed his heart and pursued an education in pediatric surgery. He became a surgery resident at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center after he graduated from UVA. In 1988 Mark married his wife Ai-Xuan who was also a pediatric surgeon and the two moved to Seattle Washington shortly after they were married. While living in Seattle Mark earned a position as a pediatric surgeon at the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. After a few years in this position Dr. Mark and his wife relocated with their children to Quebec Canada where Dr. Mark took a position as a research associate for the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal.

Dr. Mark Holterman has traveled to many major cities to further his career and expertise. He currently holds a position as a pediatrics professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine located in Peoria Illinois (Linkedin). He also is a member of the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons. This is an exclusive organization that is comprised of about five hundred members in over twenty three countries for surgeons who spend more than ninety percent of their time tending to pediatric care. This organization is invite only and promotes the share of knowledge from pediatricians and doctors in Pacific Rim nations. Dr. Mark Holterman is also a longtime supporter of the American Diabetes Association and takes a great interest in technology that features stem cell research (http://alivenewspaper.com/2017/11/dr-holterman-battles-childhood-obesity/).


Doe Deere – Article Recap

With our daily hustle constantly moving and the constant stream of information, once we get home at the end of the day it can be hard enough to not go straight to bed – let alone keep up a well tailored and thought out routine. The same thing goes for the morning. It can be hard to get a work out in or stick to any one regimen when the only thing you need to do is get cleaned up and head to work, but those in successful positions all have a routine in the morning that reminds them to reflect and take care of themselves in order to advocate for the best day possible.


If you remotely follow any person in the make up community online, chances are you have heard of or purchased from the company, Lime Crime. The solely online brand was created in 2008, by company’s founder and CEO, Doe Deere. Doe has had a love for make up since she was very young and after moving to America when she was 17 years old – she wanted to succeed in her music career with her band. She looked everywhere for pigments she so desired but did so in vain. Later, she created her own and Lime Crime was born.


This time in her life set many foundations for her including teaching her how to market herself, work with her husband, and working in the make up business in general. Along with becoming the CEO of her very own company, Doe has a very specific morning routine that she does every single morning – leaving her prepared for the day both physically and mentally.


First things first. Waking up! Doe wakes up every day at 8:30 a.m. It’s easy for her to wake up early, as she’s always been a morning person – but it’d be hard not to be with such a relaxing routine! After this she drinks some water and does some stretches. She clears her mind and spends the first part of her day with herself before she eats breakfast and opens her phone up to the world. Her favorite breakfast meal is grits with fresh squeezed orange juice, but sometimes she switches it up with yogurt and fruit instead.


After this she checks emails, Instagram and other electronic dealings before she finishes getting ready. After her hair and make up is done, she sits with her pets for a while before heading into the office.


With this routine, you can go from loving the night life to an early bird in no time! Learn more: http://limecrime.tumblr.com/


Cancer Treatment Centers Of America And WebMD Form Partnership

Being told by your doctor that you have cancer does not have to be a life sentence to confinement. With all of the modern advancements in technologies, cancer can be treated in ways that will allow you to maintain an active lifestyle. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide cancer treatment that is specific for your type and stage of cancer. Some people waste unnecessary time before they get treatment for their cancer. This is mostly because they are uninformed. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with WebMD to offer information to help the patient realize the many options that are available, and to help alleviate any misconceptions and misunderstanding.

WebMD is an online service that has vital and essential information available for patients, those who are in the caregiver positions, and the general public. This will eliminate those time consuming internet searches when questions arise. Everything that a person needs to know about a specific cancer, and the current available treatment options can be found on WebMD. A patient, or caregiver, can navigate a cancer from the time of diagnosis, through their treatment, and their survival and after care. This partnership will save the precious lives of millions of people who thought that their cancer was the beginning of the end.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, along with WebMD, will use interactive interface to reach a common, and an end goal. The website is user friendly, and they provide support by certified doctors who specialize in specific cancers. This advancement allows the patient better understand their cancer, and how treatments can help them live a normal, healthier life. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are located across the United States in Atlanta,Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Phoenix, Arizona; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Find a list of their treatment options on WebMD.

Subsidiaries Of Equities First Holdings

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings is working to meet the needs of borrowers. They offer stock based loans that hold at a low interest rate. Expect interest rates at 3% or 4% when they are issued. Equities First Holdings is ready to expand to an international level. They have obtained their first subsidiaries for those that are interested.


Equities First Holdings wants to partner with an Australian company. That will give them a new location and access to many new services. They are an environmental leader and an excellent pairing with the company. That gives both of these entities more resources than they had before now. Equities First Holdings is a popular service and one that is respected by all of their borrowers.

How Dr. Rod Rohrich is Enhancing Rhinoplasty

You can always get your nose enhanced in case you need a different look or you need to change its appearance. This process of reshaping your nose to either alter its functioning, shape, size or appearance is called rhinoplasty. Dr. Rod has been a specialist in rhinoplasty for quite some time now and well-known internationally for offering the best body and face surgery. He is the chairman of Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium which is the largest medical conference attended by many nose job surgeons from all over the world. He currently works in UT Southwestern Medical Center which is located in Dallas in the Department of Plastic Surgery. He has been recognized many time as the best plastic surgeon in America and he is able to restore youthfulness to the body and to human face.

Rod will be attending the Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium on February 2018 from date 8-10 in Miami. This conferences address all the changes and evolution of plastic surgery as well as its technical advances. This conference began in the year 1967 after Thomas Baker requested cosmetic surgeons such as Thomas D. Rees and Salvador Castanares to offer surgeons their expertise as well as training in United States. It’s been almost 5 decades and Baker Gordon Symposium has grown and developed and offering training to thousands of interested cosmetic surgeons. These trainings are conducted by high-ranked plastic surgeons around the globe and it is now main and largest symposium which offers live surgery in the United States.

Facial Lift Surgery

Before giving any patient a face lift, Dr. Rod examines and analyzes their facial features to ensure the patient will be satisfied with the end results. Everyone has a unique face so facelifts are not done in the same manner. His experience in this field will ensure he advises patients on what type of facelift will be good for them. Face lifts with Dr. Rod will give patients the best look and unique facial appearance they have always desired.

Breast Lift Surgery

This is done to enhance a woman’s breast by changing their size and shape. Implants are placed surgically behind both breasts and this helps increase its size, volume and shape. Aging, weight loss and childbirth are some of the reasons why women prefer having a breast augmentation to improve their physical appearance and self-esteem. His experience as a surgeon in this field will enable him to guide you in choosing the right breast shape and size to compliment your body proportion.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Social Media: twitter.com/drrodrohrich?lang=en

Dr. David Samadi’s Journey to the Top

When previous Presidential hopeful and nominee Mitt Romney found out that he had prostate cancer, he did not know where to turn or what to do. Nearly 70, he thought that he was out of the woods when it came to this ailment. Most men who get the cancer will get it between the ages of 50 and 66. Now, however, he had a choice to make. He could do radiation treatment, which would kill cells in his body and make him ill most of the time. He could also do surgery, which would localize his discomfort, but might affect his sexual and bladder functions. However, new doctors like Dr. David Samadi are now offering a third choice which includes robotic surgery instead of manual surgery. Mitt Romney decided to take this last form of treatment to heart and is now free and clear of his prostate cancer with it showing no signs of coming back.

Dr. David Samadi, while not performing this type of treatment directly on Senator Mitt Romney, has performed over 7,000 of these robotic surgeries on other men with the same ailment. Dr. Samadi has become known as one of the world’s foremost experts on the technology, as well as one of the most successful surgeons at performing the procedures. He never wants to use radiation if the cancer has not spread, and if there is a chance that they can use surgery to remove the cancer, then he would argue against using manual forms of surgery. Robotic surgery allows for more precision, less blood loss, and less loss of other functions as a side-effect of the procedure.

Before getting into medicine, Dr. David Samadi always knew that he wanted to be a doctor. While attending what he thought was going to be a cardiac surgery during his residency, the doctors wheeled in a man who was about to get a prostate surgery instead. From that point on, Dr. Samadi knew that urology and the study of prostates and prostate cancer was the only course for him. Since that fateful day, Samadi has performed thousands of procedures and coached men on their options.

Dr. David Samadi is currently the Chairman of the Urology Department, as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery, at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. He was previously the Chief Robotics in the Urology Department at the Mount Saini Hospital. Dr. David Samadi has earned international renown and has published articles in journals from around the world. He is truly best in class when it comes to robotics in prostate health.

How Jeffry Schneider Turned the Wellness Fad into A Lifestyle

Jeffry Schneider is an entrepreneur, father, and philanthropist. After decades of hard work, he’s decided to take a step back and look at what makes people happy and successful. Jeffry has set out to answer the question, “How do you implement a wellness plan throughout your entire life?” Now, with his personal and professional life thriving in a culture of teamwork, unity, and self-care, Jeffry Schneider is living proof that following a personal wellness plan can change your world.

What Is A Personal Wellness Plan?

Wellness plans are tools that incentivize employees to adopt a healthier way of living. Although most wellness plans focus on the home life, a wellness program at work benefits employers as much as it benefits employees. People who live a complete wellness driven life are less likely to get sick, thereby missing less work and costing less in healthcare expenses. Here’s some great starting points when putting together a wellness plan for your business and life.

Make It Fun

For many employees, work can become monotonous and boring. Find activities that can be done during the day to break up the routine. You can start simply with a walking club that meets twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

Build A Community

Creating a wellness community not only makes it more fun but it encourages commitment and accountability. Try putting together an activity calendar with different activities employees can participate in when it’s convenient for them. Make sure you include some that occur before and after work, during the lunch hour, and even on the weekends.

Positive Reinforcement

Completing that company sponsored 5K provides a huge sense of accomplishment, but recognition can encourage people to continue to participate as well as entice more people to join in. A simple email blast or a posting on the bulletin board in the break room will go a long way in creating positive reinforcement.

Calm Environment Equals Creative Solutions

Decreasing stress not only creates a more positive atmosphere but it can greatly improve focus and problem-solving skills. Try repurposing that old storage room into a relaxation space. Dim lights and a few comfy chairs will give employees the quiet space they need to relax and return to their desk with a fresh new perspective.

How Jeffry Did it!

Jeffry Schneider was able to take the idea of a wellness program and successfully implement it into every area of his life using a few practical strategies.


  1. Keep It Sustainable

It’s ok to pick and choose the parts from different diets or exercise plans that work for you. You don’t have to fully immerse yourself right off the bat. Moderation is the key to sustainability.


  1. Watch the Sunrise

Getting up before the sun gives you the time to focus on you. Try using this time as your workout time. You’ll have given yourself a jump start to your day physically and mentally.


  1. Be in The Moment

Jeffry, like most of us, finds it difficult to sit still and meditate. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be focused and aware in the moment. Don’t be afraid to put the phone away and fully engage in the conversation you are having and worry about the other stuff later.


  1. It’s the Small Things

When you live a busy life like Jeffry, it’s easy to say you’ll do something and then get sidetracked by something else. If you commit to going to the gym or preparing those healthy meals, do it. The small things help you achieve the life you want.