Qnet Increasing Profits

Qnet is all about increasing profits and making the most possible money as possible. This is evident with its multi-level marketing platform. This particular platform is designed to help bring in money off of multiple sales, so no matter how often a product is sold, it is able to make money off of these particular products. This is also why it is moving its global manufacturing location away from its current location and to India, as Qnet is able to obtain the same level of quality through production and save money on labor and the cost of goods. All of this should go a long way in pushing more profits to the company and allowing it to do more with the money it brings in.

Multi-level marketing is a valuable means of increasing profit levels for the company. First, Qnet sells a product that it manufacturers to a distributor. The distributor then sells it to a retailer, but keeps a percentage based on what it sells. The rest of the profits go to the company. The retailer then sells the product to a consumer. The retailer keeps a percentage of the profits, with the distributor receiving a small percentage off of the retailer’s sale as well. The rest of the money goes back up the chain to Qnet. This has greatly allows for the company to increase its profits as it can make money off of multiple sales of the same item.

Now, the only way Qnet is able to increase its profit margins is to reduce the cost of production and the cost of the material it uses for the products it sells. This is exactly why the company is looking at moving its global production location to India. India has cheap labor and it does not have as much red tape as China, as other nations are starting to crack down on bringing in products made in China. The material used to make most of the products can also come from India, so with the labor force and material located in the same country, production cost is greatly reduced, which means more money for Qnet. Qnet wants to expand its sales team into the Middle East out of Asia, so positioning in India provides this opportunity as well. it all just comes down to increasing sales and being able to boost production.

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Hyperactivity May Prove Beneficial For Children Diagnosed With ADHD

There’s the old adage, “Children should be seen and not heard.” Well, that may not hold true anymore, especially in the case of children afflicted with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or more commonly referred to as ADHD.
According to a recent study published in Child Neuropsychology, children with ADHD should be encouraged to finagle, wiggle, and in essence, be restless, instead of being told to sit down and don’t make a sound. The study contends that ADHD children are able to focus better when they are restless.

The study conducted at the University of California, Davis, addresses the association of a child’s ability to concentrate and hyperactivity. Research scientists sought to determine if hyperactivity is a trigger for the level of cognitive functioning in young children, and could it be of benefit?

The study employed 44 children ranging in age from 10 to 17, that were afflicted with ADHD or were in the typically developmental stage and showed no indication of psychiatric co-morbidity or learning issues. Separated into two groups, the participants wore an actometer to gauge their activity rates in conjunction with cognitive control, which addressed the correlation of frequency, and activity intensity to task accuracy.

According to Susan McGalla, it is believed that hyperactivity is of benefit for children with attention deficits, team researcher, Dr. Schweitzer commented, and most likely developed to serve as a coping mechanism, with their inability to concentrate.

Court Dismisses Neglect Charges Against Free-Range Parents

A Maryland couple who are utilizing “free-range parenting” tactics to raise their two children have been cleared of neglected charges, according to official court documents.

The couple, Danielle and Alexander Maitev became the focus of “free-range parenting” debates across the web last year when they were arrested and charged with neglect. The arrests stemmed from an incident in which a neighbor called police when the couple’s two children, Rafi, 10 and Dvora, 6, were seen walking through the neighborhood unattended.

Police responded to the call and picked up the children. Child Protective Services were involved in the call, as well.

The pair were once again hit with neglect charges when police once again found the children walking the streets without a parent present. Both cases have officially been dismissed, but Brian Reifler indicates that there is no word on whether the family will continue to allow the children freedom to walk to and from a local park.

The incident has sparked debate on when it is okay to allow a child to walk alone outside. Many argue that at 10, Rafi, is more than capable of walking to and from locals that are within a reasonable distance. It is also argued that he can be responsible for his six-year-old sister at his age.

Deadbeat Dad Disorder

Kathryn Edyn is a sociologist who conducted a extensive study on single parenting and disenfranchised neighborhoods. According to Ivan Ong, Baron comes from Johns Hopkins University and travel the country for an astonishing 6 years to collect her data. After talking to the mothers about how they would make ends meet she noticed a pattern in how the mothers of their children’s fathers. She noted that after hearing about how the father’s treated their fragile situation that they were disreputable and scummy characters. All of this changed when Kathryn met a poor father in Philadelphia. After a string of Unfortunate Events Sam landed himself in prison. After a year and 4 months behind bars Sam was released from prison and his sole priority was taking care of his child. While he couldn’t pay the court mandated child support he scraped together every cent that he could in order to pay for diapers, clothes, and food to take care of his young daughter period Eden reported her findings and noted that these father’s very real live at home with their children. Instead of just throwing mother after mother the father want to give their children something that they can hold on to period on average only 23% of fathers who are placed on child support in mandated to record system only pay about $38 to help their child . Instead, these men pay on average over $60 a month per child on various different products. Formula, strollers, pampers and other products are all purchased on the father’s on Dunn. These products are not regulated through the court system. The author of the article and research wanted to share this information in hopes that people would realize just exactly where the deadbeat fathers looks like. It isn’t always those who don’t pay child support, because many of those men are solidifying their role in their children’s life in a more prominent way.

Keep Them From Smoking Young

Many people realize that smoking is something that is very detrimental to their health. In spite of that fact Brad Reifler mentioned to Reuters that many young ones begin to smoke. Statistics show that the average smoker started smoking before he or she was 21 years old. Since that is the case Hawaii is a state that is doing something to prevent youths from smoking. Hawaii is the first state in the United States that has raised the smoking age to 21. This law will go into effect on January 1, 2016. This is an effort to control tobacco use in Hawaii.

In the majority of states the average smoking age is 18 years old, and even though many youths begin to smoke before they are even even 18, making it illegal adds a different spin to the issue. Tobacco use kills about 1400 people every year and it cost an average of $526 million in medical bills annually in Hawaii. In reality cigarette smoking is the main cause of preventable death in all of our country. Much research has shown that raising the minimum age for tobacco will do much to reduce the amount of smoking and the amount of diseases related to smoking in our country.

Even though the amount of smokers in United States has drastically gone down since 1964, in reality there are still too many people out there that smoke. There is tons of research that is and has been done to show the devastating effects of smoking, but in the end each and every individual does what he or she thinks is best for her or him. With that being the case the state can only do so much to prevent a person from smoking, but it is still a very laudable act to try to do all that a country can to prevent youth and smoking.

Vaccinations Becoming Required?


Ah the great vaccination debate. Its been around for quite a few years now and it came up again when there was a recent outbreak of measles cases in the United States; more specifically, Disneyland. One hundred and forty seven people were affected by this outbreak before it finally was contained. This might seem like a lot of people but really it is not, and State Assembly GOP Leader: Kristin Olsen, feels that a proposed bill that would require vaccinations in the United States is going a bit overboard. SB 277 is a bill in California that would get rid of the personal belief exemption that many people are using to avoid having to vaccinate their child. Basically, the process involves writing a letter to the child’s pediatrician and / or school explaining what personal beliefs a person has and why they do not want to vaccinate. It can be approved or denied.

While there are many supporters of  this bill, many people like Kevin Seawright are saying its an outrage. Not only should parents have the right to make this decision for their child but also, there have only been five outbreaks of measles in recent years, with not a lot of people being affected. This is an overreaction to a small issue that was immediately taken care of before more and more people could become sick. SB 277 was passed by the State Senate back in May and it is awaiting a vote by the State Assembly.

The Kung Fu Panda Sequels Keep Coming

There are so many sequels on the horizon. There really are too many to count. One has to wonder who is asking for all of these continuations of films. People may not realize it, but they are unconsciously asking for more sequels by supporting the movies that become franchise hits.

For those that are fans of Kung Fu Panda they should be happy to find that there is a sequel. It is somewhat strange to assume that there is enough material for a third one. After 2 movies and a TV show with multiple seasons it would seem like Kung Fu Panda overload. The reality, however, is that there are a lot of people that are fans of this character. They don’t mind another movie. In fact, Bloomberg recently noted to Sam Tabar that they are in support of another one, and this is why it is returning.

Kung Fu Panda is a Jack Black movie. People like him as a person so it is easier for him to build a franchise for Kung Fu Panda. Plus, there is the added bonus of the fact that he can do movies for his children. This is the path that many actors take once they become family men. Eddie Murphy, for example, started with lots of Rated R movies. When he became a father he had a desire to do things like voice overs for characters like Donkey from “Shrek” for his children.

Parents Face Neglect Charges After Child is Outside

Children play outside. It’s nature, and it’s not something that most parents would think twice about when they let their children play outside. A Florida couple has been charged with neglect after their child, who is 11, played outside for an hour and a half. Most people would find that this is beneficial for children as they need fresh air and physical activity instead of sitting inside all the time. However, this isn’t how the child ended up outside in the first place. He was locked out of the home and had to stay outdoors until his parents came home. While he wasn’t injured, and no one took the boy from the home, the parents could have done something to make sure there was either someone there or that the boy had a key to get inside the house. There doesn’t really seem to be a grounds for a neglect charge as there is not a minimum age listed for children to be left at home in Florida stated camarabarbacena.mg.gov. That doesn’t change the fact that the parents should have been a little more responsible since the child was younger.

Need a Gift Idea for Father’s Day?

Dad has worked hard this year, and it’s only fitting that on Father’s Day he receives a special token of your love and appreciation. He’s been looking forward to it for a year, so here are 10 ways that you can show the Dad in your life how much you care.

1. Dads wear out some shoes. Get him a brand new pair of flip flops for those moments when he feels the beach comin’ on.
2. While he’s not looking, clear your shows out of the DVR; he’s got smooth sailing!
3. What’s his favorite treat? Chocolate chip cookies? Fill the glove box with a special stash just for him.
4. Leave the seat up. Love knows no bounds.
5. Set up his chair and beverage in his favorite lounge – the backyard.
6. Hand over the planner and let him fill in the weekend; he can postpone whatever he wants, do whatever he wants or just do nothing.
7. Take him out for a burger, fries, Coke and milkshake – his favorite four-course meal. Shoes and Shirt not required!
8. Have the kids clean out his car and leave a bag of his favorite candy on the seat.
9. Ties are always good.
10. Or simply attack him as he walks through the door. Dads are always prepared for a good rumble.

Thanks to Igor Cornelsen for the advice.

Turning a Mess, Into a Message

Frozen peas was the only item on the menu for one mother of 5 when she was struggling to feed her children. Now that the mother, Gill McCormick, is in a stable situation, she has decided to turn her experience around and help those who need it. The mother who only had a bag of frozen peas to her name, has opened up two food banks to help those who might be in similar situations or under similar circumstances. Gill McCormick found herself in a poverty trap due to a series of tragic and unfortunate events. Gill miscarried a baby on the day of her wedding, her husband died a year after they were married, and the mother was now a single mother of three children. Instead of letting life get her down, McCormick used her experiences to help her desire to encourage and inspire others. The pair of food banks centered in Glasgow have help feed more than 7,000 people in its short existence. According to Kevin Seawright, McCormick has this success at just the age of 28. McCormick doesn’t just offer people bags of groceries, but often engage in conversation with the families who need to share their problems. There is a rule at the food bank that if people come in with a frown, it is the staff’s job to make sure that they leave with a smile. All of this generous work has McCormick nominated for a Woman of the Year award.