Kids Walking Alone

Some parents let their children go hungry and without any clothes. There are also some parents who don’t provide the physical care for their children. One couple is being investigated because they let their children walk home alone from a park. The walk was only about a mile, but the children are young in age. Even if the children are responsible, Lee G. Lovett strongly agrees parents shouldn’t let them walk home alone from anywhere due to not knowing who might be wandering around the area. Theinvestigation is a good decision. Even if the parents were driving a car near the children, something could have happened to them, and the parents might not have had the time to stop it from happening. There are many people who you can trust when it comes to kids today, but there are just as many people who you can’t trust, and if something would have happened to these children, then it would have made the investigation turn into something worse.

How Mark Ahn Has Contributed to Important Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Research

While many who work in biotechnology or who are actively involved in life sciences in the world of academics are well aware of who Mark Ahn is, those who are outside of these communities in the public and private sector are not aware of the incredible contributions he has made to his field. Ahn is a highly accomplished biotechnology professional and academic, and his efforts in both the public and private sectors have been integral in transforming the industry. One of the many areas that he has achieved great success relates to the area of breast cancer research. 

The Professional Life of Mark Ahn

Ahn is a highly educated biotechnology professional, and he also has more than two decades of professional work experience in high-level positions. His education includes degrees earned at schools like the University of South Australia, Chaminade University, Aspen Institute and other reputable schools. He also has worked in high level positions, including as president or CEO in some cases, at companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Hana Biosciences, Genentech, Amgen and others. At each of these and other companies, his efforts have resulted in excellent research and innovations. Notably, at Galena Biopharma he played a role in research and clinical studies in the area of breast cancer research. 

A Closer Look at Breast Cancer Research 

Galena received a grant from the Department of Defense that providing a significant amount of funding for a clinical trial on breast cancer medication. The trial was in conjunction with NeuVax, and it focused on preventing the development of breast cancer in high risk patients. The funding provided for expanded research based on what was already taking place. In addition, he worked to secure a patent in the United States for the NeuVax breast cancer prevention medication that was being developed at the time. The studies and research are going well, and this is a medication that has the potential to save many lives going forward. 

In a biotechnology firm that conducts research and that completes clinical studies, it generally is the work of a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who work collaboratively to bring about change. However, with a lead role in the company and with a proven desire to change the world through his efforts in all of his public and private roles over the course of his career, it is clear that Ahn will continue to be instrumental in the area of breast cancer research and other areas that he is currently focusing his efforts on.

A Connecticut Teen With Cancer Is Forced To Have Chemotherapy

According to BuzzFeed News, a Connecticut teen whom state authorities are forcing to have chemotherapy will be taking the matter to the state’s Supreme Court. 17 year old “Cassandra C.” received a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September of last year, according to court documents. The Mayo Clinic reports that this disease is rarer than the other form of cancer that transpires in the lymphatic system (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma).

According to the Hartford Courant, Cassandra has an 80%-85% survival chance if she opts to complete the chemotherapy treatments. However, Cassandra chose not to receive treatment following her diagnosis. In commenting on her daughter’s decision, mother Jackie Fortin informed the Hartford Courant that Cassandra’s choice did not result from religious motivations. Fortin also stated that she did not play a role in influencing the decision. In supporting her daughter, Fortin noted “It’s her constitutional right — she doesn’t want poison and toxins put in her body. It’s her choice, and I support her decision.”

Smartphones Causes The Young To Lose Sleep

Many kids now go to sleep with their IPod or Smartphones on a nightstand next to their bed. Researchers are now saying this is causing them to get much less sleep. Evidence is out there proving that children who have televisions in their room sleep less and this new study is looking at even the small screens of an IPod or Smartphone are having the same effect.

The study has been published in Monday’s issue of Pediatrics which looked at over 2,000 fourth and seventh graders who participated in the study. The children in this study were asked if they needed more sleep and how well they slept. Another factor looked at was how often they slept with the IPod or Smartphone next to their bed. From this study it was found that more than 1/2 of the kids admitted to sleeping with a device next to them each night.

The researches state from their findings they show children who said they slept with these devices are averaging 20.6 fewer minutes of sleep a night compared to those who don’t sleep with them. These same children are the ones who say they feel like they did not get enough sleep, a concern Vijay Eswaran can understand.

When the findings were compared to children who slept with big screen TV’s in the room; it was found those with the small screens reported getting less sleep than those with the big TV screens.

The study was not designed to understand what the cause of sleep loss was due to- whether they were actually using the devices, getting message alerts or if it was the light from the screens.

NYC Seeks to Immunize Pre-Schoolers from the Flu


Outbreaks of the flu have certainly alarmed parents all across the U.S.A. While the flu is usually just a minor cold that eventually runs its course, people have suffered immensely from the effects of a really bad case of this seemingly minor condition. Sadly, some have suffered from fatalities because they were not able to fight off the ravages of influenza.

And Lee G. Lovett says New York City is not taking any chances. The municipality is requiring pre-schoolers undergo flu shots before heading into the classroom. This not only protects them, but also their fellow classmates who could be exposed to the contagious cold.

Right now, there are about 150,000 children in pre-schools throughout New York City. A handful of children carrying the fly bug could easily spread it to others. Remember, the immune system of young ones is usually not very strong. As such, the flu spreads quickly and can have a terrible effect on those who are not strong enough to fight it off.

Issuing a mandate definitely spikes the numbers of children who will be immunized. In previous years, far fewer pre-school children in New York City underwent immunizations in comparison to other regions.

No major flu epidemic has stricken the NYC pre-school system and the hope is, as long as the mandate is in effect, an epidemic is not very like to happen. Parents should still bundle their young ones up and take precautions though.

911 Dispatchers Save Christmas for Family

I love uplifting stories, especially around the holidays. And this story shared with me by Bernardo Chua is a good one.

A grandfather in Tacoma, Washington thought he was doing a good deed for his daughter by bringing her trash and recycling cans to the curb on collection day. However what he was not aware of was that his daughter placed all the Christmas presents for her 6 children in that recycling bin for hiding. Before the grandfather found out the recycling truck had already come by and collected the bin. In a panic he called 911 hoping that maybe they could do something to stop the truck before the presents were ruined. Unfortunately it was too late. The Christmas presents for the children ages 13 to 6 months were gone. The grandfather was distraught. 

Not only was the grandfather distraught but so were the 911 dispatchers who heard the news. The 911 dispatchers decided there was something they could do to help the family. They, along with a few off duty police officers, pooled together a collection of $700 to use to replace the gifts. Being that it was the evening of Christmas Eve there were only two retail stores open. Employees rushed to those stores and managed to replace presents for the children, and even picked up a few for their parents. Needless to say the family was surprised and very grateful for what was done for them. 

To see a video interview with the 911 dispatchers involved check out Komo news.

Mother and child reunited

Melissa Carleton fell into a coma backing March due to a benign brain tumor which caused a seizure. She was kept in a coma at until her baby made it to full term. She delivered her son, West Nataniel Lande, by C-section, in May.

Since delivering her baby, Melissa has woken up from her coma. However, she spent months in the hospital. After being in the hospital for months, she was moved to her parents home, where she was provided with around the clock care according to Bruce Levenson.

She is finally getting to go home and live with her husband again. Which has to be a relief, as he has been commuting 4 ½ hours between where his home and job are located and where her parents live and where she stayed in the hospital.

Right in time to celebrate her son’s first Christmas, Melissa is finally going home. The Saturday after Christmas was the first time she had seen her son in over two months. Right now, Melissa is able to be alert and respond to things happening around her. She is also able to move her feet. However, just like her newborn son, Melissa is going to have to learn how to walk, talk, eat and perform basic functions again. She is technically in a minimally conscious state, and has been fighting to get back. She has a long road in front of her before she is even ready to enter a rehabilitation facility. Her family is hopefully that she will continue to recover and are thankful for all the support they have received

Punishment Might Not Help Kids to Speak the Truth

According a recent study, it was found that parents who do not want their children to lie, should then not be threatened with punishment. Dr Victoria Talwar and team Qnet, from McGill University conducted a simple experiment on 372 children to check if their natural tendency is to lie.They set up a room with a camera. When the child was brought into the room, he or she was told about the existence of a toy behind them on a table and that they were not allowed to peek in their absence. When the adult left the room for 1 minute, scientists discovered that nearly 68 per cent of the children took a peek and surprisingly 67 per cent of them chose to lie about it.Dr Talwar said, “The bottom line is that punishment does not promote truth-telling. In fact, the threat of punishment can have the reverse effect by reducing the likelihood that children will tell the truth when encouraged to do so.” Therefore, it would seem like quite a few of the traditional forms of punishment are not actually that effective.

Interestingly as the children got older, the study showed that they were more focused towards telling the truth. This was because older children seemed to have a better since of right and wrong and better standards of internalized behavior which prompted to do the right thing.

3-D Printing Advances Help Baby Thrive

Garrett Peterson is too young to understand 3-D printing, and he is too young to remember the days before this became a part of our lives. Garrett Peterson is too young to realize just what 3-D printing has done for him and the way that it changed his life, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t appreciate it one day.

Garrett Peterson was born in 2012, before we even started to hear a lot about 3-D printing, before it had become something that was in the news often. Garrett Peterson was born with a defective windpipe, and he needed help. Thanks to 3-D printing, this little boy has received the help that he was needing. 3-D printing has allowed little Garrett Peterson to receive a new windpipe, a windpipe that was created just for him. The medical advances that are coming about through 3-D printing are amazing, and Garrett Peterson will appreciate them one day, plus investors like Lee G. Lovett are going to be coming out in droves, and have already shown a ton of interest on services like

Dealing With an Ungreatful Kid At Christmas

My children are pretty well rounded, but my sister’s children are another story. It doesn’t matter what I buy them, or anyone else for that matter, they don’t like it. Part of the problem is because they have so much already that nothing surprises them. There is nothing that brings a glimmer to their eyes and nothing that she can do to tame their mouths. Their displeasure for the gifts they are bought is evident on their faces and in their speech.

How does a parent keep a kid from being disrespectful when someone else has spent so much time and effort picking out the perfect gift? Most people threaten their children with punishment if they open their mouth, but that doesn’t do a thing for their glaring eyes of disappointment. How can a parent tactfully deal with this and not cause a scene?

As I say on my page, my kids are mannered because I trained them to be, they don’t come out of the womb like that. The first time my child embarrassed me in front of a relative was the last. The gift that he didn’t like was given right back to the relative. He was told that he didn’t deserve it and they should give it to a child who didn’t have as much. That’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t that he didn’t want the gift, it was that he had something else in mind and was disappointed.

Dealing with children these days takes an active approach. As parents, we have to say what we are willing to accept and what we are not. When we lay down the law we must stand good on what we say. By encouraging good behavior at a young age, it prevents embarrassing moments when they are older.