Sheldon Lavin, the Entrepreneurial Giant of OSI Group

Success never comes easy, which means that one requires to be dedicated, hardworking and innovative in order to achieve it. This explains the journey that Sheldon Lavin had to undergo in order to be as successful as he is. He is the CEO of the respected food products company, the OSI Group. His great experience in the food industry spans over a period of over 40 years. He came from a financial background where he has over time successfully transitioned to leading this great food products company.

Lavin started building his great experience in the food products industry when in the year 1970, he was able to arrange for Otto & Sons financing. This company was at the time supplying hamburgers to the reputable McDonalds Corporation. Sheldon Lavin worked closely with this company until it had a steady growth curve. The retirement of Mr. Otto from the company due to old age gave Sheldon Lavin a chance at being a partner at the company together with Otto’s sons. His great financial knowledge ensured that this company could now be able to secure enough funds to be able to smoothly run its operations.

Otto & Sons would later change its name to OSI Group, where under Sheldon Lavin’s able leadership the company grew into a global force. This has seen the company establish in many countries and employ many people. The main secret of this great company’s success has been its ability to listen to its clients and thereby offer custom solutions to their food product’s needs. Sheldon has inspired his employees to remain committed to the mission of the company, which has seen it grow by exponential levels.

Even at old age, Sheldon Lavin has stuck to the company’s mission of providing great food products to varied clients all over the world. He has taken total control of the company as the Otto sons sold their shareholding to him. He continues to push for the growth of this great company as they also provide their clientele with high quality products. Sheldon Lavin is a selfless entrepreneur who has always given back to the society. This has seen him contribute to many charities such as Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the Inner-City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Evans Scholarship Fun. This is what places Sheldon a notch higher that every other entrepreneur out there.

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Changing Faces, Changing Lives

Born to a dentist and a surgical nurse, Dr. Jennifer Walden discovered her passion for medicine at a young age. When she graduated high school with her sights set on a career in medicine, her family was not surprised. After earning her bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin, she was placed on a waiting list for medical school. Though this can be discouraging for some, she would not be defeated or deterred. After a long wait, she was accepted into the program and graduated as Salutatorian of her class.

After graduation, she began to explore the area of plastic surgery. Using her love for art and creativity, and her passion for helping others as motivation, she applied for the plastic surgery program at UT Galveston. Upon completion of the plastic surgery program, she was one of only two accepted into an exclusive post-residency aesthetic surgery fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

Wasting no time, she quickly began building her own practice in Manhattan, which thrived from 2004 to 2011. After giving birth to her twin sons Rex and Houston, Dr. Walden returned to Austin to raise them closer to her family. With the help of a strong support system, she was able to reestablish her practice in her home town. When asked about her inspiration behind it all, she paid tribute to her patients. Having the ability to help them feel beautiful while giving them a sense of empowerment is what keeps her going.

Get Your Air Conditioning System Working at Its Highest Efficiency

There are some good ideas that you can use to be sure that your air conditioning system runs at its most efficient level. Goettl Air Conditioning has some suggestions that can help you save more money and keep cooler at the same time.

First of all check out your outside unit and just be sure that there is no debris or plant overgrowth on your unit. All such items should be cleared away for at least two feet around the unit.

Another great idea by Goettl is to be sure and run your ceiling fans in the house during the summer months. The fans will help to circulate the cooler air throughout the space thus helping the thermostat to keep a steady focus. Sometimes a thermostat is located in a warmer area and if that is the case it can work erratically. The moving air helps that.

Thermostats that can be programmed to reduce the call for cooler air when you are working, shopping, or other situations when you are away will reduce the cost of your air conditioning. These times that are predictable can be set on the thermostat on a scheduled basis. There are thermostats that can also detect when no one is at home which offers a more flexible solution that is even easier to use.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a major factor in the heating and air conditioning industry in the desert southwest of the United States. They are located in Phoenix, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada and Southern California. Established in 1938, the company has a big footprint and is well-known for great customer service and competency.

One of the favorite features of customers is the Goettl Maintenance Plan, see With this plan for only $12 per month, a member gets a free annual check-up for both heating and air systems, discounts on parts and service, and emergency services. View the company profile on

Nothing Can Stop Market America Inc.

It is like a rolling thunder, because nothing can stop Market America Inc. Somethings are simply too good to pass up, and you know it when they come around. That is the feeling most people get, when they first hear about Market America and the business opportunities that can be had within their programs. This is a golden chance for a new beginning, one that leads directly to your virtual reality filled with success. Every single thing your life is missing, it can be found again. It is time to make a new beginning happen for you, your family, and your future, but only you can take the first step and to know more

Market America Inc. is something different. When people attend a Market America event, it just clicks and suddenly things start coming together. If you have never been to one, it is time to change that problem, get to one. Your energy will be revitalized with new business opportunities, networking ideas, and like minded people who want to succeed in life. Now is the perfect time to change your life for the better, let us help make a better tomorrow together. It is like a rolling thunder, because nothing can stop Market America Inc.

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The Role Of Robert Ivy In The Architectural Sector

Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi. He studied in Sewanee where he graduated with a B.A in English and later obtained a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. Robert Ivy became the editor in chief of Architectural Record in 1996. The journey has become world’s most read architectural journal through the effort of Robert.

Ivy is the CEO and vice president of AIA, a membership based organization. He focuses his profession on building, design and construction industries. Robert is of the opinion that architects should think outside their field. Ivy believes that architecture can have a significant influence in areas beyond their fields. Basing on that view, AIA has been able to get attention outside the design profession in recent months.

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Ivy design has played a significant role in public health in the history of the United States in different circumstances such as draining of swamps in Washington D.C. Their Architectural cycle focuses on various themes at a different time. He notes that architecture influences the rate of non-communicable diseases such as heart diseases. Robert notes that the design of buildings and cities can either promote healthy living or not through exercise. Therefore, Ivy says that it is important for design principles to consider the health aspect of the users. His design enables the building to access fresh air, sunlight and clean water.

Ivy believes that it is important to collaborate with other professions to avoid isolation. The idea of architecture isolation is something that is passed with time. In the current world, people are viewing architects as collaborators. They are individuals who know how to set up group work. Despite the fact that many architects are gifted in design, it is the view of Ivy that they can create teams that are vast and diverse from all disciplines. He believes that one of the most important skills of an architect is to manage huge teams.

The awards received by Robert
Robert Ivy was awarded the Crain Award in 2009, and the McGraw-Hill Award for good management skills in 1998. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, Architectural Record earned several honors in the publishing industry. Some of the awards were American Society of Magazine Editors and premier journalism award.

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The Unique Dream of an American Mathematician and Philanthropist, Anthony Petrello

Commonly referred to as Tony, Anthony Petrello is known to many as the CEO of Nabors Industries LTD. Most people don’t know that Anthony Petrello is a JD degree holder from Harvard and also holds B.S and M.S degrees from the famous Yale University. He has also been the president of Nabors Industries since 1991. His journey to being at the top of the list of the highest paid people began way back when he was still young. The 62-year-old man previously worked as a managing partner at a law firm known as Baker & Mackenzie from 1979 to 1986. He is excellent at what he does, which is evident in his success at Nabors, the world’s leading land based gas and oil drilling contractor. The company, which is in Bermuda, Hamilton was established in 1968. It did well until the 1980s when it started running into losses.

Nabors Industries was previously known as Anglo energy and was declared bankrupt in 1984 due to increased losses. In the early 1990s, it began to show signs of strength again and the profits increased tenfold when Anthony took over in late 1991. It fully recovered in 1995 under his leadership and its share price rose. The end of the 1990’s saw the Nabors Industries being added among the S&P 500 index businesses in the US. Its stock moved from AMEX to NYSE. That goes a long way in showing how impressive Anthony Petrello’s skills in strategic planning and directing are. Tony is also a director at Stevenson LLC and has maintained the position since February 2011.

Anthony has impacted positively on the growth of Nabors Industries over the last six years. The company has been thriving despite the competition levels in the industry, thanks to the excellent leadership of Petrello. His long-term strategic visions have contributed to the company’s success over the years. He has also been a director at Besides, Anthony serves as a director at Stewart & Stevenson since February 2011. He is also a director of Hilcorp Energy Company.

Petrello’s personal life

Petrello is also a family man. He is husband to Cynthia Petrello and a father to Carena. Their daughter has a condition known as Cerebral Palsy, which has slowed down her development. That is what pushed Anthony Petrello and his wife to join hands with the Texas Children’s hospital. They are trustees with the facility where they help by funding brain research for such children. For instance, in 2006, he donated $5 million to a neurological research. Anthony does this to assist the hospital to come up with a solution that will help kids like Carena attain their full capabilities. He uses his business acumen to raise millions of dollars for charitable donations.

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How to Use OneLogin to Enhance Security, Speed, and Accuracy.

Technology is increasingly simplifying the daily life of a human being. A firm located in San Francisco has created yet another software, which allows clients to sign in for the various services using an iPad. With this technology, the use of insecure and outdated log books is now forgotten.

The system allows for an automation of various processes during check-in. The system will require the client to provide a digital NDA, a visitor sign in as, the visitor badge as well as a host notification. Most consumers of this technology include the fastest growing technology firms that want to enhance security while increasing productivity.

For these customers, the movement of staff in and out of the company can be a headache to various IT admins. Reason being, they have to continuously update the individual user access to the different applications to guarantee a secure system and a smooth end user satisfaction. With these challenges, Envoy worked with the OneLogin to facilitate the implementation of a SCIM protocol. The protocol is what is commonly known as off/onboarding. The feature has been made available to various Envoy premium clients.

Having SCIM enabled applications to allow multiple clients to accelerate the various applications roll out. The procedure is achieved by adopting and synchronizing all the user attributes to the desired application. In the Envoy company case, the SCIM allows the customers to provide their details automatically. These details on individual names, office locations, and emails can then be accessed from their OneLogin directory. For better results, the continuous synchronization is set by the management to update any change that may occur on the individual user profile.

We all know difficult it maybe for the IT department to manage various employees and various user applications. In these firms, most people are performing different roles; some are even duplicating work. Without a transparent system, you may never be able to ascertain this.

The OneLogin integration system allows the various clients use their login as their source of truth. All the data saved by these employees is then continuously synched to the Envoy directory. If your system is well integrated, any changes that happen to your profile will be immediately synced to the Envoy.

Trabuco Innovation And Application In Ancient Warfare

Humankind has progressively come up with a range of innovations particularly when defending themselves from impeding enemies. Designing and making weapons has primarily enhanced innovation skills of those involved. Various countries readily invested in their capabilities of designing superior weapons compared to those of their counterparts. Ancient weapons, for instance, were resourceful during the first and second world war. These include bows, spears, sword, daggers, and axes.

Trabuco is among the old weapons that was critically designed and often called a war machine. Trabuco is an ancient siege weapon that consists of an axle, heavily loaded on one end. The large axle is purposely mounted on the base to launch projectiles with the aim of crashing masonry walls and shooting targeted enemies. Stones and sand barrels are among the popular projectiles that were mostly loaded in the Trabuco. Some other projectiles such as cows, the human head, horses, and prisoners were also used. According to, trabuco fundamentally applied the level principle and greatly varied in size depending on the application.

Trabuco was popular during the ancient times when a war was prone. This tool led to the later development and invention of the catapult. The Trabuco made its projection by converting the gravitational latent energy into kinetic energy. The velocity of the projection was directly linked to the weight and size of the ballast loaded. Bigger sized ballasts produced stronger projectiles. Kinetics energy, potential difference, and potential gravitation were among the physical aspects that were keenly considered in performance calculations.

The gross application of Trabuco dates back to the ancient warfare in china based on Trabuco is directly attributed to various victories that were successfully realized by the Chinese Armies during the battles. Earlier inventions of Trabuco were operated by humans. For the record, the largest Trabuco loaded over 140-pound projection over an average distance of 80 meters. This Trabuco required 250 people to work and could release four shots per minute.

Arab merchants greatly contributed to the success and redesigning of Trabuco on The later Trabuco could load over 400-pound projectiles. Europeans equally adopted the idea of Trabuco and made a fortune out of it in use.

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Doe Deere Brings Out The Best in Scandal

The well known internet cosmetic company that carries over 2.5 million followers on Instagram has released its latest velvetine addition to its line of makeup. The new addition, Scandal is just another cult-classic of Velvetines lip stick.

Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime is well known in the cosmetic industry for bringing some of the brightest and boldest color choices to the forefront of makeup lovers. The latest edition is one of many liquid to matte lipstick choices available from Lime Crime. Just like all the rest of the makeup choices made by Lime Crime, Scandal is completely vegan free and is approved as Leaping Bunny certified to be cruelty free.

If your interested in Scandal, the makeup choice is filled with depth and drama. It is perfect to be worn by all and displays a high amount of sex appeal. The color choice is great for those who want to look punk as well as a touch of rock and roll. The individuals who use this usually have the “we don’t care” attitude and those who use it, pair it with the bold black eyeliner which screams, look at me.

In order to get the best results, the user should use lip balm 15 minutes before they want to apply Scandal. The excess of the lip balm should be wiped off with a tissue and then the lip balm should be used to create the best pout. The makeup is waterproof but can be used at the end of the day to remove the makeup is a waterproof makeup remover.

Users who use the new color Scandal like how it highlights the lips and brings out the Scandal in all of us. Some users claim that Scandal looks best when served with Trip Diamond Crusher as it works to really highlight someone’s lips as well as bringing out the best by showcasing the undertones of Scandal.

Lime Crime is a makeup company which is stationed in Los Angeles, California. They believe that imperfections is just one way to bring out the most innovative and high performance of an individuals looks.

James Dondero: The Driving Force Behind The Success of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the prime supporter and the primary purpose for Highland Capital Management’s prosperity. An agent and business visionary, James Dondero has an astounding comprehension of financials and all that goes into influencing an organization to have a decent budgetary sponsorship. Situated in Texas, the organization is devoted to offering their clients the best administration with regards to their fiscal needs. James Dondero has an unfathomably broad rundown of customer base, extending from entrepreneurs to singular homemakers. He takes uncommon care to guarantee that all his customer’s needs are satisfactorily met, in understanding to that they need and need.

James Dondero has a unimaginably splendid personality with regards to financials, and tries his best to guarantee that all the money related workings of the organization are in the ideal place. He is known to be somebody who can legitimately define an arrangement of activity that can help in any and each money related circumstance, regardless of what the current issue is, that the organization is managing. His amazing background of working with various customers is the thing that has got James Dondero to the position he is in today, and which keeps on adding to Highland Capital Management’s prosperity.

James Dondero has been working in the field of more than thirty years. Consistently, James Dondero has won various honors for his staggering work for the organization and in the field of back. He is known as somebody who can enable any business to develop and extend the correct way. James Dondero was even known for his commitment to the past organizations that he has worked at. James Dondero worked with Protective Life, amid which he took the organization and changed it into one which was worth more than two billion dollars.

James Dondero likewise puts stock in utilizing his fortune to help the group around him and improve them a place to live in. James Dondero is known to be a to a great degree noteworthy altruistic giver who consistently works with philanthropies and gives to them. James has dependably seen instruction to be one of the greatest supporters of a superior society and along these lines consistently gives grants to understudies who do well in their scholastics.