Dr Rod Rohrich

Parenting takes a toll on the body and some parents want to look and feel younger again turning to plastic surgery. If you decide to take this leap its important to seek out a qualified professional.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is originally from North Dakota where he received both his undergraduate and postgraduate from local universities (North Dakota State and University of North Dakota, respectively). From there though, he has gone on to much larger things as he has become one of the leading medical physicians regarding plastic surgery for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. He now stands as both professor and chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, located in Dallas. Now, this sort of a transformation did not happen overnight, as he has gone through many stages in his professional career in order to reach this particular moment in his life.

After receiving his postgraduate from University of North Dakota, Rod moved to Texas in order to receive his medical degree, studying at Baylor College of Medicine, which he eventually graduated with honors. From there, he went on to do his residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center, widely known as one of the most important clinical hospitals in the entire country, he eventually received additional training regarding pediatric plastic surgery in England at Oxford University.

Upon returning home to the United States, Dr. Rod Rohrich went on to perform a fellowship on hand and microvascular systems at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. After completing this aspect of his continual education, he eventually joined up with the division of Plastic Surgery at the UTSW in 1986.

Dr. Rod moved up to become Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery five years later in 1991 and has since gone on to perform and study an assortment of different practices in plastic surgery, writing papers regarding facial fracture repair and the concepts of rhinoplasty. He also has studied thee affects of body contouring through surgery and liposuction, in addition to the impact of injectable fillers, patient safety initiatives and breast surgery as well. With his knowledge and expertise on the subject, he has gone out and presented on the subject matter over 900 times now in addition to either sole or coauthoring over 300 publications, over 30 different textbook chapters regarding plastic surgery and he has also penned four different plastic surgery textbooks and monographs as well, making him one of the leading doctors looking to educate other doctors on the very principles of cosmetic plastic surgery and also the impact it has on necessary repair.

Keeping Children from Getting Sick

There could be almost 200 children with measles after a woman was in an urgent care facility in Phoenix. She is the second person in Arizona who has been confirmed as having measles. The disease has spread ever since a family went to Disneyland in California. If this many children being exposed to measles isn’t enough for parents to wake up and see that their children need to be vaccinated, then there probably isn’t a lot that will shake parents up about vaccinations. There are parents who are probably concerned about the side effects of vaccines, so they don’t let their children get the immunizations that they need that can help prevent illnesses like measles. Sergio Andrade Guierrez understands that this should be some type of neglect, especially if the child contracts a disease that could have been prevented. Immunizations should be something mandatory. Some vaccinations might not be necessary, but the ones for the general health of the person should be required.

Why Parents Need Classes About Vaccinations


As revealed on Wednesday by PBS, the CDC found that six cases of measles linked to Disneyland involved people who had actually been vaccinated for measles.

The vaccine is not 100 percent effective and immune systems of some vaccinated children never respond to measles antibodies. If a child is vaccinated, he/she can get measles and infect other children.

Yet, many people have argued that parents who don’t vaccinate their children should have their kids taken from them because they are too irresponsible.

Although vaccinations are important, too many parents who fail to understand that vaccinations are not a cure all. They need to understand that there is a small segment of the population who will also have a severe reaction to a vaccine. This means that there are children whose immune systems reject some vaccines as explained by Sergio Lins Andrade. There are also children who have such severe reactions that they are injured or even killed by some types of vaccines. It is that last part that many parents fear.

At this point, no one know if autism or some other serious conditions are strictly genetic, environmental, a mix of the two or caused in part by vaccines. There really is not enough non-pharmaceutical-funded research that proves with 100 percent certainty that vaccines don’t cause health problems in a small segment of the population. On the other hand, anecdotal evidence from parents suggests that there is a connection.

Parents are getting cheap WIFI with FreedomPop

The first of the month is comin’ round the corner and you know what that means: bills. Bills for water, bills for gas… the only bills I don’t have are the dollar kind in my wallet. If you (like many parents) are looking for ways to cut back on expenses, it’s time to look for alternatives. Instead of spending too much on organic produce to cook your kids healthy meals, look into your local CSAs that provide fresh produce for a fraction of the cost. If you’re tired of high electric bills, maybe turn that thermostat down a bit, clean out the chimney, and remind your family of the old fashioned way to keep warm in the winter by lighting a fire. If you’re tired of sky-high wireless and mobile bills, maybe it’s time you check out alternative data companies like FreedomPop over the monopolies like ComCast and Time Warner.

FreedomPop is a business that is based on telecommunications and boasts free wireless internet and mobile phone services. The company itself is based in Los Angeles, California.

FreedomPop was first founded in 2011 when Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar came together to try a new entertainment business. Stokols was originally the CEO of another company called Woo Media before the two created and co-created FreedomPop. After the creation of the company, FreedomPop has first shared a partnership with another company called Lightsquared, but sadly had to end it once it was found that Lightsquared didn’t receive approval to build a network from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Despite the ending of the partnership, FreedomPop continued to go about its business and first began to build by selling smartphones in 2012. Once this had happened the company was able to gain some users by allowing them to become paid users, which began to steadily increase towards the end of 2012 when the company began offering mobile and wireless internet services using a Clearwire network.

With the success of adding more paid users to its network, FreedomPop continued to grow when it announced that the company was partnering with Sprint in April of 2013 to expand its coverage. The company then began launching their own free mobile phone plan and a year later in 2014, they began offering a free 4G data and voice plan, including with Samsung and the iPad mini. 

As of the last quarter of 2014, however, Sprint is negotiating to try and buy FreedomPop, which would be a gain of $250 million at the very least. At the start of 2015, FreedomPop has also began launching an unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot service that will allow it to expand its customer base to around 120 million people. This is all due to the fact that “hotspots” today are an increasing occurrence in fast food restaurants and coffee shops all across the country. Stokols himself has gone on to suggest that the reason the company is making this move is because people want to dodge paying extra money for their data plans, a move that will likely attract over one million new customers by the end of the year.

As you may of read on the Wall Street Journal, FreedomPop is also offering $5 monthly WIFI access. Read more about it here on the WSJ blog.

If you’re interested in FreedomPop, check it out first on Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play. Do any of my readers already use FreedomPop? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

Student’s Words Spark Fundraiser That Sends Class to Harvard

Humans of New York, is one of the most popular sites on the web, and recently it’s latest success comes in the form of a fundraiser that earned enough money to pay for a decade’s worth of college visits for a school in an under serviced neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Creator Brandon Stanton wanders the streets of the Big Apple and photographs its many residents, and through a series of question prompts he asks them during the encounter, accompanies their photos with several lines that capture the essence of who they are. Most of the time, you’d never guess the stories and secrets behind some of the faces, which is perfect testament to the age old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

When Stanton posted 14-year-old Vidal’s photo, the caption was a quite that explained how his principal, Nadia Lopez of the Mott Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn, is the mos influential figure in his life. The photo received such an overwhelming response that Stanton paid a visit to the school the next day, and throughout the week featured photos and quotes from Lopez and various inspiring teachers who work at the Mott Bridges Academy.

Viewers asked for ways they could help the school, and a donation page was set up by Stanton on Crowdfund that raised $100,000 in only 45 minutes. Now, it has raised upwards of $700,000 dollars which is enough to fund college trips to Harvard University for 10 years, as well as fund various writing programs and incentives for the school. A scholarship has also been set up that will be awarded to students annually, and it has been named The Vidal Scholarship in honor of the young man who’s kind words started it all. Brian Torchin is a fan of Humans of New York and is truly touched by this story. You can find more about him on DigitalJounal.com.

Kids And Too Much Pizza Don’t Mix According To New Study

New Study Shows Pizza Ia A Large Source Of Too Much Fat, Salt And Calories

Pizza is under attack again. Kids in the U.S. eat so much pizza that some dieticians say it should be put in the sugar drink and fast food bad for your health category. A new study showed that more than one or two slices at a meal is a bad idea. And if pizza is the main meal it should be served with a salad or some other food from the garden.

Lisa Powell, director of the Illinois Prevention Research Center, and co-author of the study said: “Parents should aim to curb pizza consumption, particularly as a snack where it was shown to have the largest adverse impact on children’s [calorie] intake, and they should put their pizza dollars toward healthier brands,” Sultan Alhokair gives similar advice on Bubble News about the benefits of weighing the benefits and costs-long term.

Powel and her associates checked questionnaires about children and teen diets that were completed every two years between 2003 and 2010. The age range was from 2 to 19. The group found that the number of calories consumed from pizza went down 25 percent between 2003 and 2010. That’s the good news, but pizza is still a big part of kid’s dietary plan. Kids and teens eat pizza for a snack, lunch or dinner almost every day, and that means extra calories.

On an average kids consume 230 more fat and salt-saturated calories on the days, they eat pizza, and that is a major health concern according to the study

Kids Walking Alone

Some parents let their children go hungry and without any clothes. There are also some parents who don’t provide the physical care for their children. One couple is being investigated because they let their children walk home alone from a park. The walk was only about a mile, but the children are young in age. Even if the children are responsible, Lee G. Lovett strongly agrees parents shouldn’t let them walk home alone from anywhere due to not knowing who might be wandering around the area. Theinvestigation is a good decision. Even if the parents were driving a car near the children, something could have happened to them, and the parents might not have had the time to stop it from happening. There are many people who you can trust when it comes to kids today, but there are just as many people who you can’t trust, and if something would have happened to these children, then it would have made the investigation turn into something worse.

How Mark Ahn Has Contributed to Important Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Research

While many who work in biotechnology or who are actively involved in life sciences in the world of academics are well aware of who Mark Ahn is, those who are outside of these communities in the public and private sector are not aware of the incredible contributions he has made to his field. Ahn is a highly accomplished biotechnology professional and academic, and his efforts in both the public and private sectors have been integral in transforming the industry. One of the many areas that he has achieved great success relates to the area of breast cancer research. 

The Professional Life of Mark Ahn

Ahn is a highly educated biotechnology professional, and he also has more than two decades of professional work experience in high-level positions. His education includes degrees earned at schools like the University of South Australia, Chaminade University, Aspen Institute and other reputable schools. He also has worked in high level positions, including as president or CEO in some cases, at companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Hana Biosciences, Genentech, Amgen and others. At each of these and other companies, his efforts have resulted in excellent research and innovations. Notably, at Galena Biopharma he played a role in research and clinical studies in the area of breast cancer research. 

A Closer Look at Breast Cancer Research 

Galena received a grant from the Department of Defense that providing a significant amount of funding for a clinical trial on breast cancer medication. The trial was in conjunction with NeuVax, and it focused on preventing the development of breast cancer in high risk patients. The funding provided for expanded research based on what was already taking place. In addition, he worked to secure a patent in the United States for the NeuVax breast cancer prevention medication that was being developed at the time. The studies and research are going well, and this is a medication that has the potential to save many lives going forward. 

In a biotechnology firm that conducts research and that completes clinical studies, it generally is the work of a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who work collaboratively to bring about change. However, with a lead role in the company and with a proven desire to change the world through his efforts in all of his public and private roles over the course of his career, it is clear that Ahn will continue to be instrumental in the area of breast cancer research and other areas that he is currently focusing his efforts on.

A Connecticut Teen With Cancer Is Forced To Have Chemotherapy

According to BuzzFeed News, a Connecticut teen whom state authorities are forcing to have chemotherapy will be taking the matter to the state’s Supreme Court. 17 year old “Cassandra C.” received a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September of last year, according to court documents. The Mayo Clinic reports that this disease is rarer than the other form of cancer that transpires in the lymphatic system (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma).

According to the Hartford Courant, Cassandra has an 80%-85% survival chance if she opts to complete the chemotherapy treatments. However, Cassandra chose not to receive treatment following her diagnosis. In commenting on her daughter’s decision, mother Jackie Fortin informed the Hartford Courant that Cassandra’s choice did not result from religious motivations. Fortin also stated that she did not play a role in influencing the decision. In supporting her daughter, Fortin noted “It’s her constitutional right — she doesn’t want poison and toxins put in her body. It’s her choice, and I support her decision.”

Smartphones Causes The Young To Lose Sleep

Many kids now go to sleep with their IPod or Smartphones on a nightstand next to their bed. Researchers are now saying this is causing them to get much less sleep. Evidence is out there proving that children who have televisions in their room sleep less and this new study is looking at even the small screens of an IPod or Smartphone are having the same effect.

The study has been published in Monday’s issue of Pediatrics which looked at over 2,000 fourth and seventh graders who participated in the study. The children in this study were asked if they needed more sleep and how well they slept. Another factor looked at was how often they slept with the IPod or Smartphone next to their bed. From this study it was found that more than 1/2 of the kids admitted to sleeping with a device next to them each night.

The researches state from their findings they show children who said they slept with these devices are averaging 20.6 fewer minutes of sleep a night compared to those who don’t sleep with them. These same children are the ones who say they feel like they did not get enough sleep, a concern Vijay Eswaran can understand.

When the findings were compared to children who slept with big screen TV’s in the room; it was found those with the small screens reported getting less sleep than those with the big TV screens.

The study was not designed to understand what the cause of sleep loss was due to- whether they were actually using the devices, getting message alerts or if it was the light from the screens.