Your Children May Not Be As Healthy As You May Have Been Thinking

There is some solid evidence that American parents aren’t too good at recognizing whether their children are overweight or not. It certainly makes sense that given the fact that parents wear a significant amount of blinders when it comes to their kids, new research has concluded an element to back such a claim. The authors were particularly interested in comparing British protocol guidelines which would classify individuals into different categorical sections, them being: overweight, very overweight, underweight and healthy weight. Bubblews said that these are classes in which parents are able to classify their children.

1/3 of the parents who were researched on in the same completely underestimate the weight of their children, and less than one single percent overestimated their weights. With everything being equal, parents who were male, South Asian, older, or black were more likely to underestimate the weight of their children. The point in which a parent was likely to recognize underweight as being a healthy level of weight was when their children were classified in a BMI range of being in the .8th percentile. Kids in this sample were required to be large before their parents would think of them as being at a weight considered to be healthy again, as opposed to being underweight.

Three-year-old is Dancing Around Because She Can Finally Hear Her Mother’s Voice

Kennedy Steele was born without auditory nerves, thus being unable to hear. NYU Langone Medical Center is conducting an experiment on deaf children. They have created an auditory brainstem implant, which is better than the cochlear implants. New York is one of the hospitals, including Massachusetts, North Carolina, and California that are testing this new device. Dr. J. Thomas Roland, Jr., chair of Langone’s otolaryngology department, believes the results are promising and plans to monitor Kennedy for five years to see if her being able to hear will allow her to have speech, as well.He is concerned about Kennedy’s brain being able to translate information from the sounds that enter her brain through her ears. Mrs. Nickia Steele is thrilled and can’t wait for her and the rest of the family to be able to communicate with Kennedy.

Some assistants placed the device in her ear, securing the outer part over the ear shell, and Nickia waved and said hello to her daughter said Alexei Beltyukov. Kennedy put down the plastic donut she was placing on wooden pegs and did a sitting dance moving her arms up and down, expressing joy. The Food and Drug administration also like this device and approved it for more experiments. Auditory Brain Implants were previously only approved for adults , 18 and older. The device is meant to help people who have auditory nerve, cochlea damage, and accidental damage.

Children Starting Yoga From North American Spine

North American Spine is a provide of a minimal invasion spine procedure that helps greatly with chronic back pain. In Dallas, TX, they donated 50 yoga mats to very young school age children as an outreach program at Robert E. Lee Elementary School.

Prevention off course is the best cure for this thus starting these children into yoga. This provider highly recommends that after three hours of sitting that you must stand or lay down. Sitting for prolonged periods without changing positions creates a heavy stress on the spinal disks. This improves blood flow to the spinal disks. Stretching also helps immensely since stretching is also part of yoga. A daily routine is very important.

The children who received the yoga mats are all either Pre-K age or kindergarten age who are mentally challenged and they attended a specialized yoga class upon receiving the mats. Yoga is great for mind and body. It is one of the most ancient forms of exercise adapted from the Eastern cultures. Yoga has received trending popularity in the Western countries in modern times. Many board certified physicians highly recommend this form of exercise.

North American Spine can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Bullied Boy Gets Lots Of Birthday Wishes From Strangers and Celebrities

A little boy got the shock of a lifetime when he got so many responses from strangers to help him have a great birthday. When 13 year old Odin Camus didn’t have anyone RSVP to his birthday party, his mother took it to social media to ask anyone to text her son a “happy birthday” on his new phone to make him feel good. What she didn’t know is that so many people, even celebrities, would be getting in touch with her new teenager. She also had a party set up for the local bowling center in which hundreds attended and every 200 more waited in the parking lot to get in.

According to an article found on reddit and written by NY Daily News, famous movie stars such as Elijah Wood and singers like Carrie Underwood wished Odin a special day over social media. In addition to that, the Toronto and Canadian professional sports franchises messaged him as well. It is so nice to see a community take action for a kid who has been said to experience a lot of bullying at school said AnastasiaDate. It can be so hard to be a kid these days, and especially for kids like Odin who have Aspbergers, it makes life even more challenging to fit in and have a regular social life. Now, it is likely that Odin will be the talk of the town for sure.

Skout Has Brought Me Joy, As Well As New Friends

When a friend of mine told me about Skout, I had never heard of it, nor was I interested. I would have never thought that things would end up the way they did, because I’m not one to go on to social media. Although social media websites tend to bother me, because it seems as if no one is being honest, I decided that I would give it a try one day when I got bored. It was very rainy outside, and I decided that I was going to stay indoors for the day. I didn’t feel like watching a movie, and I didn’t want to do anything else.

I decided that I would get onto my computer, and I looked at the website that everyone had been raving about. I signed up for an account, and it only took me a few minutes to create a nice profile. I put only one picture in my profile, as I didn’t want too many pictures floating around on the internet, of myself. I began to search for others that may have some the same interests as me, and I was surprised to see that many people liked to go to the gym, as well as there being many dog lovers.

I tried to keep the search to my local area, but I was intrigued to know that Skout was in 180 countries, allowing me to talk with different people from other parts of the world. Although I was very excited to talk to others around the world, I was worried about the language barrier. I decided to talk to people in English-speaking countries at first, and then I would work my way over to other countries, that did not primarily speak English. I had so much fun on Skout the first day, I downloaded the app the next day.

I sat on my phone for hours, playing on Skout, because it was a Saturday, and I actually didn’t go out, like I had planned to, because I was having so much fun. I’ve gotten to meet new people, and I’ve even made some local friends. I purchased Skout points, which I was able to use to send greetings to others, just to let them know that they were in my thoughts. The things that I can do on Skout is almost endless, and there are over 100 million people to meet on the network.

Your Parents Were Right

Since the creation of the television, parents have warned children that sitting too close to the screen or watching too much will harm their eyesight. Yet, poor eyesight is not the only negative side effect of staring at TV, and now computer, tablet and cellphone, screens. Jason Halpern says that a recent study has proven that exposure to brightly lit screens at nighttime and lengthy exposure during the day or night causes a severe enough disruption to the body’s natural clock to interfere with sleep patterns and long-term health.

University of Connecticut cancer epidemiologist Richard Stevens has published the results of a new study about this issue in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. Stevens focused on the most severe results of light exposure and found that there’s a correlation between it and increased depression, obesity and cancers. He noted that the more people use lighted screens the more sedentary they became and, as almost everyone in the medical community agrees, a sedentary lifestyle shortens a person’s lifespan by several years by promoting inactivity and poor dietary choices. Stevens also noted that the heated materials in lit screens expose people to more toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Lastly, he noted that every cell in the body relies on the day/night light reactions that occur in cells in the retina to be calibrated properly for good health. Without natural rhythms, human hormones also become imbalanced.

The Longer A Mother Breastfeeds, The Smarter The Child Will Be

A study was recently published by The Lancet Global Health that followed 3,493 children that were born in Pelotas, Brazil. These children were followed for the next thirty years to determine whether or not their mothers breastfeeding them had an effect on their intelligence level when they were adults. The study collected information regularly including IQ scores, income and educational achievements. While experts understand the benefits of a breastfed baby many scientists are not sure what the long term effects are on a child and their intelligence level.

This study showed that the longer the baby was breastfed, the more intelligent they were when they were adults. Marc Sparks seemed to suggest that these breastfed adults were able to attain a higher income level and they were more educated than the children who were only briefly breastfed. It seems as though breastfeeding is beneficial beyond what we already know. Breastfeeding also is considered the best form of nutrition for an infant in order to develop a child’s immune system properly. It is recommended that a baby be breastfed for six months up to one full year.

This study is very descriptive and shows more intricately how breastfeeding can benefit a child. Infants that were breastfed for twelve full months (one year) scored four points higher on their IQ testing and they were earning approximately $104 more per month than those who were breastfed less than one month.

8 Good Reasons to Go Meatless on Mondays

Living well and eating well seem to be polar opposites. If it tastes goods, it must be bad for you. There is a way to eat well and live well with just a few simple changes to your diet. One of those small changes that will have a big impact on your quality of life is going meatless on Mondays stated Dr Jennifer Walden. Here are 8 good reasons to adopt Meatless Mondays at your house.

* Multiple studies have shown that the less red meat you eat, the longer you will live. Cutting meat out just one day a week can add years to your life.
* Starting the week off with a healthy choice sets the tone for the rest of the week. When tempted with high calorie snacks later in the week, it’s easier to say ‘no’ so you won’t undo the good you did on Monday.
* It will make you more eco-friendly. It takes fewer natural resourses to grow plants than animals.
* Meatless recipes taste good and offer a change to the palate.
* It will expand your culinary skills and get you out of a mealtime rut.
* Fiber rich foods, like beans, can help you lose weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.
* Doing without meat just one day a week reduces your risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
* Meatless Mondays will shave some money off your grocery bill each week.

Two Kids Save Their Little Brother From Kidnapper

Two kids are responsible for saving their baby brother who was nearly kidnapped from a park last Sunday. Brenden, 10, and Delicia, 8, were on the playground when they noticed a man pick up their toddler brother and start to walk off with them.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Insider Fox News, the two siblings of the kidnapped toddler started to chase after the man who took him. They screamed at him and apparently he told the little girl that he is “nice” to kids, but the siblings didn’t buy it. An image of him was caught on a security camera holding young Owen as he walked away with him. Delicia screamed her head off until strangers started to notice, and two teenagers who saw what was going on chased the man as well. Bankers said they told the news that it is kind of suspicious when you see a man carrying a baby and two younger kids running after him and screaming. The kidnapper freaked out and left the toddler in an empty parking lot and disappeared. No one knows who he is yet, but hopefully since they have a photo of him from the security camera he will be caught.

They were all at the park by themselves while their father worked nearby, and I am sure that from now on they will not be going to the park by themselves.

Do Teachers Tell Little White Lies?

Teachers are the gateway into the next generation, and they get that position by telling their students things like, “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up,” and for the most part, they are right. But, maybe the child is thinking he/she wants to be a dinosaur, and they obviously can’t be that, so they really can’t be “everything” they want to be. Here are 9 other white lies a teacher might tell her students.

1. Beware, like your mother, I have eyes in the back of my head.
2. The principal has eyes all around his head, so he is always watching.
3. Once more and I’ll send you to the principal’s office, and it will go on your permanent record.
4. This isn’t busy work!
5. Teachers never talk about their class.
6. If you’re not quiet, we won’t go out for recess; which I will never skip because it’s my quiet time.
7. Substitutes are fantastic, but I always have to play catch-up when I get back.
8. I don’t have a husband/wife/kids or dog. Let’s leave them out of this.
9. Cursive is very important to learn. (I wonder if she knows there’s an app for that.)

Anastasia Date employees agree technology has overtaken society, but teachers still have to remain one step ahead of their class. Thank a teacher today, and congratulate her on the white lies she will tell to educate your children.