Fiat Chrysler Sees Red After Their Fined and Forced to Take Back Cars

Fiat Chrysler is proof positive that you can’t mishandle a recall and ignore the ramifications. Their defective Ram pickups and older model Jeeps service issues may be the undoing to their auto kingdom. With the threat of millions of dollars lying over their heads, it’s clear that this company is in trouble. There were two dozen recalls that were messed up according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The defective parts in the Ram trucks caused drivers to lose control. The recall of 2013 affected over 570,000 vehicles. The internal steering parts were malfunctioning and there were casualties. If they have to buy back one third of them, many of them have already been repaired. In the Jeeps, the problem was the rear mounted gas tanks. There are more than a million of those SUVs in question. The auto maker offered owners an incentive of $100 to get them repaired.

With a civil penalty of over $100 million dollars hanging over their head, it will surpass the $70 million dollar fine that Honda Motor Company received many years ago. And that’s gonna be huge according to James Dondero. Perhaps the authorities are trying to set an example with this auto company. This is definitely an aggressive punishment, but they are making a point with them for not properly disclosing defects. Identifying them is just not enough; they have to be proactive when lives are on the line.

The recall goes all the way back to 2003 when the Aspen and Durango SUVs were brought into question. Over 700,000 of these models have been excluded from the buyback program, as they have been already serviced. Will this break Fiat Chrysler? It certainly could be the beginning of the end. They won’t be the first car company to face perils, and they probably won’t be the last either.

The Role of Psychiatry in Treating Depression

Depression is often characterized by mood changes; a depressed person will display intense feelings of loss, failure, hopelessness and ultimately rejection. Statistics indicate that close to 20% of Americans are likely to suffer depression at one time or the other in life; women being more susceptible than men. The two types of depression are major depression and bipolar disorder. Major depression usually interferes with the victims work routine and everyday activities. The symptoms of major depression include loss of weight, insomnia and lack of interest in non-regular events. Bipolar disorder, on the other hand, is very rare; however, it affects both men and women in equal measure. Because depression is linked to behavioral changes, the condition may lead to social isolation and decreased interest in performing pleasurable activities, exercise and nutrition.

The main risk factors of depression include environmental factors, biochemistry, genetics and personality. Environmental factors include exposure to neglect, mistreatment, violence and poverty. The biochemical factors that cause depression are usually brought about by changes in certain brain chemicals. On the other hand, the main personality factor that is often blamed for causing depression is low self-esteem. Many psychologists believe depression is caused by learned helplessness. This conditions occurs when the affected person believes that all his actions are useless in making a positive change. In contrast, medical research greatly suggests that depression may be tied to deficiencies in serotonin, norepinephrine and neurotransmitters. One popular drug therapy that is used to cure depression is the use of antidepressants.

Antidepressants can help control the flow of neurotransmitters and lithium in patients suffering from major depression and bipolar depression respectively. Treatments for depression are usually formulated based on the severity of the symptoms, how much depression has affected the victim’s ability to work and the patient’s treatment history. Treatment through psychotherapy may also be recommended; this form of treatment involves; eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy among other approaches. The other treatment technique includes the use of Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for patients suffering from major depression. Most depression patients also rely on other sufferers to get emotional support or improve their self-esteem.

A Psychiatrist plays an important role in making diagnosis and formulating treatment plan for patients suffering from depression. Many cases of depression have been referred to Daniel Amen who is the CEO of Amen Clinics. He is also an authority in Adult and children Psychiatry and Nuclear brain imaging. Many of Dr. Amen’s works, which include scientific articles have been published in various prestigious medical and scientific journals. The publications include; Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, PLOS One, Primary Psychiatry and the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience.

Lack of Glasses Brought About Big Win

When you go out to purchase a lottery ticket, should you wear the vision corrective device that you usually wear? If you are someone who usually wears glasses, should you wear those glasses as you go out to purchase a lottery ticket? There are some who would argue that you most definitely should, so that you know just what you are buying, but there are some who would encourage you to go without, in light of some recent news stated Investor Institucional.

It seems that one man who was without his glasses mistakenly bought the wrong ticket – or, at least, that’s what he thought at first. This man bought a different ticket than the one that he had been planning to buy because his vision wasn’t great, but he ended up winning big. This man ended up winning thousands of dollars all because he picked up the wrong ticket on mistake. Should you wear glasses when purchasing lottery tickets? That is a decision that you must make on your own.