Keith Mann and the Fight to Protect Animals

Animals do not have a voice and most are unable to truly fight back if they are attacked or mistreated. That is why people from all around the world do what they can in order to protect the animals and assist them. Keith Mann is an animal rights activist out of the UK. He works with a group known as the Animal Liberation Front in assisting animals both in captivity and those who are mistreated. It is his designed to make sure all animals are properly taken care of, no matter where in the world they live.

Keith Mann of animaliberationfont doesn’t just work to improve the lives of animals, but it is his goal to also reduce how animals are treated, even if they are destined to be processed into meals. In fact, in 1994 he received a 14 year prison sentence from conspiring to set meat lorries on fire. With a network of other animal activists, he managed to escape custody, although police eventually found him working in an animal sanctuary. The police ended up reducing his sentence. Upon his release, he talked with The Guardian, a leading UK newspaper publication in order to discuss how the government had cut down his ability to protest the way animals are treated in the country. He stated all he wants to do is to make sure animals are treated properly.

Some might wonder how Keith Mann developed such a passion and love for animals. While in school, his very first job was working on a dairy farm. He wrote about the agony many of the new cow mothers experienced due to the separation they had from their calves. The cows would cry out, looking for their offspring, only to never actually find them and to have the milk churned out for financial profit.

Mann works directly with the Animal Protection Party. This is a political group that runs on the desire to improve benefits for animals in the UK. While animals are unable to run for political office themselves, The Animal Protection Party elects individuals to run in different races they believe they not only have a chance of winning, but at least have the ability to gain attention from the local and international press. While the political party has yet to put anyone into any sort of office, they are receiving more and more votes when running.

Keith Mann is all about stopping animal cruelty. He does not believe in testing products on animals in a caged facility where most of the animals never are allowed to see the light of day or truly experience life. He also doesn’t believe animals should be imported into the country simply to be caged into small spaces where they live out their short lives without the ability to freely move around.

American Business Women

Susan McGalla has done a lot for the business world. Proving that it is no longer just a mans world. From business women to executive consultant, McGalla has held a number of titles in the business world. Born in East Liverpool Ohio to a football coach dad she was treated like one of the boys and not cut any slack which has made her so successful.
After high school McGalla went on to the University of Mount Union a liberal arts college in Alliance Ohio. After college McGalla went on to build a name for herself on the business circuit. McGalla now lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.
Susan McGalla is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters and former Chief executive officer of Wet Seal . After her careers with both American Eagle and Wet Seal she went on to form her own consulting company P3 Executive Consulting LLC where she provided expert insight based upon her own experience working in retail. McGalla is now the director of strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers . Proving that she can have one successful career move after another.

Mary T. Barra is another woman proving the business world is no longer just a mans world . This former Stanford university graduate from Michigan has taken the business world by storm. An Engineer that has worked for general motors for three decades .Barra is now the first female CEO of a major global automaker. She serves as a member on the board of directors for GM . Barra is currently serving as Chief executive officer of General Motors. Barra is taken the automotive world to a whole new level showing her worth in what use to be a male driven field.

Another key business woman proving her worth is Marissa Mayer. After graduating from Stanford university with both a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in computer programming, she has gone on to be a top leader when it comes to the internet. Mayer has worked for Google as an executive, a usability leader, and as a key spokesperson for the company. She is currently the President and CEO of YAHOO.

These woman among many others are proven that once what was thought to be a male driven force is no longer the case . More and more woman are making a name for themselves among the business world and are proving to be at the top of their game. Most are even accomplishing these feet’s all while juggling motherhood as well , proven just how driving they are.

Yeonmi Park’s Upcoming Visit to DePauw University

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean rebel who is currently a human rights activist. She was born in October 1993 and escaped from North Korea in 2007. She currently resides in South Korea. She comes from a family that was once part of the ruling select in North Korea. Currently, she works as a reporter, activist and public speaker appearing on TV talk shows and advocating for the plight of North Korean refugees. The speech she made at the One Young World Summit in Dublin in 2014 is what brought her to the limelight. On her official Facebook page, you’ll learn that Park’s family escaped from North Korea through China. After the tiresome and risky journey, she decided to become a full-time human rights activist.

Miss Park is scheduled for a public speaking gathering at the DePauw University on October 5, 2015. According to an article on DePauw’s University website, she is expected to speak about her departure from North Korea, the terrors and horrors of human trafficking and the need to give freedom to the people of North Korea and the world in general. The young lass will deliver a Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture making her the youngest Ubben lecturer yet. She will deliver the lecture just one day after her 22nd birthday and six days after her book titled “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” is published by Penguin. This lecture like all Ubben Lectures will be free for admission and open to anyone willing to attend. It will be followed by a question and answer segment and later a book signing.

Yeonmi’s story is one of a struggle to leave an oppressive country surviving some of the darkest times of her life. She says that her way of viewing the word changed after watching the Titanic movie. Before that she believed that dying in power or in the line of duty was the most honorable thing to do but after watching the film it gave her a taste of freedom after seeing people die for love. Coming from a privileged family things changed for them and they had to flee North Korea through China where they endured many hardships. Her sister left before them and by the time they got to China she was presumed dead. She watched her mother get raped and her father died of cancer. She and her mother managed to get to South Korea and start a new life. Her sister escaped from China miraculously and joined them in South Korea. Because she always felt left out and forgotten she decided that the world should not forget about the refugees from North Korea. That is why she decided to become vocal about it and that made her a renowned activist.

The Role of Economists like Christian Broda

Much uproar has been witnessed due to the recent devaluation of the Yuen currency by the Chinese authorities. It has been viewed as a move to fix its exports, which has been on the dip for several months now. In the United States, some economists do not see the positive side of this argument. Those who support it view it as a means to get cheap imports from China.
Economists play an important role in any given country. They study, apply, and develop concepts and theories in economics with the view to coming up with appropriate economic policies. They also offer important insights on the performance of stock markets, currencies, and the performance of the economy through their expert analysis. They contribute to the development of policies touching on taxation, inflation rates, exchange rates and different market factors.
One successful economist is Christian Broda. He is a New York based economist. According to him, the amount of how rich you are depends on the salary you earn and the cost of the products that you buy. He argues that even if your salary is doubled and the cost of the goods remains high, it will still be difficult for one to afford such products. He considered it an advantage to the American consumers to have cheaper imports on the condition that quality standards are maintained.
Broda has been a University professor. His research focuses on addressing issues touching on International trade, microeconomics, and finance. Currently, he is an associate editor for the Journal of Development Economics. He is also a research fellow at the Bureau of Economic Research. In addition, he has published articles in the Journal of International Economics and the American Economic Review.
The devaluation of the Yuen had some rippling effects on the global markets. It raised fears about the Chinese economy as a whole. China is the second largest economy in the world behind the United States. Economists predicted different results with some giving optimistic forecast while others were skeptical of the situation. The move shook stock markets in Asia and Europe. Oil prices fell under $50 a barrel with Copper prices hitting low prices that had never been experienced over the last six years.
The above happenings cannot be solely attributed to the devaluation of the Yuen. This is because several countries are undergoing challenges in their economies thus, undertaking active measures to avert market crashes. Economic growth is on the slow. Only the United States has seen positive changes in the recent years. There has been improvement in the GDP and the employment rates have increased over the past few months. On the flip side, China’s economy has been on the slow with an 8% drop in its exports in the month of July.

The Pet Owner Needs to Take Dog Health Seriously

When someone decides that they would like to welcome a dog into their family, too often that individual does not realize the responsibility that goes into such a decision. Those that decide that a dog would be fun to own don’t realize that they need to put work into the owning of their pet. Too often individuals take a pet into their home without being willing to make the kind of commitment that the pet needs. A dog needs love, Beneful and attention from his or her owner, and that dog needs an owner who is willing to look out for their health.

A dog’s health rests in the hands of the dog’s owner, and that owner needs to be ready for the job. The one who decides that they are going to have a dog in their home needs to take the time to research all that they need to do in order to make sure that their dog stays in top health. A dog needs to be treated right, and the owner is responsible for making sure that that happens. A dog needs love and attention in order to stay emotionally healthy. Those that commit to a dog need to be willing to give that dog the kind of love and attention that is needed. A dog needs to be fed when he or she is hungry, and the food that they are given needs to be top quality. A dog needs to get exercise, and it is the responsibility of the dog owner to make sure that he or she gets the exercise that is right for them.

The owner of a dog needs to take the time to figure out which food is right for that dog and which food will keep that dog at his or her best. The food that is given to a dog needs to be right for that dog. Beneful offers dog food options that can be part of a healthy lifestyle for a dog. When a dog owner is looking for a brand that offers some dog food options that could be right for their pet, they can find what they are looking for in Beneful. The pet owner needs to look out for the health of their dog, they need to do all that the dog needs, and buying good dog food is one of the tasks that they must accomplish.

There Are A lot Of New York City Apartments Out There If You Just Look

You have some grievances with your current landlord, and you know you have to move out of your apartment within a month. Maybe the problems you’re having in your current apartment are not your fault, and you’ve been given a chance to rectify the situation by moving to another apartment. You search everywhere you can to find a new place, but you’re coming up with nothing. Even when you take public transportation home at night, you ask people about different apartments that are leasing as well as looking through different advertisements. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get a break when it comes to finding another apartment in New York City real estate, so what do you do?

Since you have a short period of time before you have to vacate the premises, you need to get a real estate agent to help you find your next apartment. Don’t assume that a real estate agent will only help you if you’re looking for a house because this is not true. Real estate agents can help you find any type of home you’re looking for, including an apartment. New York City can be tough when it comes to looking for a new apartment because there are a lot of apartments for rent. If you want a great apartment in New York City, then call a real estate agent.

The first agency that should be on your list is Town Real Estate. Not only does Town Real Estate help with all forms of real estate, but they also specialize in apartments as well. When you’re ready to move into your next apartment, even if you’re short on time, then Town Real Estate should be your first choice. The apartments that Town Real Estate has to offer are luxurious, and many of them are in some of the best areas in New York City. Everyone knows that New York City has some great historical locations, so why not take advantage of the apartments for lease in these locations?

It’s not every real estate agency that will have some amazing apartment listings, but Town Real Estate definitely has some listings that are great for anyone who’s looking for an excellent apartment. Since you’ve already had problems in your current apartment, you obviously will not want additional problems in the new apartment you want to move into. In order to avoid problems in the future when you’re moving, let your real estate agent guide you to the best apartment. Give your real estate agent a short list of things you want in your new place, and they can come back with a list of apartments that would be perfect for you. Call Town Real Estate to start apartment hunting today.

A Quick Intro to FreedomPop Wireless

FreedomPop Wireless is a radical new phone and data company that is seriously altering the landscape of traditional mobile phone and data technology. They are changing the face of the mobile industry in a number of different ways. Through new and innovative pricing schemes alongside consumer friendly branding and pricing they are winning over customers from coast to coast. In this article we will go over the basics of the FreedomPop service and help you to examine whether a switch over to FreedomPop is in your best interests as a mobile phone user.

What Makes FreedomPop Different?
FreedomPop differs from your typical mobile phone company in one important way. Instead of signing up for multiple year packages that have set in stone data limits the pricing at FreedomPop changes depending on your usage. Pricing ranges from free all the way up to expensive if you use massive amounts of data. Essentially every person that uses FreedomPop is given a certain amount of minutes, data and texts for free.

As long as you are on a FreedomPop capable device you are given an allotment of minutes data and texts every month. If you do not exceed that limit you do not owe them a dime. If you do exceed that amount the pricing is set on tiers where you only pay for what you use. So instead of wasting money on data, texts and minutes you do not use you will only have to pay for what you need.

Where is FreedomPop Available?
FreedomPop is currently in every major metropolitan area in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Asia. Service in the United States is great in major metropolitan areas and expanding in rural and suburban areas. They are rapidly expanding services through deals with existing major telecommunications companies so service is coming to previously unsupervised areas very quickly. As long as you live somewhere in or within a certain distance of even a mid sized city you should have no problem signing up for FreedomPop and getting great service.

How Do I Sign Up For FreedomPop?

In order to receive FreedomPop phone, data or text service you must have an approved FreedomPop device and download their Google Play app. You can purchase these devices directly from FreedomPop or on the secondary market. Once you have an officially approved device simply activate a FreedomPop sim card and you are set. You have the option of choosing a plan that costs money at the beginning or choosing the free plan and paying as you go. Both ways have their own unique benefits. Since it is pay as you go heavy users might want to utilize one of the up front plans in order to negate costs but if you are not planning on using a ton of data, minutes, or text messages you should be fine with the free plan.

FreedomPop is changing the landscape of the American telecommunications market. Competitors like Verizon are already dropping subsidized phone programs and adapting to the new market reality that FreedomPop represents. When large companies compete the consumer tends to win out in the end. FreedomPop offers many different things to different customers. Low limit users benefit from not subsidizing heavy users and people who tend to use a great deal of the network get a fair price for what they use.

What Makes a Dog Food Brand Great

There are so many different dog food options out there that pet owners can choose from, and those who are buying dog food need to know just which brand they should be buying from. Those who are looking to purchase dog food from a specific brand need to know if the brand that they are considering is a good option. Those who are buying food for their dog and want to know that the food that they buy will support the health of that dog need to know if the brand that they are considering is going to be one that will be good for their pet.

What is it that can make or break a dog food brand? What should individuals look for when they are trying to choose a brand that is great and that knows what it is doing? The brands that produce dog food should know what they are doing. The brands that put out food for dogs should be able to make food that is tasty and healthy. It is important that the companies that attempt to make dog food know what they are doing, and that they try to do what is right. The brands that make dog food need to try to make food that is good for the dog. If a dog food brand is going to succeed, if that brand is going to be great, then that brand needs to try hard and they need to know just what they are supposed to be doing.

Beneful is one of the great dog food brands that are out there. This brand knows about dogs and their needs, and this brand knows how to create the kind of food that will meet the needs of those dogs. There are a variety of brands that are available, and Beneful is one that looks out for all dogs. This is a brand that pet owners can trust when they are seeking the right brand. Beneful has the experience and the knowledge that is needed to produce food that is high in quality. This brand comes out with great stuff, and they should be labeled a great brand.

Doe Deere Makes Makeup Exciting For Woman

Who wants to put on makeup that is just the same old thing as what everyone else is wearing? When most people their makeup on in hopes of impressing a man, or in hopes of looking beautiful for a day at work, they are going to quickly get tired of using the same makeup that they have always worn. There comes a time when everyone is ready to make a change in their lives, even if it is one as small as switching up the kind of makeup that they wear.
Doe Deere knows that not everyone likes the same things when it comes to their makeup, and she was not afraid to step out and do something different with the makeup line that she has created. She knows that not everyone will appreciate the bold colors and styles that she has chosen for her line, and Doe Deere is okay with that. There are some people who will be happy with the refreshing change that they will get in their makeup when they purchase an item or two from her line. There will be people who will wear one of her bold color lipsticks and will never want to go back to the plain, boring stuff that they used to wear before.
When it comes to makeup, there are so many brands that offer basically the same products. Most brands stick with some pretty simple styles, and while that may be fine with some woman, Doe Deere knows that there are some woman who appreciate being more bold with their style. Her line of makeup is not something for the faint of heart. It is a special line of makeup that should only be worn by those who are brave enough to put it on and own it.
Makeup can get pretty boring for a woman when she uses the same kind day after day, and it is fun for her when a new brand of makeup comes out. It is fun to check out the options that are available to her through the new line, and it is fun to pick up a new thing or two. Not all woman like switching things up when it comes to the makeup that they wear, but some do. And those woman who do are going to love all of the new, fresh and exciting options that are offered to them through the new line of makeup that Doe Deere has just put out. They will love the color options that are offered to them, and they just may never go back to what they once wore.

Squaw Valley Ski is an amazing place to vacation


It is no wonder that beautiful lake Tahoe sees more than 600,000 visitors a year.
Lake Tahoe was recently voted America’s “Best Lake” in 2012 by USA Today. And those that vacation there know why. The mountain views of Olympic valley are unsurpassed both winter and summer in their breathtaking splendor. Squaw Valley was officially named a California Historical Landmark in 1960 during the Olympic Games that were held there that year. Squaw Valley Resort was modeled after the best in European ski destinations, with the choicest of European décor, and only the coolest of American entertainment. Squaw valley has a great swimming pool, ice rink, roller disco, and only the best restaurants for fine dining. Whether you are looking for a choice steak for dinner, or a pizza for the kids, Squaw Valley is sure to please. All located right there on the mountain. Squaw valley has everything your heart could desire for recreation and fun for your entire family. The skiing is beyond compare, but it does not stop there. My family ventures to Squaw Valley at least two times a year. My husband and I love the wine tastings and Jazzfest in the summer months. My kids love Mountain Adventure camp, where they have top instructors teaching environmental awareness programs, art workshops, and kids adventure camps.

It is good to know that the new CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth is a man capable and up to the task of preserving Squaw Valley as one of the top winter tourist destinations in the world. His past experience as a park ranger for our national forests leads me to really believe he will have the environments best interest at heart when making the tough decisions necessary to build and grow Squaw Valley’s future. He has already within the course of only one year put Squaw Valley in the top 20 percent of the skiing industry. That is no small task. I cannot wait to see what this great man has in store for the future of Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe business.