Choosing the Right Purina Dog Food for Your Pet

You love your dog, and he or she is probably almost a part of the family. Pets have a way into people’s hearts that really is amazing. As a result, you know that you want to give your dog the best possible food. You want food that will give him energy, keep him healthy and that he’ll enjoy.

These days, you have better options than ever. For instance, consider Purina’s new Beneful dog food line. It’s made specifically for dogs who love to play, so it’s high in energy. It makes sure that they never tire out. A long day of playing ball in the yard is now possible! Beneful contains the real meat that dogs need, with chicken, beef, port and lamb. You can see the ingredients, you know they’re not nearly as processed as some other brands, and you know that your dog is really getting the right food. When deciding what to give your dog, consider the following:

1. What the Dog Prefers
Like humans, all dogs are different, and they have different preferences. Some like baked treats. Others like wet dog food. Still others prefer dry food from Beneful. Test each one out on your dog, and it’ll become clear pretty quickly what he would like to eat. That’s the route you want to take, as it ensures that your dog always eats enough, enjoys his meals, and spends less time begging for your food.

2. Your Dog’s Size
For dogs, size is more important than age, as it determines what type of food they need and what they can eat the best. Typically, there are types for small breeds, medium breeds and large breeds. Weight limitations will be listed on the bags so that you know where your dog fits in, as everyone thinks of a “large” dog slightly differently.

Remember, if you get a puppy, it’s going to grow through these stages very quickly, and so you may need to use all of the different kinds in a row. Don’t just assume that, since your dog is eventually going to weigh 100 pounds, you should give him food for a large dog when he’s a puppy. Your considerations should be based on his size right now, not his eventual size.

3. Natural Food
It’s best for dogs to eat natural food when they can. This fits with their digestive systems and gives them what their bodies crave. Dogs are not designed to eat overly processed food and artificial ingredients. That’s why it’s hard to beat the Purina dog food that has real meat as the main ingredient. That’s what your dog wants the most, and that’s what he needs.

4. Variety
For the most part, you want to keep the dog’s diet the same day after day. However, that does not mean there’s no room for variety. Try giving him a few different types of treats. This gives him something to be excited about, to look forward to, without being too different from the daily meal.

Skout And The Online Dating Game

Online dating is quite popular as evidenced by the thousands of people who take part in it. Members of online dating sites do have to show more than a little bit of a good game in order to capture the attention of others. Even those who are super-smooth and able to connect with others are going to have a tough time meeting someone new when the dating platform is a weak one. Skout is quickly becoming a top site to join thanks to the outstanding platform provided. The Skout dating app also makes access easy for those who want to use their mobile devices to make as a connection.

Skout is available as an iOS app and this means millions of people around the world can easily download it. There is no cost to the app, which is compatible on Facebook platforms. The ability to integrate Skout with Facebook surely has to be really appealing to those wanting to enter the dating community. Likely, many potential members are already active on Facebook. Weaving in the new app with the classic Facebook platform could end up being creating a way of meeting someone new.

Working with the Skout platform on prnewswire does not even have to be done exclusively to find someone to date. The platform is a great way to just make new friends. While most are interested in Skout’s potential for them to meet a paramour, no one said making new friends is banned.

Skout, itself, presents a host of excellent features that allow members to really get the most out of their online dating experience. Chatting, sending messaging, and using flirty “winks” are all ways to interact with other members. These are all important components to any dating site and Skout really does a fine job with integrating the features into the site.

The organization of the Skout layout is really among the more intriguing features. A grid view of members is designed for easy access to profiles. All members have to do is click on the face of the person on the grid and the profile appears. At this point, it is easy to take advantage of the aforementioned features.

Learning how to navigate the Skout platform should not be too much trouble. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and inclusive. Consider these two traits to be extremely helpful to members new to online dating.

Taking advantage of the features makes it possible to, hopefully, meet someone new for friendship and more. Skout has a nice array of members. Meeting someone should not prove too difficult. Hopefully, things will go somewhere fruitful.

The Philosophy Of Environmental Law

For many decades, professionals have been trying to come up with technologies to minimize the rapidly increasing levels of pollution to the environment. Human activities have led to the destruction of water bodies as well as atmospheric air, thereby leading to the creation of a system that puts life at risk. The effects that pollution has contributed include changes in the climate, where certain areas have been receiving destructive rains, as well as loss of forest cover due to desertification. This is led to different governments formulating laws, also known as environmental laws, in a bid to fight the menace presented by the pollution of the environment.

Mining operations have been identified among things that have contributed greatly to the changes that have been witnessed in the environment. This includes improper mining activities, which lead to massive erosion that ends up into water bodies. For this reason, more laws have been set up to control how mining companies operate to ensure the need to secure the environment is upheld. These regulations also extend to the safety and ownership of mining operations.

Water sources have been identified as one of the main targets of destruction by different activities that lead to pollution. Laws that govern how water sources are protected are implemented universally to ensure any operations that are carried out near water bodies do not lead to the pollution of water. Many cases have been reported where sea animals have been destroyed by oil spillages and chemicals from industries. Such malpractices have been criminalized under many environmental laws to caution people who are insensitive to the environment.

Chemical safety allows one to maintain safety while using different types of chemicals. Chemical laws allow people to manage certain activities that are potentially harmful to humans. They also offer directions regarding safe disposal of chemicals and other items associated with the use of chemicals. Although it is right to do fishing, there are laws that regulate on the methods one can use while at it. For instance, it is not legal to use chemical substances while fishing as this constitutes pollution to water bodies.

Professionals like Frans Schoeman have been instrumental in the fight to ensure all environmental laws are complied to the letter. Frans is a Law graduate from the University of the Free State. Frans Schoeman on is a legal director at the TG Mintster Consulting, a legal agency in South Africa. He has been able to oversee due diligence ant to offer legal guidance to many people in many industries. He is also a director at the Phatsima Diamond, where he oversees daily operations of a mining concession in Angola. He is among individuals that have been identified as key personnel that are willing to protect environmental law.

Waste management cannot also be overlooked when laws regarding waste management are formulated. Many industries have resorted to dubious disposal methods, something that has brought about dangers to the environment. Regulation has allowed governments to keenly monitor any irresponsible activities that are harmful, so those who violate the law are convicted and disciplinary procedures conducted.

Handy, The Ultimate Home Cleaning Service App

The fall season is looming, and is right around the corner. Leaves are falling from the trees, the temperature is starting to drop, and the weather is so much more enjoyable than it was in the hot, hot summer season. Unfortunately, the fall season brings more chores needed to be completed to have a home that appears to be clean and in tip-top shape. But, be real – who has the time or tools to complete all the tasks necessary for a clean, tidy home? Not many people.

Finding individuals or businesses that provide home cleaning services are usually hard to find; sometimes, trying to find home cleaning services locally is almost impossible. There are not many places – easily available bulletin boards, if you will – to find such services. Fortunately, two young, smart developers came up with the idea to create an app accessible on smartphones and tablets that list individuals who provide home cleaning services.

The aforementioned app is called Handy, and has been in existence for around four years. Handy operates in 25 cities around the United States, two in Canada, and one in Europe. The average home cleaning service costs users about $55, which is a steal to have an entire home cleaned. No more raking leaves, no more dusting, no more picking after yourself or others, no more washing dishes, no more cleaning anything when Handy is available in your city.

Handy can be found by searching for it on any major mobile app store. It is a small file, which is quickly downloaded and does not take up much room, and is well worth the time and space. Finding cheap, yet valuable, home cleaning services is rather difficult without the help of Handy.

Some home cleaning services that are difficult and require expensive equipment to perform include pressure washing a house or its driveway and steps, and cleaning out gutters. Not everybody has a long ladder to reach the gutters on a home, which makes it expensive. Besides, getting up on a tall ladder to clean out gutters is not exactly comfortable and 100% safe. Pressure washers usually cost a good chunk of money, are heavy, and take a lot of time to properly clean off a house or driveway. Hiring home cleaners from Handy to perform such activities is worth virtually any person’s time and money.

On the bright side, the vast majority of home cleaning services are not expensive, and do not require extensive expertise. With that being said, there is a downside to home cleaning – it takes a lot of time, and not everybody has all the time in the world to pick up after themselves and others. Therefore, hiring someone to clean a home is generally well worth the money, especially on Handy: the average price to book an individual to clean a home is cheap; only $55.

Most people have never met a home owner that loves cleaning their house until it is spotless, or can even put up with it. Do not hesitate to find home cleaners on Handy, because it can save home owners and renters lots of time and stress.

A Company With A Conscience

Finding new and inventive ways to meet the demands of a growing and ever changing market is what is required to survive in the business world. This is what Eucatex has been doing since it first opened its doors in 1951. They have used materials that have been otherwise overlooked by an industry and have carved for themselves a niche in a demanding market.

Eucalyptus is what they use to produce linings and insulation. Not your normal source of wood but this venue has proven to be quite lucrative for them to the point where they have been able to add products to their line. As demand has presented the need, Eucatex has expanded not only from insulation and linings but also into exterior doors, toys, packaging, cars and even plates. They have also recently moved into offering a line of paints.

Eucatex has been run by their parent company, the Maluf family. Presently at the helm of the company id Flavio Maluf. Educated as an mechanical engineer, he has been able to offer new ways of getting things done that are more efficient and cost saving. Flavio takes corporate responsibility seriously too.

The company has 44 hectares of forest that they run and harvest in the state of San Paulo. This allows them to continuously regrow what they harvest and assure the company has a never ending supply of eucalyptus wood for their products. This move was a first for companies in this region of the world.

The company has not ignored their responsibility to maintain their land holdings either. They have dedicated a whole sector of the business to a Forestry Unit. This unit goes about renting out more land for the company to grow eucalyptus as well as make sure that there is always a new crop of trees put down for the next year’s needs.

This attitude of making the raw material for themselves as well as maintaining forest growth has earned them the recognition of best practices of sustainable development. They also possess a number of International Certificates as well as being awarded the Green Seal by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex is also the first company of their kind to institute and implement the first wood recycling line. This furthers their concern over maintaining the environment for future generations. This also allows for greater profits to be realized through re-using wood products for the generation of new products.

High Yield & Distress Investing Expert James Dondero

High Yield investments are popular among those with plenty to risk as James Dondero can vouch for with his mastery and skill at handling billions of investment portfolios for his high end clients. The main attraction for these transactions are the long-only high yield alternative investments in the credit market along with middle market business distressed loans. Who is James Dondero and how did he become such a high yield consultant and successful credit market hedge fund manager? He is currently the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM)headquartered in Dallas, Texas. With over three decades of hands on funds management beginning in the credit products industry with $1 Billion in credit accounts to manage he has become one of the most respected and qualified credit and equity-debt funds managers that can be found.

He graduated with two majors, Accounting and Finance at the top of his class, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi from the University of Virginia and from the McIntire School of Commerce respectively. He continues to hold current his Certification in Management Accounting, (CMA) and he also is awarded the privileged qualification the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) title.

There are a wide variety of products available to investors in the alternative credit investment market. While at Highland Capital Management, President Dondero has worked with his experts to craft some innovative new products such as the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). Although debt purchases have been around for many years, these types of investment products are very suitable for the current market advancements and economic conditions. These CLOs attract investors who have distinct preferences and James Dondero is highly qualified to offer the kind of service and advice to those who fit well to these particular investments. Other items that are more familiar with the debt-equity market showcase are the award winning packages such as hedge funds, private equity funds, REITs, ETFs and institutional separate accounts.

Aside from his activities as President of HCM, he serves as a board member on the boards of MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is also Chairman of the Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. With such a vast array of successful ventures on his plate, James Dondero, CMA, also has a wide range of philanthropic interests where he gives his resources and time. Some of his top initiatives are education, veteran’s affairs and public policy making.

James Dondero worked as a ground up strategist in the build out of the GIC Subsidiary of Protective Life, with managing funds of $2 billion dollars as the Chief Investment Officer, between 1989 to 1993. He started all of his investment management duties soon after earning his degrees in 1985 as Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express, where he was soon promoted to Portfolio Manager. He has so much experience in the credit markets that it would be difficult to find anyone more qualified than he is for alternative investment management.

Kenneth Griffin of Citadel

“Our success is driven by top talent, a relentless focus on research, and an exceptional ability to monetize investment ideas.” That was said by the 89th richest person in the United States according to Forbes, Ken Griffin on His success story is very much unlike other stories. His is one that follows sheer focus and determination.

In 1987, while still at Harvard, Kenneth Griffin got a fax machine, a computer, and a telephone and started trading from his dorm room. From this meek and aspirational beginning, Griffin slowly rose and caught the attention of Frank Meyer, the hedge-fund pioneer and co-founder of Glenwood Partners based in Chicago. Griffin’s relationship and interaction with Frank led him to see the world differently, and he saw an opportunity lurking in the business community and he quickly got hold of it.

In 1990, Ken Griffin established Citadel. Unlike any other financial institution, Citadel is a diverse financial institution. The Citadel group involves Citadel, which is an industry-leading alternative asset manager; Citadel Securities, which is one of the stellar liquidity providers in Americas capital markets; and Citadel Technologies, which is a IT solutions provider in investment management technology. Today, Citadel has grown to employ more than 1,250 people worldwide.

Griffin is an avid supporter of community change and improvement. He is well known for supporting any educational causes that push for this agenda. He also sits on the board of directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. He is also a proud supporter of his alma mater where he gained the necessary skills and techniques that lay the foundation for his business career. He donated $150 million in financial aid support towards the school. Mr. Griffin’s benevolences to ameliorate and enrich the lives of others have seen him kick in more than $250 million from his personal contributions as well as through the Citadel Foundation. In particular, most of these contributions have gone to the Art Institute and the University of Chicago’s Lurie Childrens Home.

Mr. Griffin loves art. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most active art vendees in the world. He has actually dedicated his time exclusively to art collection and patronage. In 1999, he paid a record price of $60 million for the Curtain, “Jug and Fruit Bowl” painting by world renowned painter Paul Cezanne. In October 2006, Dreamworks co-founder David Geffen sold Griffin his Jasper Johns painting “False Start” for $80 million.

Griffin also has a vested interest in the politics of the United States. Griffin prides himself in being a libertarian. He has made numerous political contributions and donations to political parties, candidates, and organizations that share his views of having a limited government. Organizations such as American Crossroads, the Republican Governors Association, and Restore Our Future have greatly benefited from his contributions and donations. In 2012, he plunked for Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency and also made contributions to Republicans Eric Cantor of Virginia and Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois. He also donated $2.5 million to the Republican candidate for Illinois governor Bruce Rauner.

Purina Is The Best Pet Care Brand

The education of Purina’s pet care philosophy is an integral component of their effective business plan. Currently presenting a variety of products, ranging from wet/dry food to delicious snacks, this well-known corporation seeks to spread the knowledge of animal wellness to individuals across the United States and abroad. Essentially, Purina’s noteworthy quality control procedures promote healthy meals that every pet can enjoy. Most importantly, this leading company truly understands the effectiveness of beneficial animal foods and strongly believes that educating individuals about the advantages of utilizing their products will result in more satisfied and loyal customers.

Purina news objective is to provide extremely personalized products in order to cater to a wide array of pets across the globe. This is accomplished with an extensive portfolio of pet consumer goods to adhere to every animal’s unique needs and desires. For example, the “Purina Pro Plan” is designed to assist dogs in performing their absolute best while the “Purina Beneful,” encourages playfulness as the foods encompass stimulating colors and textures. Both of these canine meal selections are packed with nutritious and beneficial ingredients to ultimately help extend a pet’s healthy years. Unlike many animal brands, Purina produces their products with complete and balanced ingredients, which includes meat, fish, soy, and vegetables. The formulation of these essential components promotes digestive health as well as overall performance and endurance. Commendably, Purina believes that the best ingredients are team players as they successfully complement the entire nutrient blend.

As an avid supporter of food safety, Purina has the most rigorous quality control measures in the pet care industry. Moreover, they maintain a comprehensive database of roughly 400 scientists and nutritionists who work tirelessly to develop healthy consumable products for a variety of animals. Notably, these experts adhere to federal and state regulatory laws in addition to the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) strict guidelines. Moreover,
Purina strives to exceed the requirements of these safety standards to promote optimal nourishment for many pets.

For over 80 years, Purina has successfully delivered outstanding products to many animals and owners around the world. The company’s beneficial goods are usually available at pet stores, grocery stores, and mass merchants. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to develop meals that appeal to dogs and cats taste buds while simultaneously ensuring a completing digestible product. With the best and healthiest ingredients, the company composes a smart nutrient blend that maintains a proven track record of improving a pet’s overall health.

Along with formulating beneficial products for the consumer, Purina is also passionate about assisting shelter pets. Notably, in 2011, the company donated food to approximately 1800 animal rescue centers around the globe.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American businessperson who is a philanthropist and former owner of NBA team. Mr. Bruce Levenson was an owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC that owns the Hawks basketball team and Philips Arena. He has served as the Hawks Governor since the year 2004. In 1997, Mr. Bruce Levenson founded United Communications Group. He is a founding member and an executive of the board of directors of a publicly traded IT company TechTarget.

  • His education and early life

He was born to a Jewish couple in Washington D.C. and was brought up in Chavy Chase, Maryland. He took his college studies in St. Louis at Washington University. He later attended American University where he finally graduated from the law school. While he was studying at the school of law, he started journalism career at Washington Star.

Bruce Levenson career

  • UCG

Mr. Bruce Levenson together with Ed Peskowitz in 1997 co-founded United Communications Group that is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The company was situated at Levenson’s apartment. They later published a newsletter, Oil Express. The newsletter focused on the advancements in the oil industry. UCG later published other newsletters including databases for instance Oil Price Information Service. UCG is a private company that focuses on analysis of data and news in various industries:

  • Mortgage banking
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications

The company also owns GasBuddy. This is a mobile software that enables drivers in identifying regional low gas prices.

  • Atlanta Hawks

In 2004, Atlanta Spirit LLC was founded with an intention of buying Atlanta Hawks from a Broadcasting Company, Turner. Levenson, as well as Ed Peskowitz, is a major partner of Atlanta Hawks LLC. The association is a group of businesspersons who own the Phillips Arena and a basketball team. Mr. Levenson is a managing partner of the team and a member of the NBA Executive Board.

As the team’s general manager and the head of the basketball operations, in 2012 he hired Danny Ferry. In the month of March 2014, Levenson and his wife accompanied the team on a trip to the US Holocaust Museum. In attendance was Levenson’s mother-in-law, Irene Boyarsky, who happened to be a Holocaust survivor. Levenson narrated of her experience before the trip and after.

  • Other achievements of Bruce Levenson

He is a founding member and a board executive of the TechTarget. The company developed out of the UCG, and Bruce functioned as the managing director. He served in this office from 1999 to 2012. He also served as a legal adviser to a private firm BIA Digital Partners. He was on the executive board of directors of NEPA. NEPA stands for Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

Lime Crime Vibrant Makeup

What girl does not love makeup? You can use makeup to create so many different looks. There are so many different shades of cosmetics that the world offer. The issue is there are not too many makeup company that specialize in incredibly vibrant colors. This is where the company Lime Crime come in handy.

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that was founded by Doe Deere. If you are looking for makeup that will make up stand out in the crowd, then Lime Crime is the makeup brand for you. There velvetines liquid to matte lipsticks are just fantastic. They are highly pigmented and last for hours. All of their lipsticks are an array of beautiful vibrant colors. If you have a love for all things shiny and sparkly, then you will love Lime Crime Carousel lip gloss. It is the perfect lip gloss for the girly girl. Their Unicorn lipstick is the most vibrant pigmented item the makeup brand offer. Wearing that lipstick, you would most certainly be a standout.

Over the last few years, nails have become as important as important as the rest of the makeup. Lime Crime supplies a lovely array of cool vibrant colors. Their nail colors are perfect when you are out on a beautiful summer beach day. When you are doing makeup, you can not forget about the eye shadow. Lime Crime offers a variety of eye shadows. They have eye shows that are beautifully soft shade, which would be a perfect balance of their intensify pigmented lipsticks. Do you love to wear stones that represent the color of your sign? Well, Lime Crime offers beautiful sparkly glitter that represent each zodiac sign. The cool thing with this is that you can use the glitter as lipstick, eye shadow, or as a topper on your nails. Also, all of the makeup on Lime Crime is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

It is always fun to wear makeup. It is amazing that makeup can create so many different looks. You can go for an everyday look to a super high fashion look with a stroke of a brush. Lime Crime just take all of that to another level. Once you try their product, everything else in comparison will become boring. Lime Crime is made for the person who is not afraid to be bold with their makeup.If you are someone who enjoy lively makeup and are not afraid to have everyone be in all with your makeup, then Lime Crime is made for you. Pick some up today, you will not be sorry.