Healthy Dog Food Sales on the Rise

The Daily Herald explains that sales of premium, healthy dog food are through the roof right now. Lately, there has been an increase in demand from pet owners for high-quality dog food that includes natural ingredients and low-fat content so that they are feeding their pooches the highest grade food possible. The article further explains that the pet food industry in the U.S. has grown to an incredible $23.7 billion, which helps put into perspective why shifts in consumer demand in this market translate to huge sales. Furthermore, the demand for top notch dog food does not show signs of weakening anytime soon. To keep up with the pace of demand, many dog food companies are adjusting their advertising and marketing campaigns to try to attract potential customers with healthier recipes and more wholesome ingredients. There is significant competition in the dog food market right now, which is driving different dog food brands to continue innovating their dog food recipes and finding ways to attract new customers. The article speculates that part of the reason behind this trend in the pet food industry could be that as the general population has been more focused on healthy lifestyles and eating better foods. It only makes sense that this type of healthy living would translate into a desire to improve the nutrition of their pets. has had resounding success in being able to keep pace with the current iwitter trends in the pet food industry. Since it was established, Beneful has had a strong reputation in the industry and among its customers for developing and producing healthy dog food formulas that provide the exact nutrition required to help dogs live long, healthy lives. Because Beneful manufactures all different types of dog food formulas for different sizes and weights of dogs, it is able to cater to specific nutrition needs, instead of just using a stock approach. Beneful is also part of the PurinaStore (see link: brand, so it has a long reputation for top-quality products and excellent customer service. Sales for Beneful continue to surge, as it remains a leader in the healthy dog food market.

Fixing the Asylum Issue: Soros Speaks Out

This article is a recap of the following from Marketwatch.

There is no policy on that the EU has agreed on to help refugees and asylum seekers. If this is not fixed, it could grow into a larger crisis. Each country has been focused on themselves and actively taken steps that harm other members of the EU. Because of this, asylum seekers have suffered immensely.

The EU must come up with a complete plan that covers all of the issues relating to the crisis. Europe has the capacity to receive asylum seekers, but they must come together.

First, we must focus on Syria, because the current problems are coming from there. However, there are much more refugees that must also be helped. The United Nations can play a large role in this. By distributing the workload among other nation-states, Europe can begin to relive Syria of the disasters it is facing.

A comprehensive plan to achieve this comes in 6 steps:

Firstly, the EU should commit to receiving no less than one million refugees each year. They should plan to cover 15,000 euros worth of expenses over the first two years for each person.

Secondly, the EU should fund Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan better so that the refugees living there have a better chance.

Thirdly, the EU should create an agency on that specializes in helping asylum seekers. There can also be an office for border patrol. This will allow the procedures for refugees to be quicker. This allows asylum seekers to get jobs faster and start contributing to the economy of their host-state.

Fourthly, Greece and Italy are vital buffer zones. By allowing for safe travel to these countries on, it takes the pressure off of surrounding countries and allows the refugees to feel less of a sense of panic. This is incredibly important to establish. Eventually, safe passage can be extended all the way to the front lines of the battles. This will allow refugees a better chance of surviving and thriving in their new countries, especially with the aid they will receive. Turkey will be a priority frontline country in this issue.

Fifthly, the EU should construct financial instruments to pay for the asylum seekers. This will allow operations for smoothing over the transition.

Sixthly, NGO’s, charitable organizations, and other community entities must step forward and assist. They will need more funding in order to help in the magnitude required. There will be infrastructure, such as technology and staffing, that must be put in place before they can effect change.

This crisis arising out of Syria could have been prevented. It was very foreseeable by Europe at large. The plan put forth by Viktor Orbán is simply not in line with the values that Europe claims to uphold. It puts too high a priority on the security of borders and not the comfort of migrants. The EU needs to help eliminate this preventable human suffering.

George Soros is a citizen of the United States and Hungary. He is a business mogul. George Soros chairs Soros Fund Management.

George Soros is a supporter of liberal American movements. He is a noted philanthropist and speaker. He helped the transition to capitalism in Eastern Europe and also chairs Open Society Foundations.

Dick DeVos Is A Strong Proponent Of School Choice

At a recent philosophy round table, some of the most prolific shapers and school reform proponents offered their wisdom regarding public policy via philanthropy. Chester Finn, John Kirtley, Fred Klipsch, Thomas Carroll and Betsy DeVos were all part of the panel.

All of the experts come from diverse backgrounds and have varying opinions of how school reform should be implemented. Fighting for school change is not as simple as one would think. Although a number of good ideas have been brought forth, infighting and politics have played a role in thwarting progress. It is also believed that some of the wealthy philanthropic organizations use money as a way of getting influence.

One thing the experts have all found is that simply throwing money at the situation is not the answer. Betsey DeVos, wife of Amway CEO Richard DeVos, runs a multi-million dollar foundation that pushes for school choice. DeVos says many great things have been achieved by school choice, but the money has to be appropriated the correct way. The DeVos family have given a great deal of money to the voucher programs and many other programs to help low income families.

Dick DeVos is a businessman and co-founder of Amway. He started the company in 1959 and built it into one of the largest direct-selling companies in the world. DeVos are not only extremely wealthy, but they are also run one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the state of Michigan. The DeVoses have used a lot of influence to push their school choice agenda.

Dick DeVos is very conservative Republican. He has given a great deal of money to many Republican candidates including Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz. He ran an unsuccessful bid for governor of the state of Michigan in 1996.
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Investment Advice: How to Build a Financial Foundation?

It is a good idea to seek investment advice. A recent study made by the PR Newswire says that, “38% of all Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck.” Before you invest any money, make sure you have money in place for unexpected expenses and events.

To be a good investor, you must learn how money works. When you learn how money works, you can control your future, and take care of your family. This is the best investment advice you will ever receive.

Proper Protection

First, you must get the proper protection before investing money. You need to get life insurance, health insurance and disability insurance. Buy life insurance so that you can leave money for your family to pay bills when you die. Find a good health insurance plan to help you pay medical expenses for your family. Disability insurance will pay expenses if you can not work due to a sickness or an illness.

Debt Management

Next, you must manage your debt. Most investors reduce their liabilities, and then they eliminate their debt. First, save at least three to six months of your income. You might lose your job or have other unforeseen expenses. Try to complete this task as soon as possible. These first two steps are important because you are protected and you have an income.

Invest Your Money Wisely

Now, you can invest your money wisely. Do not lose money. Do not invest money in products or services that you do not understand. This is the money investment formula. When you have money, invest it to receive a positive return rate as soon as possible. Then, you have to subtract the rate of inflation and taxes from the positive returns. After the inflation and taxes, you start generating a financial foundation for wealth.

Finally, you can always get help by contacting Laidlaw & Company. Laidlaw & Company is SEC registered and has been operating for 170 years. This is definitely a company that can help you build a strong financial house. Their professional money managers will help you get rich slowly. They understand that it takes time to build wealth. Laidlaw is committed to helping you reach your goal.



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