Sanjay Shah’s Successful Ventures Captured in a Podcast

Host Eric Dye interviews Sanjay Shah via a podcast for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio giving advice to entrepreneurs all over the world. The radio program is geared towards entrepreneurs and their practice to invoke motivation and inspiration. Sanjay Shah has many years of experience in the entrepreneurial business as he has owned many companies throughout his career, and recommends that those who are trying to get their business started to no solely rely on themselves. They should hire others to help because they will ultimately get burnt out. There is only so much one person can do. Shah relays a load of advice on the listeners on how to become a successful business owner. He also talks about his motivation behind his charity called Autism Rocks which he launched in 2014. He has been an active philanthropist and successful business man for years, and continues to grow his expertise.

The London and Dubai areas know Shah as a successful business man who started an investment company called Solo Capital and is now running a successful charity called Autism Rocks. The inspiration behind Autism Rocks is most definitely aimed towards Shah’s youngest son who was diagnosed with autism at the very young age of two. Autism is fairly new to the world, but many more people are becoming diagnosed with the neurological condition and it’s affecting many people. Shah’s charity will help raise awareness by staging concerts performed by some of the most famous musicians around. Shah will decide how the donations are dispersed, but he has donated many funds to universities and their programs, as well as foudnations to help aid in the research and development. He wants to be able to help those people in need and help those better cope with the condition. Autism in children has increased by 30% since 2012, and Shah wants to find out why and what causes autism. Since there is no cure, the next best thing is to help find out what autism is all about and what he can do to help families and those in need. He understands that not everyone has the financial means that he has had, and wants to help. To learn more about Autism Rocks visit


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Compliance Officers of Growing Importance in Corporate World

Compliance officers help to make sure companies stay on track and follow the rules. Federal compliance officers have not been around a long time, and the description of their job is not known to many. The profession has grown out of decades of officers who have different functions, from audits to risk assessment. The job seems to have become more streamlined in recent years.

The most heavily regulated industries, such as banking, insurance, and gaming, have caused the need for this field to become more streamlined. Compliance offers handle a variety of tasks, like big items and the day to day. Larger tasks could include licenses for the business. The day to day items may include making sure the cameras are changed or work permits are up to date.

Many people misunderstand the role of a compliance officer. The myth that they make up rules and are there to punish is not true. Their job is to make sure companies follow guidelines. Compliance officers are now becoming a recognized field. Before they were just pulled from accounting or legal.

Universities are starting to have degrees where people can learn the technical skills needed to become a compliance officer. This job requires more than just book smarts, because a compliance officer needs to have people skills and be able to influence a company. Compliance officers help to fix problems that are found in paperwork and other regulated items.

Helane Morrison is an experience Chief Compliance Officer and counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She worked for the United States Securities and Exchanges Commissions from 1999-2007. As Regional Director and Direct Administrator, she oversaw the compliance operations of North California and five northwest states. Her work saw her promoted to the head of enforcement for the San Fransisco office.

Ms. Morrison has vast legal experience contributes to her stellar work as a compliance officer. She has worked in private practice Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin where she was elevated to partner. She has also worked as a clerk to Supreme Court Judges. She is an educated, experienced professional, who is working to making compliance officers a top notch field.

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WEN by Chaz Produces Amazing Results

Articles on the Bustle website are sometimes written by people who want to share their personal experiences with others. A young woman shared an experience she had when trying a new cleansing conditioner. The article she posted was her personal review of WEN hair by Chaz. She starts out explaining how she wanted her hair to look the way the model’s hair looked in the ads she saw. Her article covers her week long use of the fig version of WEN. By day six, the young woman realized she needed to use the product every morning in order to see a difference in her hair. She did notice an improvement in the amount of bounce her hair had, as well as in the amount of shine and manageability.
A Cleansing System Designed for All Types of Hair

While the young woman who wrote the article on Bustle chose to use the sephora fig version of WEN, the product does come in several other versions designed to treat the different types of issues most people face with their hair. The lavender version incorporates the natural relaxation properties found in this plant. Wen hair by Chaz will not only clean hair, but could help to relax unruly hair so it is more manageable and less frizzy. There is also a sweet almond mint version which also uses natural plant extracts to gently cleanse and condition hair.

The objective of WEN creator Chaz Dean, was to create a complete hair care system using one basic product. The WEN cleansing system eliminates the need to use a separate detangler, conditioner and shampoo. The formula is so effective at nourishing and restoring hair, that it can also take the place of a deep conditioner. The amazing results WEN provides, has made it the Amazon sold product of choice by many professional models and celebrities.

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Wen by Chaz Examined by Emily McClure

WEN is a beauty product line that is endorsed by both Angie Harmon and Brooke Shields. These two beautiful ladies of Hollywood with gorgeous hair support the claims that the Wen by Chaz hair cleansing and cleaning, all-in-one mixture will take the place of various hair care products. We know of shampoo and conditioner, but the cleansers and various products for the hair seem to be too diverse, too complicated or too expensive when caring for your hair and scalp,

What is a person supposed to do? Emily McClure decided to take the bull by the horns and offer an in-depth, seven-day study of the effects of using Wen for the entire week. She is a hair stylist and her week long study reported in Bustle is a worthwhile examination of the claims of an expensive ($32. bottle) Sephora multi-purpose hair care kit. As a hair stylist, she has a vested interest in hair care products and this product has become popular with the public. Read the full story with accompanying photos here:Your text to link…
Consumer purchasing and shopping have been radically changed by the introduction of e-commerce. Shoppers are increasingly going to the Internet to make their purchases. If a person sees a product on the Internet but is unfamiliar with the product, he or she will read the twitter reviews, usually listed by the retailer. These reviews by average customers take the place of slick advertising, and the reader receives the expressed opinions about the product in question by its actual customers. These personal recommendation for a product, including the efforts of Emily McClure represent the advertising of the future. No longer will name recognition be enough to guarantee success because Ford may make another Edsel and Coke might change its ingredients once more.

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Transforming how we find information: Visual technology

Techcrunch posted an interesting article about visual search engines and image recognition software are two technologies are the forefront of business. These innovative search engines work by customers inputting images, and the search engines looks through the internet by either metadata or example.

If the search engine uses metadata, then it searches for keywords or tags related to the picture. If the search engine uses example, then it searches for similar images based on certain criteria.

An article that can be found via TechCrunch discusses the upcoming technological advances in this field. Mark Zuckerberg opens with his company’s plans for an artificial intelligence system to surpass human’s intelligence.

The upcoming LDV conference, which is where the latest innovations in visual tech are discussed, showcases the talents of many companies and their upcoming projects. Deep learning was one tech discussed. The two major visual search engines presented were ImageNet and Pascal VOC.

ImageNet is by far a larger search engine with over 14 million tagged images. Open source software libraries and frameworks were also among the tech presented. This framework can help to build tech ranging from medical screening to large animal detection in cars.

This software really is the building block for many techs in this new field. For the companies that do not have the budget to build the software, API services were also discussed in the article. These services offer the same visual tech and allow the software to be integrated into many systems.

Google Cloud Services offers a variety of services from image recognition to text recognition. The last trend discussed was how small companies are using specific algorithms to meet their needs. If a makeup company is looking for a specific trend, then they can right a specific algorithm designed to find visual information on that trend.

This way they don’t have to spend too many money on software or tech they don’t need. Slyce search engine is a leading company in the field of visual search technology. Slyce allows users to take pictures and find the matches on the internet. Did they like a purse on the a person and want to buy it? With Slyce, they can take a picture and find it easilt.