Anthony Petrello: the Tycoon CEO of Nabor Industries, Inc.

Anthony Petrello is the current CEO of Nabors Industries, Inc., a leading holding company of Nabor Exchangeco, Inc. in Canada. He has been the serving that position since October 28, 2011. Petrello has also been the president of Nabor Industries Ltd since 1992. He was also the chief operating officer of the company since 1991. Petrello is in-charge of the general operations and strategic planning at the company. His rich expertise has enabled Nabor Industries, Inc. to become successful in the competitive oil market worldwide.

Petrello has a sound academic background. He got him both his degree and M.S in Mathematics from the renowned Yale University. Petrello was a former student of Harvard Law School where he acquired his J.D.

The Other Career Experiences

Anthony Petrello worked with a law firm called Baker & McKenzie as from 1979 to 1991. He was the managing partner of the firm’s New York Office from 1986 until he quit in 1991. Petrello was the deputy chairman of Nabor Industries Ltd. as from 2003 to 2012. He has been the chairman of the company’s board since June 2012. Petrello is currently the director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. He was also the former director of

Nabor Industries, Inc.

Nabor Industries, Inc. is a leading natural gas, oil, and geothermal drilling contractor company based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The company undertakes its operations on land all over the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Nabor Industries, Inc. has a charter fleet comprising 29 marine vessels for offshore services. It also provides onshore and offshore oil drilling and well-servicing operations. The company provides onshore well-servicing operations in North America. It also provides offshore drilling rig servicing and rigs for offshore oil platform workover.

Nabor Industries Inc. is known for making directional drilling systems, top drilling drives, equipment for both rig instrumentation and data collection. It also makes software for rig reporting and equipment for drill pipe handling. As of 2006, Nabor Industries, Inc. owned 190 rigs in Canada and 610 land workover and well-servicing rigs in the U.S. the company also had five barge rigs and 48 oil platform rigs.



ClassDojo Recap

ClassDojo is an interventional technology app that utilizes a communication platform to empower teachers, parents and students with tools necessary to further develop and improve the culture of education. The purpose of the app is to create a positive community for a ground up change in the way students, parents and teachers view education. ClassDojo extends positive motivation from within the classrooms into the living rooms and work place of every family with its many features that enable parents to remain closely connected and aware of their children’s progress, activity level and social skills in every class. With ClassDojo parents are equipped with the ability to monitor the ways in which their children participate in class, the manner in which the teachers teach including the material being introduced and taught. Teachers have the ability to highlight students progress, accomplishments and growth to further motivate both student and parent to remain enthusiastic and involved in learning.


Unlike other educational based apps, what separates ClassDojo from similar educational communication platform apps is that it is easy to use and free of charge. Co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don announced in 2015 that they are using their capital to configure additional features to the app that will further assist parents and be useful for at home support to children’s educational needs. Co-founders predict that 2 out of 3 schools will continue to actively use ClassDojo as new features are added to the app. ClassDojo has raised $21 million of venture funding for their B Series technology and plans to continually improve and grow the app that inspires the education community to remain fully functional and connected.


ClassDojo’s most popular and extremely useful features is their photo and video sharing feature. This fun app feature allows teachers to share in class photos of student participation and accomplishments with parents in real time. Aside from active activity shots, the photo share features can also be used to share photos of upcoming events, curriculum scheduling, as well as other written content such as essay previews and progress reports. The video share feature is an essential tool for educational boards and parents because this feature invites parents and board members inside the teachers real live classroom. With this new technology parents and board members can witness how a teacher conducts their classroom and monitor what teaching methods create the best results for students in each individual class.

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All you Need to Know about HRF Leader, Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen is a successful lawyer and the president of an international organization known as the Human Rights Foundation. The international organization is headquartered in New York, and its primary objective is to protect human life all over the world. Thor is currently thirty-nine years old, and he has achieved a lot in his career. He launched HRF in 2005, and he has helped many individuals get freedom in different parts of the world.

Halvorssen was born and brought up in a place known as Caracas. He is half Venezuelan and half Norwegian. Both is parents are descendants of heads of state. One of his grandfathers was serving as a king’s consul during the Second World War. His mother was a descendant of Cristobal Mendoza, the first president of Venezuela.

The New York has a lot of knowledge in human rights, and most of the individuals who know him say that this knowledge is not theoretical. Several years ago, Thor’s father was tortured and mistreated in one prison found in Caracas. This is because he exposed some corruption in government when he was working as a drug czar.

Leopoldo López, one of his first cousins, was a strong challenger of the Chavista regime. This system did not come to an end, even when its leader passed away. Up to date, Leopoldo is a political prisoner, and he is held in a Venezuelan jail. However, Thor has decided to be different from other human rights activists, who play the sad sack. Whenever he is making a speech, he doesn’t emit any bitter words or show weariness. He doesn’t pretend like most of his colleagues who claim to love humanity but hate the people.

Thor has proved that he loves human beings. Most of the people he loves most are defectors and dissidents, the few freedom troublemakers who always blow the whistle on authoritarians and at the same time stand against the tyranny. Most of the people he appoints to serve in the Human Rights Foundation are individuals who have worked to change the society. Under his leadership, the international organization has helped many people from all parts of the globe. for more .


USHEALTH Group for Personalized Health Coverage

For over 50 years USHEALTH Group has been providing health plans that are flexible, affordable and sustainable. USHEALTH Group is composed of two different insurance companies, the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance. USHEALTH Group working through its subsidiaries offer insurance programs tailored to fill any health coverage need. Families, individuals, small business owners are among the different groups served by USHEALTH. Life, health, accident, and disability insurance plans are tailored to meet your unique situation. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, USHEALTH Group has provided quality health and life insurance to over 15 million customers.

Choosing the right health insurance plan is one of the most challenging issues many of us face. The professionals at USHEALTH Group realize that almost every individual or family will have different needs, and because of their family of companies, they can offer a portfolio of plans that will meet each customer’s specific needs. Health insurance can be very expensive, and everyone cannot afford the high premiums and deductibles found in many plans. For those on a limited budget and yet still want the piece of mind of first dollar benefits USHEALTH offers substantial network discounts using its extensive network of providers. While typically more affordable these plans still offer the first dollar protection and assurances found in a limited protection plan. For those who are comfortable with the higher cost of more tailored coverage, USHEALTH offers a unique selection of disease/sickness and accident plans. Whatever your health coverage needs USHEALTH Group will have a plan that covers you, including dental, vision, specific plans for income loss, critical illness, short-term disability and term life insurance.

All USHEALTH Advisors Agent are fully qualified to guide you through the complex world of health insurance. Every USHEALTH Advisors Agent must go through extensive training and meet certification standards before they are authorized to represent the company. USHEALTH is a preferred-provider organization (PPO), this just means you do not need to have a primary care physician, you can visit the doctor or medical professional of your choice. PPO plans are more flexible, meaning USHEALTH Group can offer more options when planning your health care coverage. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH enjoys long-term relationships with its customers, a unique situation for an industry known for high client turnover. USHEALTH Group awarded for outstanding customer service, in 2013 the company was named among the top 50 businesses in America for customer service by the North American Call Center. Noted for fast claim processing and outstanding customer care USHEALTH Group gets an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Wessex Journals Publish Bright New Concepts

Wessex Institute of Technology in England, is considered a very scholarly place that is involved with the exchange of knowledge that strongly affects a wide range of industries in the scientific community. This exchange of information is released, though various methods that include scientific research to publishing. Wessex Institute of Technology attracts an international crowd to their campus that are filled with bright new concepts about the world around them. They work diligently together on their findings and wish to share them with the world through various methods that also include publishing their new concepts and ideas in journals.

Wessex Journals

The Wessex journals are published by the WIT press. The publishing house is vital in the distribution of the information to an international community. The fact is that the institute has an ever expanding range of connections and networks around the world that look forward to reading the vital information that is contained within the journals. All the journals are cataloged onsite and available for immediate download in a digital format. The journals are also provided in a print format. The Wessex Institute of Technology remains focused on providing the most relevant and up to date information in the journals produced by the WIT press.



Women in the Corporate and Business World, and the Inspiration They Get From Susan McGalla

In the modern world, women are increasingly finding their way to the top in as many careers as there exists. Apart from a few cases, discrimination of women in their workplaces is not as rampant today as it used to be some years back. The government has taken measures to ensure that everyone gets a fair pay, a fair representation in executive positions, and reasonable working terms, regardless of their gender. Despite all these achievements, not many women manage to capitalize on the many chances placed at their disposal. This outcome is largely contributed to by the lack of necessary practical skills that are mandatory for career success.


Powerful Women


Despite the scarcity of successful women, the few who have succeeded are giving their male counterparts a good run for their money. Some have taken senior roles in large enterprises while others have established their ventures and are managing them as efficiently as it ought to be. Susan McGalla, the creator of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, is one of such powerful and significant woman in the business world. Her success story has become an inspiration for many women who are struggling to make an impact in their different careers. Women of McGalla’s caliber are excellent in all they do; they have good negotiation skills, have trustable personalities, and are good when it comes to making business connections.


Susan’s Key Traits


Success did not come easy for McGalla though. To get to her current position, she had to put in a lot of hard work. On top of that, she had to blend passion with confidence and versatility to break into the male-dominated industry. With a clear understanding of how demanding the journey to success is, McGalla had to do everything she could to unleash the potential she knew she had from the onset.


About Susan McGalla


Susan McGalla is an expert in many business areas. She is good at managing talents as well as branding and marketing products in the clothing sector. She once acted as the head and chief merchandising executive at American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla has also held senior positions at companies, such as Wet Seal and Joseph Horne Company, before becoming a private consultant at P3.

Karl Heideck Profound Contribution In Law

Karl Heideck serves clients in the greater Philadelphia area

Karl Heideck serves clients in the greater Philadelphia area

A litigator is a person in the legal profession as an attorney or counsel who takes clients through the court procedures. They assist their clients in lawsuits from preparation, fact finding to representing them in a case hearing. This individuals are highly knowledgeable on legal matters and are trained well enough to handle any legal situation as it arises. They advise clients on how to pursue justice, respond to lawsuits and clauses in law in favor for them. It is a profession where the council spends a great deal of time in between the corridors of justice. For a litigator to qualify for practice he or she has to go to Law school qualify, be admitted to the bar and pass. It is after such a rigorous process that entails not less than 8 years that they get their license.

Karl Heideck is a legal barrister based in Philadelphia who is known for being a winning negotiator in risk management, compliance and litigation. He has been by insurance and real estate Company to settle commercial lawsuits they have been involved in. The attributes of being analytical, reasonable, persuasive, courageous, eloquent in speech and good comprehension of legal literature has made high skyrocket in the legal profession and be very popular. Conrad O’Brien at some point used Karl Heideck in settling a commercial dispute, while at Pepper Hamilton LLP he was hired to handle material investigation.

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Karl Heideck in his career journey has had to interact with clients with varying needs exposing him to deal with all manner of legal issues from business to family disputes to crime. In the face of all this he has performed exemplary well satisfying his clients’ needs.

About Karl Heideck

He initially took a course at Swarthmore College in English and Literature and later proceeded to Tempe University where he graduated in law in 2009. He has 7 years’ experience in handling lawsuits and he has been of great help to his clients.

How To Use Beneful Dog Food Coupons

When you buy from Beneful, you will find that it isn’t always easy to buy all of their products at full price. While they are considered one of the most affordable in general, the brand is definitely known for their good quality products so they have the right to price their products at good rates. Beneful has a long list of great coupons throughout their site and even throughout other sites, and they can be perfect to use to save some serious cash.

The way to use the different coupons can be a bit tricky, but it’s important to know the ways food coupons can affect you. It all begins when you take the time to move forward and look through all that Beneful can give you. Coupon codes online are the easiest to understand. After you get the coupon code, which is usually just a phrase with a few numbers sprinkled in, you can go to your checkout and type in the coupon code in the box on the screen and continue to checkout until you make the payment. It will say how much you have saved.

There are also coupons you must print out in order to use them in the store. These require some effort in order to use and you also need to use them in the store, but they are always good and pretty decent savings. There are also the kinds of coupons that involve cutting them out of a newspaper or out of a newsletter given away from pet stores. These are great because they are usually available in packs and can give you what you need to be able to get all kinds of items available. They are so worth getting and can give you what you are looking for in terms of saving money daily.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is an Unstoppable Force in the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Landscape

Cosmetic plastic surgery does wonders for people who wish to change their appearance to get rid of sun damage, sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles. Procedure in cosmetic plastic surgery includes:


  1. Facelift


This process tries to correct deep creases that appear on the jaw lines, beside the mouth, neck folds, and fat deposits brought about by sun exposure, deep wrinkles, and jaw line slacken. Facelifts tighten the aging muscles, trimming excess skin, removing fat, and giving the face a youthful look. This procedure is also known as rhytidectomies. It serves to rejuvenate the neck and the mid-face region. This procedure is common for clients with sagging areas of fat, deep creases loose skin and fat under the jaw and chin and between the nose and mouth.


  1. Rhinoplasty


This kind of plastic surgery is conducted to reduce, augment, or reshape the person’s nose. Rhinoplasty can also be used to remove a hump, correct an injury, congenital disabilities, or narrow nostril width. This process is performed under local anesthesia and is an outpatient procedure. Rhinoplasty is a two-hour procedure and can help alleviate problems that cause breathing difficulties.


About Dr. Jennifer Walden


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon with close to one decade of work experience. Her interest and specialty are in facelifts, breast augmentations, eyelid lifts, nose jobs, and Rhinoplasty. Additionally, she also performs liposuction of the arms and inner thighs as well as injecting Botox. Dr. Walden is an associate member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Walden is a mother of two children and recently moved to Austin to spend more time with her newborn babies. Dr. Walden decided to venture into this line of work to help women have better quality lives as well as enhance their self-confidence. Dr. Walden is committed to providing high-class patient care, improve safety, and satisfaction of her customers.


Lori Senecal; Queen of Advertising

Lori Senecal has a unique way of turning what is impossible into the possible. Her love of business came about in high school when she couldn’t get on her high school gymnastics team because of her height, but she didn’t let that stop her and became a coach instead. With that decision came lessons about what it is like to make the decisions, come up with a plan, and lead a team. Lori stresses that positive thinking is key, and to believe that something will work, not if.

Lori graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Finance. After working with McCann Erickson/Worldwide for several years and being a co-founder of TAG Ideation, she became President and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners in 2009. While there her style, talent, and her personality showed through and thanks to her leadership, KBS is currently a global agency with over 800 employees. She became the reigning queen of advertising with her input on such ad campaigns as BMW, American Express, Vanguard, Boar’s Head, HomeGoods, and Victoria Secret Pink.

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Lori Senecal is currently with Crispin Porter, & Bogusky as Global CEO and has been with them since March, 2015 and in addition; President and CEO of MDC Partners since summer 2014. While at CPB, Lori is managing the eight international offices and the global expansion of the company. She is fluent in French and believes great advertising is no different than having great style. Lori’s success has a lot to do with her drive, knowledge, and the ability to be positive as well as tough. Not only that, but she thinks that before meeting a potential client, it is best to know everything about the client and the company they represent so you are not walking into a meeting blind.

There is a reason Lori is known internationally in advertising; she knows how to make her mark. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for her. Visit the website