Medical Treatments and Services at the Practice of Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran Haque’s Medical Background


As a doctor of more than 15 years, Dr. Imran P. Haque studied Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia’s Roanoke-Salem Program. He has two locations that sit in Asheboro, North Carolina and Ramseur, North Carolina.



Accepted Insurance Companies


There are many services offered, as well as insurance companies accepted at the practice of Dr. Imran Haque, and both public and private insurance companies can be accepted. For the full list of companies, visit his practice site here.


Services and Treatments

· Aetna

· Blue Cross Blue Shield

· Humana

· Medicaid

· Medicare



General services are available at Dr. Imran Haque’s practice, as well as an assortment of cosmetic, preventative care and management of conditions that you may have.


Physical Exams offered are tailored to meet the patients needs by answering and asking questions about your health and medical history. Routine checks are made, and any tests or further exams are ordered that are relevant to your exam and the results within it.


Diabetes Management is another service offered at the practice, and Dr. Imran Haque is a Diabetes Specialist. If you have Diabetes or it runs in your family, the practice recommends always searching for a doctor that is a Diabetes Specialist, and is licensed and board-certified.


Other treatments such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Laser Hair Removal is available at Dr. Imran Haque’s practice. Dr. Haque specializes in all of these services as well. All of these treatments are a great way to target and treat specific, smaller areas of the body. For more information on these services, visit here.


Weight Management is a growing service that is provided to assist patients at Dr. Haque’s practice, and includes management around weigh loss, gain and other weight-related medical services. At the office, patients can talk with the doctors about life-decisions that may affect their weight, medical treatments that may help, and any cosmetic procedures that can assist in enhancing the body.

Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund Helps No More Deaths

No More Deaths has received funding from Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This Fund was created out of a settlement that came after the arrest of journalists Michael Lacey as well as Jim Larkin in 2007. Michael Lacey as well as Jim Larkin arrested in the middle of the night by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This took place in Phoenix.

Michael Lacey as well as Jim Larkin decided to sue the State. The money they got as the settlement was used to set up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Funds. It is used to protect the civil rights of migrants throughout the country. Besides, the money is also used for funding other organizations sharing the same vision.

There are a number of other ways in which the human rights and the civil rights of migrants are not being protected. Numi is making high profits this way from the jailed migrants. Paul Wright is the executive director at Human Rights Defense Center.

He says that many of the jailed people are being deported to those countries in which their inmate debit cards do not work. Hence the balance on these cards gets absorbed by Numi as well as the bank which issued them.

Cities that have large Latino population are making use of Numi. This includes places like Houston, Las Vegas, besides Sacramento, and Phoenix. In all these places, the initial detention will be at county jails for the undocumented immigrants who eventually get deported. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

When any of these illegal immigrants is picked up, his cash gets loaded on a Numi debit card. After deportation, this card may or may not work. Hence the person becomes effectively penniless.

Besides, each time that the card is used, there would be charges levied by the issuing bank. It does not matter whether the transaction was successful or not as the charges would still be levied. This is when such people have to seek the help of a migrant center. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Michael Larcey | Facebook

Besides, Numi will be charging very high fees, which become still higher for international use. This is where immigrant rights organization like No More Deaths can help. They help to transfer the money from Numi to a US bank. Then they wire it to the person through the Western Union or some other similar mode.

This is only one of the ways in which money and belongings tend to get seized from deportees. Debit cards are one of them.

In fact, most deportees who had received the Numi inmate debit cards lose a lot of their money to fees. This makes people throw away the cards in frustration as they are not able to access their money.

No More Deaths has properly catalogued all the reasons why deportees are not able to use their Numi cards. Another is that it has all its instructions written in the English language. A large number of people do not understand English or may not be very fluent in it.

Another reason is that many times these cards have to be activated by calling a number starting with 800 in the United States. The same may not work internationally. Even the customer service people speak English making it more difficult for the deportees.

When Jason Hope says what the next big thing is, people listen

The Internet of Things promises to be one of the greatest developments in technology that has been seen this century. Even more than this, some of the technologies encompassed in the Internet of Things promise to transform so radically the lives of everyday people that it may ultimately prove to be as transformative as the Industrial Revolution itself.Jason Hope is one of the most prominent internet entrepreneurs in the United States today. After having a string of great successes, starting his own companies from the ground up and building them into an empire of high-tech gold mines, Hope has a cachet that is unmatched by other voices within the internet entrepreneurial space. Recently, Hope has begun touting the huge possibilities that will accompany the coming advent of the Internet of Things.

And Hope is one to be taken seriously. After having graduated from Arizona State University in the mid-’90s, Hope founded his first startup, Jawa, an internet streaming provider for mobile devices. This company was revolutionary at the time. It was the first company in the United States to have the idea to stream premium mobile content to the users of various devices. This was at a time when most Americans did not yet even own their own cell phone. In an era where most communications took place over the land lines, Hope showed the acumen of a talented visionary, seeing a market years before anyone else even knew that it existed.

Jawa went on to become a highly successful mobile streaming giant. This all occurred before the year 2000. This was a full decade before Steve Jobs had the idea to create the iStore, a service that provided many of the same products that Jawa had 10 years prior. This is just one example of many companies that Hope created, demonstrating an almost uncanny capacity for entrepreneurial virtuosity.For this reason when Hope speaks, the internet listens. Now, Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be the greatest opportunity to present itself to entrepreneurs in the last 200 years.Jason Hope believes that those young entrepreneurs who have the drive and determination to create value using the new technologies will be able to see success, the likes of which have not been seen in all of American history.


Omar Yunes Wins It All

Omar Yunes is a Mexican entrepreneur and businessman who recently won’t the title of Best Franchisee of The World for his partnership with Sushi Itto. The competition is a yearly event that takes place on an international level. People from all over the world come together to compete. There were over 34 people from different countries who attended 2015s event in Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes was the first Mexican man to win this prestigious award.

BFW, or Best Franchisee of The World, is an event that showcases the worlds best franchise owners. Judges look for numerous characteristics when judging the different competitors. They want to see a Franchisee who can take control of a franchise and change the direction of the company. Somone who can encourage and motivate employees to work and a unique way that offers something other than just a pay check. Judges also want a Franchisee who will save money and contribute a great deal of knowledge. Omar Yunes successfully demonstrated all of these characteristics and then some. CEO of the Sushi Itto brand spoke about the companies relationship with Omar Yunes, saying that he has done a fantastic job of improving customer service relations for the better. Omar Yunes was also singled out as having revolutionized the relationship traditionally seen between Franchise and Franchisee.

Another Mexican native who was mentioned during the Best Franchisee of The World event was Iván Tamer. Ivan Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex and was successful in implementing a new series of tools to help market the network of Pawnshops he controls. Similar companies and Busniess have adopted these tools for their own markets and the copycat businesses have also been successful. Both Ivan Tamer and Omar Yunes are some of the first franchisees from Mexico to finally gain international recognition for their great accomplishments.


Melbourne Office Relocation: A Pointer to the Growth and Spread of Equities First Holdings

There is perhaps no better way of explaining the growth of a company than when its offices globally become too small by reason of an ever-creasing clients’ base. Even after expanding the size of these offices, the problem remains leading to relocations. This is the exact picture of Equities First Holdings at the moment. The relocation of the Melbourne office of the company is the case study this time around. The staff and clients in Melbourne deserve commendation for enduring the inconvenience of transacting business in an office that grew too small as the number of clients increased. Initially, the former office was perfect, so the company has never at any time wanted to inconvenient it esteem clients and staff.

The other two offices in Australia are in the cities of Sydney and Perth. Both are equally doing well and their office space has been further enlarged to avoid inconvenience. In the case of the Melbourne, the only option was to relocate as there was no room for expansion. Fortunately, the search for a better location turned out well as the company the new office is far spacious and also have the capacity for expansion if need arise. Also, many clients and staff prefer the new location because it is in the heart of the city, a more accessible area. To know more click here.

The growth of Equities First Holdings can be traced to the quick capital it provides through the issuing of stock-based loans. Borrowers seem to prefer this type of loans because it comes without any form of restriction as to what to use it for. Also, in the event of a default, borrowers can walk away without further obligation than the stock used as collateral.

Today, Equities First Holding has strong presence in a number of countries including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United State where its headquarters is.

Storage Options With NuoDB

If you work with computers at any point, then you’ve probably heard about cloud computing or cloud storage. This isn’t a term that has anything to do with the sky or storm clouds. It’s a method of computing that is being utilized by numerous businesses, such as NuoDB.

Describe The Cloud
It’s simple to think about the cloud if you can imagine what it might look like. Picture a large network of files and computer systems that are used to keep everyone’s information safe and sorted. It’s also used to provide the power needed to process some programs for businesses and homes. When you access any kind of information on your computer, you’re essentially cloud computing. You’re taking information from what could otherwise be described as a large cloud and viewing it on your screen.

An example would be when you view movies on sites like Netflix or Hulu. You are using cloud computing when downloading apps. The games that you stream and play utilize cloud computing. Posts that you make and pictures that you post on social media are done so by using the cloud. If it weren’t for the information hidden inside cloud storage, then you likely wouldn’t be able to perform any of the tasks that you do on a daily basis using the internet.

Storing In A Cloud
When you store information in a cloud, it’s simply another way that you’re keeping all of your files and documents in one location. It’s sometimes a safer solution than keeping your files in a random folder on your computer. You can store everything from financial documents to pictures and videos. This kind of storage is a bit different than what you would expect on your computer. It’s not as concrete, meaning that all you need to do is sign into an account to retrieve the information that you have stored instead of directly being on your device to view folders.

What Are The Benefits?
One of the primary benefits is that you can take your files with you wherever you go as long as you know your account information. It allows you to keep information with you even if your device is hacked or someone steals your computer or phone. Cloud computing and storage works on all platforms. If you make a change on one device, that change will be noted on all devices that have access to the cloud. As long as you have access to the internet, then you’re able to access the documents and other types of files that you have stored in the cloud.

What Is NuoDB?
This is a database for cloud containers and cloud environments. It’s a database system that is designed to work across multiple platforms. The architecture of the database offers strong support and availability that is continuous.

A benefit of NuoDB is that it features scales in an elastic manner, improving the performance to allow for fast and secure access to files. Each resource with the database that is offered is maximized to its fullest potential so that you have the most storage possible.

Can’t Wait To Get Colorful With Lime Crime!

The first time I saw people dressed up like unicorns was San Diego Comicon. Now, the unicorn trend is everywhere. I love the bright, fun colors, and my teenage girls insisted we join the trend. I mean, if Starbuck’s is doing it, so should we, right?


After a trip to the local box store yielded nothing in the way of unicorn or extra colorful makeup, the girls and I went online to find options. The site that really caught our eye is Lime Crime; the girls responded to the unicorn/punk/rebel vibe the site has, and I was attracted to the affordability of products.


The first thing we had to purchase was unicorn hair dye. I’m sure you can imagine, I had trepidations about coloring my beautiful blonde girls locks with crazy colors. After all, what if school doesn’t allow it in the fall? The great news with Lime Crime is the dye is only semi-permanent. What this means is if we decide that purple, green, and pink hair is no longer desired, we can wash the color out with shampoo or a color remover.


The next stop in our online shopping odyssey was to look at nail options. My youngest is terrible about biting her nails, so when I saw the “pop-on” nails, I had to put some in our cart. Thankfully because the nails are a fun color, she won’t fight me about putting them on.


My oldest made sure to point out to me the business was founded by a woman. In her recent wonder-woman fueled empowerment movement, this was important to her; so was the fact that the brand is completely vegan and cruelty free. She’s going to be the most colorful and socially minded girl around!


Finally, we had to check out the lipstick. Lime Crime has tons of distinct colors available. I was especially drawn to the Diamond Crushers line. I’m not afraid to admit, I want my lips to glitter!


We checked out, and we are looking forward to getting our purchases shipped to us soon.


Mr. Logan Stout Provides Energy Supplements And Health Products through IDLife

Whether he was working on a hobby, studying in class, or playing on the sports field, Logan Stout always liked searching for winning strategies as a young man. Born and bred in Richardson Texas, he went to school at J.J. Pearce High School where he was on the Student Athletic Council. For his junior and senior seasons of basketball, he earned the title of MVP besides being a star student.

Due to his great love for athletics, he became a professional athlete in basketball and he either coached or played in 17 World Series events. He obtained a degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas and another degree in Business from Panola. While he was a student, he won several prestigious titles in Basketball, apart from helping to coach the Dallas Baptist University team.

He loved coaching basketball from an early age and some of the best moments he can remember from his childhood involved the time he spent playing any sport with his teammates. The still enjoys mentoring and encouraging youngsters who have the potential to succeed in any form of sports, and he finds fulfillment in seeing young people building their skills, improving their games, and getting more confident when they play. It is the commitment he has for developing sports that made him establish the Dallas Patriots which is one of the leading basketball organizations in the world. His objective is to make everyone access better training through basketball camps and clinics, and private classes that are personalized. He wants all aspiring basketballers to recognize their talents and potentials.

His success in entrepreneurship is due to the forward-thinking mindset he has. Hid desire to see every person attain the best health through physical activities led him to establish IDLife which offers a line of products in health care such as energy and vitamin supplements, shakes, pills for weight management, sleep strips and other extensive range of health products. The unique selling point that he employs in marketing is the provision of free personalized assessment which enables the company to suggests a suitable combination of goods for every person.

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Jim Tananbaum’s Unparalleled Input in the Healthcare Sector is Changing the Face of the Industry

Jim Tananbaum, through Foresite Capital, has contributed immensely to the healthcare industry for the last six years. The firm that he founded and now serves as CEO has helped many healthcare leaders to the peak of their careers. The firm offers them capital and the necessary information to make their ventures grow, and most importantly, giving them business connections. Jim Tananbaum is highly respected for his good work at Foresite Capital, and also for his earlier entrepreneurial career. Ideamensch had a chance to speak to the undisputed entrepreneurial legend in March this year, and he shared more about himself and his business career.

Motivation behind Foresite

Jim had had a prosperous 25-year career as an investment strategist, specifically in the healthcare industry. The experience he gathered from this capacity was abundant, and he thought it wise to share it with prospective healthcare entrepreneurs. According to him, the future of the industry depends heavily on the previous and current innovations. It was this realization that he established Foresite Capital, a firm that has taken innovation to an all-time high. He told Ideamensch that he has set the firm’s operations to revolve around sourcing for as much healthcare information as possible. It is through this information that the firm has managed to identify many business openings in the industry, and even invest in 77 of them. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Jim’s Business Style

Hard work is the best definition of Jim Tananbaum. According to him, hard work is as important as capital is in bringing any idea to fruition. He as such takes the time to analyze individuals before engaging them in business to ensure that they are not only smart but also effective and persistent. He also revealed that much of his office time is spent working on how to grow the firm in future. To do this, he joins hands with his employees who are equally dedicated to bringing change to the healthcare industry.

More about Jim

Jim Tananbaum has had a successful entrepreneurial career. GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Theravance, Inc., Prospect Venture Partners, Sierra Ventures, and Amira Pharmaceuticals are all companies associated with Jim either as a co-founder or a senior executive.

Since childhood, Jim has had an undying passion for technology and science. This explains why he enrolled for an M.D and later an M.BA at Yale University. Jim is also a distinguished holder of an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Successful Growth of JHSF Under the Leadership José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a Brazilian real estate firm that focuses on development and management of shopping malls and high-end residential properties. The company was established in 1972. Many investment projects initiated by JHSF target Brazilian high income segment market, as well as other countries like the U.S. and Uruguay. It was the first real estate firm in Brazil to prioritize its operations in the development of malls, hotels and restaurants, an airport and real estate properties. Since JHSF commenced operations, it has developed over 6 million square meters of land.

Investment in Shopping Malls

JHSF began investment in shopping malls in 2001 where it developed Sao Paulo based Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. The mall is considered as the first in Brazil have a subway station integrated with it. In 2003, José Auriemo Neto became the leader of the company at the age of 27. The young executive intensified the company’s potential of investing in the high income market. José Neto, popularly called by his nickname Zeco, developed the firm’s parking lot, Park Bem when he was 17 years old. In 2006, the company began construction of Cidade Jardim Complex, where Shopping Cidade Jardim is located, the largest luxury market in Brazil. The complex has Park City Garden, consisting nine residential towers, and the city Garden Corporate Center consisting three commercial towers.

Biography of José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian entrepreneur currently serving as the chairman and CEO of JHSF. Under the leadership of Auriemo Neto, the company has made huge investments in commercial buildings, hospitality facilities, shopping and retail projects. Apart from the Cidade Jardim complex, JHSF was also developing two other major projects in Sao Paulo. Read more about JHSF.

In 2009, José Auriemo Neto led the company into signing agreements with other investors including Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermes in order to expand the firm’s investment portfolio to retail outlets. In 2012, JHSF launched Valentino and RED stores after conclusion of a partnership deal with valentine. José Auriemo Neto studied at FAAP University in Sao Paulo. He began working at the company while he was still a teenager in 1993.

To know more click here.