Austin Medical Association Gives Back To Their Community

Wherever there are hospitals there will be a need for pain relief and sedation, Capitol Anesthesiology Association of Austin, Texas provides a wide variety or services to area hospitals and ambulatory centers. The Association was founded in 1973 and has since grown in size and experience. Over 80 doctors are on staff, all are certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or in the process of becoming certified. They are a company that cares about continuing education for their staff so they can stay on the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs and advancements in technology.

CAA has been very successful in their specialized field of study, and as they have grown as a business they have also increased their philanthropic giving. They are involved with seven different charities in their own area and internationally. The doctors and CRNA’s donate their time to most of these organizations to provide specialized care for the needy, their aim is to generously help others and they certainly have met that goal. Capitol Anesthesiology Association is a company that cares for their patients and their community, they will continue to work with this mission in mind as they continue practicing the impeccable care of their patients.

White Shark Media Continues To Grow And Provide Excellent Digital Marketing Services To Their Clients

White Shark Media specializes in online marketing solutions for businesses. Due to their excellence in customer service, marketing tools, and tactics White Shark Media has experienced excellent growth. The company carefully tracks all of their clients marketing using Google Analytics, software for proprietary reporting, competitive intelligence, and keyword-level call tracking. Their clients continue to benefit from their services.

White Shark Media was created in 2011 due to the experience and marketing capabilities of three Danish entrepreneurs. They wanted to start a company capable of providing outstanding services and products. They found the winning formula with White Shark Media and developed the perfect combination of a domestic and offshore presence. The addition of a bilingual staff further increased their value to their clients. Their services are effective, competitive, and highly valuable.

White Shark Media has vast experience in the industry and they share their knowledge and experience with their clients to help their businesses grow. After three years of dedicated service to their first client, this client remains with White Shark Media. White Shark Media has expanded and now employs 150 people, has a presence in three countries, and has mastered online marketing.

The tremendous growth of White Shark Media was not missed by Google and in 2012 a support team was assigned to the company help regulate their growth and the needs of their clients. This resulted in White Shark Media receiving an SMB Partnership for Google AdWords in 2014. This is a privilege most companies in the industry do not have the honor of receiving.

Since then White Shark Media continues focusing their dedication, creativity, and experience to help their clients achieve their digital marketing goals. The company is still growing and their name and reputation are becoming well known in their field. The future for White Shark Media is extremely promising.

Clay Siegall Is Enhancing Seattle Genetics’ Growth

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that develops antibody-based therapies for cancer. With a market value of approximately $10 billion and 900 employees, Seattle Genetics has continued to enhance its dominance in the biotech industry in Washington. The company has a steady growth. In 2016, the company’s sales revenue increased by 46 percent. The company’s 2016 sales was $418 million while their stock price has grown three times in the past five years. The stock, which was $20 per share, is now $66. The company’s recent success has left analysts speculating a future buyout.

Clay Siegall, the CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics, said that Seattle Genetics is a “global, multi-product and oncology company.” He stated his desire to continue growing the company rather than selling it to a larger company. Seattle Genetics leads in the development of ADCs, with ADCETRIS being their flagship drug. The FDA approved drug treats Hodgkin Lymphoma without damaging normal cells. ADCETRIS is sold globally through a partnership with Takeda Oncology. It is among the 11 drugs that the company is developing. Siegall said that four among them, including ADCETRIS, are likely to sell big. The others drugs include 33A for myeloid leukemia and 22ME for bladder cancer.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Under his leadership, the company has developed a broad pipeline of therapies for cancer. Siegall has overseen strategic partnerships with various leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the field of oncology to commercialize its products. The ambitious leader has worked relentlessly to ensure successful capital-raising activities that have seen the company secure over $675 million. In addition, Dr. Siegall played a pivotal role in ensuring that ADCETRIS is approved by FDA.

The successful scientist holds a B.S. in zoology from the University of Maryland and a PhD in Genetics from the revered George Washington University. Clay Siegall spent the initial years of his career at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He left the company in 1997 to join the National Cancer Institute and later the National Institutes of Health. Presently, he sits on the board of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, a privately held biotechnology company. He holds over 15 patents and has authored more than 75 publications. Clay does not only focus on the development of drugs but also marketing of the same. The company’s success is a reflection of Siegall’s exceptional leadership and undying commitment by his team. Siegall will continue to undertake comprehensive research with the objective of developing viable solutions.


Aspire Apartments by Boraie Development- The New Standard in Luxury

In a recent blog offered by “New Jersey Working Moms,” we were introduced to the new luxury apartments in New Brunswick, offered by Boraie Development. In a blog titled, “How Boraie Development Has Managed to Bring Up Sophisticated Apartments in New Brunswick,” the writer took us on a tour of the new studio apartments that have been built in this area. Aspire Apartments are the finest this area has to offer. The rent for these apartments starts at $1,650 which is a great price for this type of luxury. From two bedroom large apartments that include a terrace to the one-bedroom studios, there is something for every type of renter.

Each apartment has been designed with luxury in mind. Gourmet kitchens outfitted with the finest in stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops welcome the home chef. Porcelain floors, ceramic showers, and tubs continue the apartment’s appeal. With built in washer and dryers, as well as high-speed internet-you will find everything you need at your fingertips.

Year round heating and cooling systems provide a welcoming place to work, play or spend time with your family. If you crave luxury combined with convenience, Aspire Apartments are the destination for you. Reasonably priced and conveniently located, this new development sets a high standard for real estate in the New Brunswick area. With over 200 available units, you will be able to find just the right size for your situation.

The exclusive building has a door man for your convenience and security, along with 24-hour maintenance for any problems. You won’t have to deal with stairs as a sleek elevator waits to carry you from the expansive parking garage to the main lobby. Also, positioned close to the New Brunswick Train station, you can conveniently travel to close by attractions such as Rutgers Campus and Medical Center.

If you are interested in learning more about this one of a kind apartments-you can visit the Aspire Website. Boraie Development is a privately owned company headed by Omar Boraie. It was founded in 1986 and focuses on residential and industrial luxury development. Annual revenue for this company is reported to be between 10-20 million dollars. Visit for more details.

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Classdojo – Making Learning in Classroom, Fun and Interactive

The world is moving ahead at a great pace, and it is all due to the rapid advancement happening in the field of technology. It has integrated with our lives and has assisted in ways more than one to make it easier and make us more efficient. One of the smart device applications that were recently launched in the niche of education is Classdojo. It brings together students, teachers, and parents together in a very efficient manner so that it helps increase transparency as well as encourages the exchange of ideas among all the parties involved.

Even though there are many communication applications available these days, there are none that are specifically designed for the educational institutions. Classdojo helps the parents, students, and teachers to interact with each other without having to share personal contact numbers, which ensures that there is no misuse of data. It provides the flexibility to the teachers as well as they can balance their professional and personal life accordingly. It is often seen that parents are curious as to what their kids must be doing at the school, how that craft project went, or how their book reading session was. However, with the help of Classdojo application, it is possible to exchange photos and videos across the platform that would be accessible to students, parents, and teachers.

It becomes much easier for the teachers to give updates to the parents about their kids’ progress in the classroom. Classdojo application is a highly progressive application that aims at making class more fun, interactive, and transparent. Teachers are also encouraged with the help of features this application provides as it makes them better at their work, and they can share their teaching ideas with other classrooms from across the globe as well as learn from the ideas of other teachers.

Marketing Innovations Make Fabulous Successes

Marketing is one of those unique industries where experience and knowledge are not always enough, sometimes you just need a natural flair for the craft or success will continually elude you. With their recent successes in innovating their approach to the marketing realm, there is little doubt that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have that natural flair. From TechStyle and JustFab to Fabletics, these two titans of the marketing world have elevated fashion advertisement into a modern art form.


Though they had a natural gift for marketing goods, they still put in the extra effort to gain the necessary experience to succeed in the industry. Adam had entered into the business realm at the tender age of 15, utilizing his skills to advertise various companies including video games, eventually selling his fledgling company to a larger conglomerate and moving on to greener pastures. Don’s story was much the same, selling his own advertising site to the same conglomerate, and eventually meeting and becoming friends with Adam as they traversed the marketing realm.


The two became fast friends and business partners, working on myriad ventures and standing up advertising sites to cater to specific business’ needs. Don and Adam eventually decided to focus upon fashion, a lucrative industry known to be fickle and at times difficult. The task was never too much for these two savants however, as they zeroed in on customer service and making their sites more user friendly. Their focus on simplifying an individual’s search for the right fit and style, without having to spend a lifetime in physical stores or being frustrated by a clumsy web interfaces, quickly propelled their online endeavors toward greater success. Then came Fabletics, which elevated Adam and Don’s success even further.


Fabletics is the stylish exercise clothing most if not all on Facebook and Twitter have seen advertised in the margin of their web browser. What many do not realize is the effect that Don and Adam had with their behind the scene creativity on this particular brand. Working alongside Kate Hudson, they applied their innovative, customer oriented techniques, which served so well before, to this problem set. They identified key issues to consumers such as the difficulty in finding affordable, stylish plus size exercise clothing, and geared their business toward making them more available. The result was an incredible excess of one million members to their service since 2013, with a steadily growing market.