Glen Wakeman Helping Entrepreneurs through LaunchPad Holdings, LLC

Glen Wakeman is an authority in the field of business and finance. He is an alumnus of the University of Scranton and the University of Chicago, where he studied economics and finance respectively.Glen has extensive experience in the field, having worked with a number of companies over the course of his career which spans over 2 decades. Some of these include Doral Financial Corp. and GE Capital. He served in various leadership positions at the companies. He also founded Nova Four.

Glen Wakeman was one of the founders of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC and is currently the CEO. The company was established in 2015 and provides startups with software as a service (SaaS) solutions. Glen Wakeman decided to start LaunchPad Holdings, LLC after realizing that many entrepreneurs had such great ideas but even with the funding needed, their startups still ended up failing. He realized that the reason for the high rates of failure among startups was the lack of guidance on how to go about business.


The software the company helps new businesses make more elaborate plans, increasing their chances of success. The software focuses on five key areas. These are leadership, governance, execution, risk management, and human capital. The focus on these 5 key aspects of businesses is the reason for the high success rates of the startups that use this software.

Glen Wakeman loves to mentor and inspire entrepreneurs and young people who are interested in venturing into business. His expertise in the field is unmatched, and this makes him a great resource to LaunchPad Holdings, LLC and all the other companies he is affiliated with. His areas of specialty include mergers and acquisitions, startups, market penetration and business growth.



Glen Wakeman has achieved so much over the course of his career. Through the software developed by LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, he has helped many entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses. It is his passion for what he does that keeps him focused on his goals. He is always up to date with industry trends, and this is what helps him develop such great solutions for his clients. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Daily Forex Report.

Greg Secker-Master of all trades.

Greg Secker is an English man who wears many hats that range from being a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, an international speaker as well as a master trader. Born in the year 1975, Greg has come a long way to get to where he is, and he takes pride in his achievements.

In 2003, Greg Secker created the Knowledge to Action group. This company has since grown to have an international presence, having offices in Sydney, Manila, London, and Johannesburg.

The Knowledge to Action group consists of some companies: Learn to Trade, Smart Charts Software, and Capital Index and FX capital. In addition to owning these businesses, Greg has set up the Greg Secker Foundation which aims at helping people across the world.


Greg Secker started out his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services before embarking on running Virtual Trading Desk. Virtual Trading Desk enabled people to make trades in real time. With time, his career grew to a point where he was appointed Vice Chair of Mellon Financial Corporation. Working in the corporation helped him develop his trading skills which helped him start up his own company; Learn To Trade.

Learn To trade has gained recognition and won awards, being the best educator according to financial magazines. Greg Secker used this company as a stepping stone which helped him launch other successful businesses such as FX capital.

Motivational speaking

Greg Secker makes a point to share his knowledge with the rest of the world by appearing on market channels such as Bloomberg. Through the discussion of topics such as entrepreneurship and health on such platforms, he has impacted the society positively by giving inspiration to budding entrepreneurs.

The birth of Learn to Trade

Having worked in the foreign exchange department of a large bank, Greg experienced boredom due to the routine nature of the job. When he moved back to the United Kingdom, he was able to focus on his trading more, and an idea occurred to him that he could teach people how to trade. Thus, Learn to Trade came to life.


Greg Secker takes time to think about his business. This allows him to come up with new ideas. It enables him to see where he has veered off track and get back right on top of things. If he were to start over, he would take time to enjoy the process rather than rush to the end.

The philanthropist recommends reading books as a way to open up the mind to new ideas.

Rocketship Education and Important Lessons from Preston Smith

Rocketship Education is a K-5 public charter school that was founded in 2007 by early childhood educator Preston Smith and technological guru John Danner. The pair began that first year of school as innovators of education, bringing personalized education to low-income communities in California.

Today, the school has eighteen locations: twelve in California’s Bay Area; one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; three in Music City, Tennessee; and two in the nation’s capital.

As charter schools, Rocketship Education’s locations can receive funds from parties independent of government agencies, like private investors. Andre Agassi helped fund one of Washington DC’s locations, as one of many other investors that help Rocketship Education keep chugging along.

Preston Smith wrote an article two months ago, in August of 2017, that detailed important lessons he learned throughout the first ten years of working with Rocketship Education. Here are a few of the most notable:

Parents should drive demand

While Rocketship Education moves obstacles blocking career paths, students must have the opportunity to attend high-quality public schools. Parents ultimately decide what schools their children are enrolled in and should push their local governments to create better schools in low-income areas, those that Rocketship Education serves.

They also need to be in on interviews

Parents often have strong desires for their children to be lead by quality instructors. As such, they’re often invited to conduct panel-style interviews after being trained to screen applicants.

Hire teachers to fit the cultural backgrounds of students, not vice-versa

Some schools diversify their demographics because it looks good to potentially interested parents. However, schools with high diversity benefit from matching their teachers’ backgrounds to those of students, as it gains their attention more than teachers they can’t relate to.

Special needs students should be included in most general classroom activities

According to the meaningful inclusion model that Rocketship Education uses for developmentally-disabled students, spending four-fifths – 80 percent – of their time at school in regular classrooms helps prepare them more thoroughly for future schooling. Other schools keep them segregated from regular classrooms, where most learning goes on.

Benefits Retirees can accrue from Social Security Investments

David Giertz is among the top-league financial advisors in the whole of the United States if not the world. Having worked in these field for over three decades, Dave, as he is popularly known comes with a wealth of experience in this area. He is the president of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution. Mr. Giertz being a talented financial advisor, coupled with his proven track record, can help any individual or organization generate a lot of revenue. He recommends that everyone should craft a retirement plan that also focuses on boosting of Social Security benefits.

David Giertz insists that one has to plan in preparation for retirement. He dismisses the misconceptions that people have about social security. People who fail to plan risk living with limited income and unexpected taxes for retirees. It is not easy to tell how much money you will need in retirement, therefore, knowing the amount to save from your monthly pay, becomes a hard choice to make. Having an idea of the things you need for a quiet and comfortable retirement helps you focus what you need to save and whether early retirement is suitable for you, or you have to do all the years. Sadly, trying early withdrawals attract penalties, especially with IRA accounts.

David adds that the only way out is to have other income generating activities to cement financial stability way before retirement. But you need to know when and where to invest your money. A brokerage account will earn you profits and give you the highlights in the financial market. The accounts are also flexible in that there are no limitations to the amount you wish to withdraw or invest. Dave also suggests that one could open a health savings account. Old age comes with health issues which mean with very high costs. Such an investment will cover all health care costs during retirement.

Talkspace Helping People Get Rid of Depression Without Having to Spend a Fortune

People lead stressful lives these days that often leads to mental illness if one is not able to balance their lives properly. While some of the psychological disorders are chronic, others are temporary and irregular. Many of the mental illnesses can be diagnosed and cured entirely while others can be controlled with the help of counseling and medicines.

Depression is amongst the most common illnesses in the world today, and there are over 16 million patients of depression in the United States alone, which signifies the widespread nature of the problem. People suffering from depression must ensure that they do not take it lightly and get clinical support at the earliest. Keeping their feelings and mental being caged can lead to significant troubles in the future, and the stages of depression may get advanced.

Unfortunately, many of the people suffering from depression can’t afford the medical treatment or go to a therapist, and it is the reason their problems continue to increase, and the condition gets worse with time. However, thanks to the new age therapy based applications these days like Talkspace, people can get therapy for depression and other such problems easily online at a very nominal price. Talkspace has a pool of over 1,000 licensed therapists who you can get in touch with any time of the day or night. It helps the people who lead stressful and hectic lives, but still, have issues that need to be addressed. The entire counseling session is just like any other conventional therapy session, but the only difference is that it costs the fraction of what traditional therapy would require.

Talkspace opens up a new dimension in the world of therapy and counseling, allowing more and more people to come forward and get their mental issues resolved. One can even get counseling for addiction, relationship issues, couple counseling, and more, at Talkspace.


Sentient AI Helping Companies Offer Better and Faster Ecommerce Customer Experience

In the world of technology, new technologies are being introduced now and then, but one of these technologies that are going to transform the future is undoubtedly the Artificial Intelligence technology. Companies like Sentient AI have been developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform and technologies that are helping the businesses as well as customers to interact with each other more interactively while reducing manual labor and inaccuracies.


The digital marketing space is slowly but surely getting dominated by artificial intelligence as the AI technology helps in improving the e-commerce customer experience considerably online. The AI technology can process vast numbers of data sets at the same time, which is not possible for human beings to do. Thus, AI technology can accurately predict what the customers are looking online at an e-commerce site by gathering data from their previous visits, online browsing history, cookies, and browsing pattern.


It has been proved beyond any doubt that such technology can help in improving the sales of the company while also enhancing the e-commerce customer experience. As the E-commerce business continues to evolve and expand, the e-commerce companies are in a rat race to get ahead and lure more customers to them. Technology is playing a very vital role in helping companies define their momentum, and better the technology, better are the sales and market reputation. As the customers do not enjoy shopping at a site that is sluggishly designed, have poor navigation, lacks the technology, has complicated interface, where checkout process is complicated and lengthy, and more.


E-commerce customer experience is also enhanced through the AI technology offered by Sentient AI to enable chatbots at the site. It helps in answering stipulated and commonly asked questions by the customers or guiding the customers to the right page or product as per the content of their problem. It is a highly intuitive technology that has reduced the workload to a great extent of the significant consumer products and e-commerce companies. With time, the AI technology is getting evolved and helping the companies provide a more personalized customer experience, especially when it comes to recommendations, chatbots assistance, or getting reminded about buying the replenished items in the house, determined from the purchase last month.


Artificial Intelligence is playing a vital role in the direction the e-commerce companies are taking to craft their marketing strategy as well as to woo customers. It is also helping bridge the gap between the customers and the brand.

Polly Pocket Is More Than A Brand

The Polly Pocket Palette, new to the LimeCrime brand offers five shades of exuberant colors. Customers receive the amazing shades their familiar with, but with a new advanced formula with a buttery palette. Their new brand will still continue to be waterproof, and safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. The Lime Crime designer, Doe Deere, is also an adamant animal lovers insisting her products will remain cruelty free. A portion of the proceeds from the Polly Pocket Palette will goes toward helping the stray/homeless pet population in Los Angeles by providing socialization, litter training, and placement.

Their new palette comes in a cool 90’s style look taking their customers to s time when putting their doll in the back pocket of the Jordache jeans was a right of passage. Enjoy cool colors like a deep red under the Beet It name, or Wicked, a cool twisted purple. You can choose from a complete brand of vegan cosmetics with a perfect to the touch application. Deere, was one of the first of her kind to use the velvetine matte base for her cosmetics, and now it’s sweeping the industry. The LC super-foil formula is preferred over other popular brands 10 to 1.

Get exclusive LC products directly from their website, and take advantage of first-time customer offers for free shipping. You can also find their products exclusively at select Bloomingdale’s department stores. Discover the benefits of Lime Crime to bring out your best features with unapologetically intricate colors.

Drew Madden is a Leader in the Healthcare IT Industry

Drew Madden is a high energy businessman and entrepreneur. He earned a Bachelor of Science Engineering (BSE) degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of the College of Engineering. His educational focus is Medical Systems and with his education under his belt he has taken on the Healthcare Information Technology (IT) industry.

Mr. Madden began his professional career with a company called Cerner Corporation where he took on the task of implementing inpatient clinical solutions. In 2005 he took on other employment opportunities and challenges at Healthia Consulting. The first four years of his time at the company, which was acquired by Ingenix Consulting in 2007 was spent implanting policy and then he moved onto a business development position. His success is credited to his ability to combine his electronic medical record (EMR) background with project management experience and consulting operations to assist IT leaders build successful systems and teams.

He has a committed passion for building top quality teams along with an attractive and unique company culture. He helps team members build strong relationships with partners that each one can rely on with a high degree of trust. He also has a passion for EMR and has more than 10 years of experience of collaboration with some of the best minds in the industry. His expertise includes troubleshooting, optimizing and implementing complex, unique and challenging solutions that are part of each EMR project.

In 2010, Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners and took on the role of President from 2011 until 2016. Under his leadership, the company grew from 10 to more than 700 employees and from 3 to more than 100 client partners. The inspired growth translated to an annual revenue increase from $1 million to more than $128 million.

Madden’s next challenge was to launch Evergreen Healthcare Partners. It is a healthcare IT Company that focuses on implementing advisory services for multi-enterprise electronic health related (HER) platforms. The approach is to empower team members to actually grow in their careers. This is achieved by making sure the right person is in the right position and given the latitude and flexibility to make that job their own.

Michel Terpins: A Passionate Rally Driver

Give this man four wheels and an Engine and he will be nowhere in sight. Michel Terpins has literally proven his track record as a rally driver. Not everyone is built for this kind of sport.

At 40 years old his achievements are numerous. He has made a good reputation for himself in the rally competitions. Back in 2002, Michel started out as a motorcyclist. He then moved to change on to become a rally driver, and a valued member of the Sertoes rally team. Michel is now set to celebrate his 10th anniversary as a participator in the team.

Michael along with his brother Rodrigos have been involved in a number of rally competitions among them the Mitsubishi cup, Sertoes rally, and the Brazilian cross- country.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mr. Michel hails from a family of sports. His dad Jack Terpins made a good name for himself as a basket baller, his brother Rodrigo Terpins following suit as a rally driver. Michel has exuded incredible ethic, confidence, and hard work to see him emerge among the top in all his competitions.

He emerged top five in the 25th sertoes rally event alongside his navigator Maykel Justo winning in two of the three race categories. Mechanical problems came up in the third 306 Km phase and the two were forced to slow down. Otherwise Michel would have scooped all three victories. He however gave credit to his navigator praising him for his focus saying that he has perfected his driving over time, and that he feels safe with him.

Michel Terpins’ quest for the adrenalin rush has helped steer him to rank among the very best in off-road rally championships. With the help of the T-Rex, a superb car from MEM Motorsport, he has won the pride of many Brazilians.

The prototype T1 race is set to take place in the coming months, in a number of states including, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Goiás. With a total of 280 navigators, pilots, and participants coming in from all over the world. It will be the fourth time that Michel and his brother participate in the event.

The rise of Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a less known figure in America.He represents part of the Americans that are not appreciated despite their contribution to the modern American dream. Petrello is not a familiar face on your television like politicians do; he keeps a low profile despite being a public figure.

Petrello was once a high earning CEO, making 68.2 million in 2014 while working with Nabors Industries, a top ranking oil and natural gas drilling company based in the United States. Anthony’s success is admired by many and envied by peer industries. His success is as a result of the respect he has towards his fellow human beings. He has employed thousands of Americans helping them to obtain the means of living an enjoyable life.

Unlike many of America’s great names in the corporate world, Anthony Petrello was not born in a wealth family. His parents were not rich and so he did not attend expensive schools.Anthony grew up in a typically Italian community in Newark, a middle-class neighborhood in New Jersey. In his community, people worked in unity for a common purpose. Newark is an area known for its culture of honor, virtues and industrious residents. Newark nurtured Anthony with its values of integrity. At a tender age, Petrello knew that there was no shortcut when it came to success. After Petrello learned to read and write, he would study books for several hours every day.He accumulated knowledge in calculus at a very young age and had the mathematical skills of a trained logician.

Anthony’s parents were struggling to earn a living for the family. The young Anthony spent his time reading to ensure he had a bright future. Petrello utilized the resources his unequipped school could provide to learn about mathematics. By his 18th birthday, he was accepted to a prestigious university where he became a trained logician. Yale recognized him after he excelled in Ph.D.-level linear algebra and calculus and awarded him a full scholarship to Yale University. The sponsorship was exciting to his parents. Anthony attended Yale to pursue his passion.

At Yale, Anthony proved to be the best student and the genius Newark had produced. Mathematician Serge Lang saw that Petrello was a brilliant scholar. Together they worked through complex theorems that most students could not understand. At some point, Petrello shifted his interest in mathematics to human sciences and went ahead to pursue his education at Harvard Law School.

After his 20years of schooling, Anthony married his college girlfriend and worked under various employers before being employed by Nabors Industries. At Nabors Industries he worked in various positions until he was promoted to become CEO. Despite a humble background, Anthony is today among the well-known business leaders in the United States.

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