Barbara Stokes Has Attention to Detail That Has Helped Her

Since Barbara Stokes pays such close attention to detail, it has given her the ability to make sure she is one of the best CEO the company has ever seen. Barbara Stokes knows what it takes to be successful and knows there are different things she can do if she wants to be able to actually show people what will help her. For Barbara Stokes, this means she has to try her best and has to give back to the industry. The Huntsville, AL has a lot of people who need her help and she is philanthropic about it. While Barbara Stokes is helping other people, she feels it is necessary to give them the things they need. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Instead of just being a charitable person, Barbara Stokes is a philanthropist. She knows that it takes showing people what they can do to better themselves instead of just giving them the things they think they need at that time. Barbara Stokes has made a lot of moves in her career and with her charitable help that has allowed her to be the best person she can be. She knows charity is an important part of life so she continues to help people who need that help.

Even though Barbara Stokes is very busy with being a CEO and a philanthropist, she continues to make time for her family. With three children, it’s hard not to make time that her family needs. She wants everyone to know she feels like she can be an important part of the family and someone her kids can rely on. Ever since she became the CEO of GSH, she has made sure everyone knows her family is her priority. While she will work hard on charities and with the business, she also knows it is important to have some balance in her life. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

For Barbara Stokes to do the things that will help her with the hard times she has, she knows she will be able to bring attention to some of the issues people generally have. Barbara Stokes also knows there will be a positive correlation between the things she is doing and the things she will need to do to make her life better. For her, that means having a family and putting her family before any other needs. She also tries to always add her work at the last because she knows it is not as important as other things.

Susan McGalla Giving Tips to Women on How to Advance their Career in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla is one of the most recognized females in the corporate circles of the United States. She has achieved a lot in her career over the years and has helped many other women to make as well as she climbed the ladder of success. Susan McGalla is an enthusiastic person who is always on the move and values time. Growing up with a father who was a football coach by profession and two brothers, Susan McGalla said that her father never gave her a preferential treatment. It made her competitive from the very beginning, and she had to fight it out to get what she wanted, and it is that competitive spirit that she has kept alive in her till date.

Currently, Susan McGalla holds the position of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at a company known as Pittsburgh Steelers Inc. She is also known for her role as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc and the President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc in the past. Susan McGalla has completed her graduation from the Mount Union College in business and marketing. Susan McGalla had also had an entrepreneurial angle in her career when she started P3 Executive Consulting that provided in-depth and private business consulting service to the corporations on how to improve their sales, increase their outreach, develop marketing strategies, mergers and acquisition management, and so on.

Susan McGalla has always said that the women can achieve a lot in the corporate world if they set their mind to it from the very beginning. Susan McGalla noted that the very first thing that the women must do is study and not leave their studies midway to get a job or for any other opportunities. She says that education is essential and the key to success in the corporate circle. Susan also said that school is expensive these days, so the women must plan their finances for knowledge well in advance. It would help them move on with their career without any breaks. Susan said that once the women start working in a company, having a group of close associates as friend and support group would help them get through the tough times at workplace.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Offers People Help With Professional Networking

There has been a question recently posed that Whitney Wolfe Herd has addressed. This question is whether or not dating apps can be useful for professional marketing. Of course one of the common answers that people will initially give is no. However, further thought into the topic can cause people to think about ways that it can be useful. Whitney Wolfe Herd herself has looked into ways that she can help women network with one another. She has already built an empowering app with Bumble. She is currently working on something that can help women with their business goals. After all, Whitney Wolfe Herd was faced with the task of growing her business.

Bumble Bizz is the latest in the development of the Bumble family. One of the reasons that she is taking Bumble in the direction she is taking it is that she wants it to be the ultimate social network. People would be able to do more with this social network than just socialize. They can connect with one another and not only form relationships of various types. They can form friendships and romantic relationships. At the same time, they can also work with one another on any business plans they may have.

Professional networking is something that people need the most because they have to find some kind of way to move forward with their business goals. Even though Bumble has all of its advantages, there have been questions about the Bizz app given that it is a part of the dating app. One thing people have stated is that they are concerned about dating someone or being in a relationship with someone who’s profile is still up on Bumble. However, these concerns can be easily taken care of. For one thing, the profiles can be separated by tabs or other categories. One can take down his profile off of the dating tab of Bumble while keeping the profile up on other tabs of the Bumble app. For instance, the Bizz profile can still be up while the dating profile is taken down. Once people get used to Bumble, then they can enjoy it for all it has to offer.

The Remarkable Achievements Made By Louis Chenevert for UTC

Known for his great achievements in the business industry, Louis Chenevert is a model to existing and uprising entrepreneurs who want to succeed in every sector involved in global finance. He is also the former United Technologies Corporation CEO who propelled the corporation to greater heights where the firm remains one of the most competitive and successful motor industry not only in the USA but also globally. Before becoming the CEO of the UTC, Louis Chenevert had served in the various position in many companies one of them being the chairman of UTC, production manager at Pratt & Whitney, later as the president as the same company and as the board member in many companies. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

No one can compare Louis Chenevert achievements at UTC where he played a notable role in delivering what other executives have not been able to achieve. The best thing that drove his efforts is the need to accomplish his set objectives and having the belief that nothing is possible and setting workable strategies that guided his work. One of his remarkable achievements is the time when he was able to maintain the company’s prosperity during the recession time where many companies were falling and laying off their employees due to debts and tough financial crisis that led many companies to shut down. He was able to transfer his workers to other branches of the UTC such as the Aerospace where the engineers were allocated important tasks which they executed instead of laying them off. Here the workers would contribute their knowledge in some way until the time their usual job was able.

During the recession, Louis Chenevert was able to maintain a strategy that enabled him to conquer the market and maintaining his clients in a state where products were not selling due to the crisis. He delivered potential partners and signing major deals on behalf of the UTC that helped the company to make substantial changes that helped the firm become a leader in the industry. He was able to strike a deal worth around $18.4 billion deal that enabled the company to increase its assets building the latest and facilities with the latest technology that helped the United Technologies Corporation to manufacture quality machines through its production.


Louis Chenevert always believed in innovation and continued to concentrate on his workers to build a strong team who can deliver the through teamwork. His efforts always bear fruits as he was able to work and come up with a project that led to the improvements of engines through decoupling of fans. He was able to deliver fast engines that were more efficient in fuel consumption and great force thus making the company become a reliable manufacturer of aerospace engines for many companies. Louis Chenevert always knew that technology is always the key and follows the latest trends. He invested a lot in adopting the new technology that enabled United Technologies Corporation to accelerate its growth by manufacturing advanced machines on time. He has helped the company achieve an undisputed reputation enabling the corporation to create millions of jobs thus boosting the economy of the USA to a higher margin. Read more at French Tribune.

ClassDojo: Promoting Entrepreneurship

ClassDojo was presented in 2011, by the co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. They believe ClassDojo application would create a positive culture of communication between parents, students, and teachers since it is free and easy to use. ClassDojo has raised 21 million in the stake funding of a technology that enables the teachers and parents to effectively communicate on the student’s behaviors and development in school.

Parents are always concerned about their children to progress in school. The long years of learning the school’s curriculum make the parents wonder what their kids are experiencing and their daily behaviors in the classroom. ClassDojo has made work more accessible by establishing a useful communication platform between the child’s educator and the parents.

Teachers monitor the child’s behaviors and the activities they are undertaking. They use a ClassDojo application to record videos or photos of the kid and upload it for their parents to view, this has made information more reliable. The ClassDojo application is used by many schools in public and the private sector in many countries. Most of ClassDojo users are the teachers in the kindergarten classes. ClassDojo aims to circulate its application to more teachers and parents in the country.

ClassDojo produced their first application in February 2013, for the android operations. That year the firm gathered 8.5 million in a series of round A of funding. ClassDojo has been divided into 35 languages and made penetration to 180 countries.Around 2014 ClassDojo improved their platform to assist the teacher in communicating with parents directly. They added a digital form of sending the contents from teachers to parents in August the same year.

The company got 21 million in series B round of funding which was addressed by General Catalyst Partners in 2016.The firm also signed a partnership with Stanford University Project for education in research That Scales lab to discuss the growth of the five-part series of education videos. The series was viewed by many students in the schools in American classrooms. ClassDojo also updated their platform to enable the teachers to share school-based contents to the parents.

Recently ClassDojo presented a mindfulness curriculum in partnership with the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence.The firm is looking forward to making the communication platform in education more better by including more features into the application.

As If A Donation To End The Fees

NexBank became a reliable Dallas, Texas bank due to its staff.

This same staff helped the agency to deliver a $100,000 sponsorship to the Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon.

The agency’s staff members are among the most credible in the world of finance. The agency itself was started as a result of major success that was seen with the Highland Capital Management firm. The leader of this agency is who makes the real difference in success.

The group of professionals under the NexBank umbrella offer the best of financial management and advice into one package. What this consists of is the mind of a financial firm like Highland Capital but in a local bank package like NexBank. This agency is truly the Dallas, Texas banking option of a new generation.

What You Get In Your NexBank

The access you have to NexBank is access to the world of finance. There is no such thing as only having a small glimpse through the professionals of the NexBank agency. Access to the entire financial world is possible because of the basic services and products that NexBank releases to the public.

Everything starts with a basic account. Much of the strategy you’re going to receive through NexBank is structured into the entire bank’s operation. Whether you need property management services, valuation services, stock investing, a savings, a checking or a personal analysis, NexBank also has it for you.

Products And Services

All of the bank’s products begin as a simple account that enables you and our staff to establish a basic overview. Nothing gets achieved without first setting out a few objectives or plans. Your initiation into the products of NexBank helps you to also devise the plans and objectives that will make your money secure.

Services begin with a deeper understanding of your financial situation. Advisory is the foundation of services at NexBank. No bank or agency can thrive if they can’t speak to you directly and then change your life with those words. This is simply the power of advice and the leverage it has when coming from qualified people.

OneLogin Ready Data Security

Most companies have General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) feature, and OneLogin is one of them. The main agenda is to work with given timelines and policies to ensure safety and privacy program are attained to the firm and also to its customers. It is used by more than 2,000 enterprise customers worldwide to secure their applications. The user is required to log in once to access all the apps on the computer or phone. GDPR is the solution to many individuals and entities, being among the first to adopt frameworks and regulations meant to improve security.

While many companies are yet to calculate what needs to be done to secure information, OneLogin is working to improve its existing functions and reliability to a client in different ways. Subjectivity has to be dealt with whenever it arises so that the customer’s confidentiality in the firm is assured. First, the policies and processes have been revisited. It means redrawing the data flows and constructing a detailed diagram of data mapping. Secondly, is to enhance contract language for a change. The data breach, subcontractor use and responsibility of control in data processing are the changes introduced to the Data Processing Agreement. The customer is also allowed to get their language as long as it works for both parties.

Thirdly, Addressing Data Protection Officer (DPO) Requirement is essential. It will ensure the laid General Data Protection Regulation plans change so that DPO does not have to be independent of the company. Having the data protection officer operating from within the firm is conducive especially when changes need to be done. Lastly, OneLogin is determined to create trust with its clients who rely on the existing program. The current providers may have adapted to the programs available to cover GDPR. An official and reliable certification of GDPR is therefore bound to be defined.

With these plans in the security company, current clients and prospective customers are made to understand the course of their service provider. OneLogin is available to offer confidentiality and privacy to customers to help them in risk management.

Why Waiakea Biodegradable Bottled Hawaiian Water is Better

Anyone with knowledge about our environment knows that plastic bottles end up harming the land and waters. Ryan Emmons decided to pursue his dream of providing a safe and healthy beverage that comes in a stylish plastic bottle designed to break down quicker. At just 22, Ryan and his elite team of chemists, scientists and others found a molecular way to create these unique bottles that are sustainable and better for the environment. Add that his Waiakea Water brand comes from a real life Hawaiian volcano, and customers are sold. As this clear water travels through the thick layers of volcanic rock, it picks up healthy minerals that are essential for humans. Read more about Waiakea Water on Medical Daily.

These minerals are better for hair and nails. These substances give these elements shine and volume. The minerals also aid in many body functions. Younger individuals are more likely to desire healthier beverages than their counterparts from years past. This Hawaiian water looks and tastes incredibly refreshing. The added benefit to the environment makes purchasing this brand a no brainer. In addition, this eco-friendly company uses low emissions in the bottling process and fuels that end up delivering the product. Waiakea Water even recycles anything they can, and the company gives money to provide clean water to poor communities across the ocean. Watch this video on Youtube.

Ryan Emmons certainly has made a bold mark at a young age. His business sense is uncanny, as this young entrepreneur has watched his company grow a shocking 4,000% in simply three years in operation. This high profit is causing other manufacturers to take notice. It is expected that this new bottling process might be seen more often in the future. Volcanic water from gorgeous Hawaii just sounds beautiful and pure. It’s fantastic taste is quenching thirsts all around the globe. Look for more Ryan Emmons inventions soon.

This remarkable source of mineral and vitamin naturally enhanced water is better for so many reasons. Those living a green lifestyle can feel good about purchasing this product. Many people today are realizing the benefits of eating and drinking healthier food and beverage choices. Waiakea Water is fabulous.


TechStyle Takes Over the Billion-Dollar e-Commerce Fashion Retail Industry

In 2016, the eCommerce, fashion, and technology sectors accounted for sales revenues of $72B. By 2021, retail e-commerce is expected to bring in revenues of $116B. Here’s a tale of a little-known e-commerce company soon poised to rival the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, and E-Bay. The amazing e-retail company is called the TechStyle Fashion Group.

CRM Technology

The TechStyle Fashion Group is run by the dynamic investment duo of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. TechStyle uses the latest CRM technology to understand its members’ unique fashion tastes and preferences. TechStyle tracks the social media footprints of its members to figure out the kind of shoes and apparel they love.

VIP Membership

TechStyle made e-commerce history in 2010 by becoming the first footwear brand to have a membership program. VIP members were entitled to price cuts of up to 30% on all products. VIP members got first priority on sales promotions. They also earned redeemable loyalty points for shopping. Free shipping was also included in the VIP package deal. Consumers instantly fell in love with the TechStyle Group. The sales figure skyrocketed to clock 2.5 million pairs of shoes by 2012.

Kate Hudson

As the fashion group expanded, it gave rise to new subsidiaries. By 2016, the TechStyle Fashion Group comprised of JustFab, ShoeDazzle, and FabKids. It owned fashion boutiques in places like German and the U.K. 2016 was also the year when the remarkably talented and gorgeous supermodel, Kate Hudson joined JustFab.

According to TechStyle’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gold, the startup has a unique open-door management policy with the over 2,000 employees. In 2017, JustFab is well on course to hitting sales revenues of $700M. Its membership stands at over 4.5 members.

Gold remained tight-lipped when asked whether there were any IPO plans in 2018. The CMO just quipped that holding an IPO was an option and anything could happen, in the future.

Meet the Owners

Adam Goldenberg began investing at the tender age of just 13 years. By 18, he’d created and sold a million-dollar gaming company, Gamer’s Alliance. The buyer, Intermix was so impressed by the young tech impresario that they offered him the position of COO. Upon assuming office, Adam went into the history books as the youngest ever COO of a publicly traded tech company. He was just 19 then. Adam’s entrepreneurial spirit saw him leave Intermix after a couple of years. He went on to start successful e-commerce websites like DermStore, Intelligent Beauty, and JustFab.

Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a serial entrepreneur with a brilliant track record of creating successful e-commerce startups. TechStyle’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder sold his first company, to Intermix Media in the late nineties. Don was instrumental in growing the valuation of Intermix Media to a whopping $670M before it was acquired by News Corp.