Dr. Jennifer Walden Wears Many Hats In Her Life

Women are often required to assume many roles in life. A woman is often asked to be a mom, hold on to a career and work within the community to make it a better place. Such is the case with Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden has assumed many roles in her own life. She’s a mom to twin boys. She’s a highly respected surgeon. She’s also active in her own community. As she’s shown, it can be hard to manage all of these roles but it can also be highly rewarding at the same time. As a member of her Austin, Texas community, she’s also assumed an important role as one of the area’s leading philanthropists. Her charity work is just as noteworthy as her accomplishments as a surgeon. She has done a great deal of work in helping to raise funds for many kinds of worthy causes. For example, she’s been heavily involved in work to help raise money for the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This society works hard to help combat diseases of the blood and assist those who are suffering from them.

Her Own Background

As a trained medical professional, Dr. Jennifer Walden cares deeply about the practice of medicine. Growing up in Texas, she was exposed to many areas of science. This is one of many reasons why she decided to enter the medical field. She knew she could really make a difference in people’s lives. As a child, she would watch as others tended to her local community and helped make it a better place. Her goal as an adult is to continue to be part Austin and continue to help residents here. She went to medical school at the University of Texas after graduating at the top of her high school class. Her affinity for the sciences helped shape her perception of the world around her. She quickly decided that she wanted be a plastic surgeon. This field of medicine is one where people can make a true and direct difference in people’s health and their sense of personal well being and more

Equities First Holdings And Their Small Business Setup

Equities First Holdings has a large fleet of offices in Australia, and they have been set up as an LLC to give the best service to their customers. It is easy for someone to come to Equities First to get a new loan, and the company provides customers with more service than their competitors.

The offices of Equities First Holdings are a simple LLC that reduces liability for customers, and it lets them know that they are dealing with a company on their level. Someone who wants to take out a loan with this firm can do so right now, and they can always go back to that office for more service.

Equities First Holdings is a large company with small business values. They want their customers to feel safe, and they hope to give customers the best experience possible. There are a lot of people who benefit when taking out personal or business loans.

About Equities First Holdings: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equity_Group_Holdings_Limited

Dr. Mark McKenna: Successfully Diving into Business Ventures

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor in surgery and medicine, Georgia & Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He has an MD, MBA from the Tulane University Medical School. While practicing medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna began venting into real estate business where he launched McKenna Venture Investment, a real estate firm. In 1999, Dr. Mark McKenna built New Orleans. He is currently working on a new business, OVME, aimed to open more doors in future. The vision of this new venture is to build a renowned chain that will have cosmetic offices with a functional app that works similar to Uber for their patients. With the OVME app, many customers will have an opportunity to link up with practitioners that will provide high-quality services and make the house call become demanded.

In an interview held with the prestigious Dr. Mark, he reveals why he chose entrepreneurship over medicine career. Dr. Mark says that he managed to venture and buy real estate while in medical school through the money he could get from the physicals on the prisoners. He has practiced medicine for around five years, where he was working with his father who was also a doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna opened the ShapeMed in Atlanta, which was self-funded. His strategy in ensuring that ShapeMed grew and became fully established was through the adoption of the internet where googling a word Botox would make the company appear top.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s current idea is to build a brand in the retail medical aesthetics. He says that the company would be highly fragmented with a dermatologist and plastic surgeons. Dr. Mark McKenna says that Botox has great brand recognition and what is lacking is only service providers and retail outlets to help people identify more with the brand. He continues to say that in the new venture, customers would be sent forms through emails so that on arriving at the center, they can directly go to meet the patient coordinator. At the same time, Dr. McKenna says that they are working hard to deliver a mobile app that will allow the company to send service providers directly to customers. There will be more house calls and virtual consultations. The hue calls will be handled through a network similar to the Uber way.


Security Sanity Securus Technologies Has Brought To Prisons

Prisons were some of the most insecure places several decades ago but they have been identified as safer places today. Inmates could in the past use contraband and communicate with other criminals to organize their escape plans. However, new communication technologies have discouraged this making it impossible. Although inmates have the right to call their loved ones, some of them use this opportunity wrongly by making some selfish weird moves. This has led to the development of some innovative technologies that hinder illegal calls. With such systems, the correctional officers can only enable specific calls and disconnect or block other calls. If calls are not regulated, most of the calls inmates make would be hazardous.


To avoid this, Securus Technologies has come up with the Wireless Containment System to regulate calls and phone use in the prisons. Most family members and prison officers have lost their lives through contraband illegal use. Securus Technologies minds about the safety and lives of correctional prison officers and their relatives. With the Wireless Containment System, it has become impossible for the inmates to run illegal operations and use contraband to make calls. The system has ensured the inmates don’t kidnap officers, make breakout attempts, peddle drugs or plan killings for their rivals. With such advanced security systems, inmates’ efforts to carry out heinous activities are aborted.


Among the global firms that have brought sanity and transformation in correctional facilities, Securus Technologies tops the list. The firm carefully addresses parole tracking and communication in the prisons by inmates. Securus Technologies releases any sensitive information the government needs concerning the inmates. In the United States alone, Securus Technologies provides security services to over 2600 correctional centers. Rick Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies. The team in this firm has pragmatic skills that ensure accurate and steady communication coordination within the prisons.


The services of Securus Technologies are today in more than 45 states. The law enforcement authorities benefit a lot from Securus Technologies since they obtain all the information they need on any drug trafficking attempts in the society. Securus Technologies has patent amenities whose worth is about $600 million. The firm is doing its best to ensure no contraband cell phones are traced in the community. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and its main offices are based or headquartered in Dallas. Before the company launched a wireless solution in 2017, it had partnered in July 2016 with Harris Corporation on “Cell Defender” technology. It is a technology that ensured contraband cell phones didn’t connect to the existing mobile networks. By November 2017, Securus Technologies blocked over 1.7 million inmate calls. Due to its undisputed dedication to crime reduction, the firm has obtained 20 government services, exclusive partner agreements, technologies, software businesses, and patents.


Shervin Pishevar Predicts Stars and Failures of The Economy

Shervin Pishevar’s understanding of economics is well known. He has a proven record of accomplishment to show with his purchases of companies such as Uber, Slack, and Dollar Shave Club. He recently sent out a Twitter barrage to discuss the recent economic failures, pending doom, and some shining lights at the end of the tunnel.

The good news is Shervin Pishevar sees some profitable companies and business models on the horizon. SpaceX is one, which works on very forward thinking aerospace transportation programs. Virgin Hyperloop, which Pishevar is one of the co-founders, is bridging out into new territory and will survive. Shervin Pishevar called these types of companies, “moonshots.”

The tweets refer to one of the most significant declines in the US stock market recently. The drop destroyed all of the profits of 2018, and he forewarns that all of 2017’s gain will be erased too. His prediction is gloomy. The market has the possibility of dropping 6000 points. Shervin Pishevar goes on to explain his theories.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon are not big they are massive. One tactic they all use is to buyout emerging smaller companies and absorbing their technology or innovations. Pishevar states this business model will begin to crumble the bohemians. It’s hard to imagine a world without any of those companies, but it can and might actually happen.

Shervin Pishevar tweets about the US government bond market. The outdated means the central banks use to adjust the financial market is not sufficient anymore. The central banks could buy back bonds, but this trickery no longer will have any effect.

Young startups may change the face of business. These new stars can raise funds by crowdfunding. They also have the modern luxury of using different currencies. The two systems working together may open up many entrepreneurs and bring them to the big stage.

Shervin Pishevar envisions many disasters ahead, but there are a few moonshots and stars to watch out for.


Sussex Healthcare Promotes Helping Seniors Living A Better Life

Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare company located in the UK. They know what people need and try their best to give them options when it comes to their healthcare choices. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of being in the business is giving people the opportunities they need to be successful. They always try to give others help so they don’t need to worry about what they’re doing in healthcare. It is their goal to provide the best healthcare while making excellent decisions for people who need them. Sussex Healthcare tries to give people the help they need no matter what.

As long as Sussex Healthcare is doing this, they have to help others. They plan to always make things easier on people. They also plan to give attention where people need it. If Sussex Healthcare can make things better for everyone, they’ll have a better chance at doing things the right way. There are other options people may want to use from Sussex Healthcare and that’s how they plan to make things better for others. They’ve always spent a lot of time trying to give attention to people who are in different situations.

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One of the biggest things Sussex Healthcare has to offer is their senior care facilities. They know people use the facilities to help care for their loved ones and that’s what they plan to use it for in different instances. As long as Sussex Healthcare is operating, the senior care facility will be their biggest operation. They know how important seniors are for the community and that’s what they do to help them have a better life. Just because they support people at the end of life, Sussex Healthcare knows they can make things better for them.

By offering these opportunities for people, Sussex Healthcare knows they can set themselves apart. They also know people will have better lives if they do things the right way. Sussex Healthcare has spent a long time trying to give seniors the life they deserve. If they can continue helping them through these issues and with their own lives, they’ll be among the best people who can do their job the right way. It is their goal to always make things easier and give attention where others might not have the right type of attention. They want seniors and their families to know they have the best care possible with Sussex Healthcare.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: https://www.reed.co.uk/jobs/sussex-health-care-limited-44401/p44401

Alex Pall Goes From Part-Time DJ To Global Superstar

At almost every award show inworld The Chainsmokers are either performing or nominated for a prize for their impressive list of hits in the electronic music genre. What sets the duo apart from many of their contemporaries is the fact these two DJ’s are known for their appearance and impressive style as they are for their music in a sector of the music industry usually reserved for those who are rarely seen by their fans.

Since the late 1980s and early 1990s the superstar DJ has been employed and adored by their fans but rarely steps out from behind the DJ booth leaving the guest performers on recordings to complete the majority of the publicity for any release. When Andrew Taggart made his way from Maine to New York to join Alex Pall as one of The Chainsmokers, the DJ duo made the decision to step out and become performers in their own right.

Alex Pall began his career as The Chainsmokers prior to the arrival of Andrew Taggart in New York and was already well-known in New York as a DJ who had an impressive sense of style and marketing before the current incarnation of The Chainsmokers was established. The creative partnership between Pall and Taggart was so impressive that it inspired Pall to quit his day job and work full-time on music and developing the marketing aspects of the band; Pall himself credits Taggart with being a musical genius who allows his DJ partner to create the distinctive style of the brand for marketing purposes.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the growth of The Chainsmokers has been the willingness of both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to explore the chances on offer for them to extend their musical abilities beyond those usually expected of DJ’s. Not only have the duo entered the writer’s room and played a role in the development of the majority of their most famous songs but they have also been willing to provide vocals for their recordings which have only added to their position as one of the most creative and important acts of the 21st-century.


The Day Philanthropy Becomes Quicker Installation

We challenge you to live without energy for a few days. We challenge you to see what it’s like. In a week’s time, you may devolve and become a caveman again. It’s our greatest hope that you remain a modern-class human being however. We want you to be very comfortable while living modern life in a powered society.

The society being built by one energy company is also on the foundation of philanthropy

The way to ensure that you’re comfortable is with a connection to this power.

Your widest selection of services is through Stream Energy. Stream is a leading energy supplier that has revolutionized traditional power systems. It’s a thing of the past to rely on multiple suppliers for the vast energy needs you have. Selecting Stream Energy is about selecting consolidation in your life.

Get Powered Now, And Wait On No One

Convenience is also a major factor to how Stream Energy operates. The collection of energy sources Stream combines is setting a new standard; the power industry is taking notice of it. You have access to a wide selection be it phone services, emergency medical dispatches, common electricity, gas and satellite locators.

Everything comes in one package.

There’s no rush to wait on five different companies to finally show up at your door for installation. Keep waiting if you already opted in for those services. Stream Energy prepares your new life in a fast and effective way. The system you need that consolidates your power sources is in one place and ready to go live.

More Integration Than You Can Imagine

The stream of energy you’re learning about has more than integration. Technology and a digital society becomes complicated when you’re not integrated in every facet. The work you did to manage multiple energy sources is now brought down to one simple responsibility. Manage your monthly spending with more organization.

You’re only going to find it empowering once you do. Bringing together the fine details of energy keeps your life moving without delay and without the lights going off. Let Stream Energy be your service provider, and let your world be transformed by a new digital society. There are many freedoms you’re now ready to experience.


An Overview of Sahm Adrangi’s Career Profile

Cellcom Israel Ltd. is a leading communications company which was established in 1994. The company has built its reputation for being the leading cellular provider in Israel. It serves over 2.805 million clients by offering different services such as data services, multimedia messaging services, and advanced mobile content. The company has recently announced an appointment of Mr. Sholem Lapidot to be a member of the board of directors. The appointment which took place on March 22, 2018, is expected to expire when the company holds the next yearly shareholders’ conference.

Sahm Adrangi who is the instigator of Kerrisdale Capital Management has been actively involved in building its incredible reputation since 2009. The significant contributions of Mr. Adrangi can be seen by evaluating the finances which the company manages. Based on July 2017 analysis, the company was reported to manage $150 million which is a significant improvement compared to when it was launched. Mr. Adrangi first built his reputation by exposing different fraudulent companies in China. Some of these companies include Lihua International, China-Biotics, and China Marine Food Group.

In addition to being a publishing researcher, Sahm Adrangi has been involved in playing an activist role in numerous companies. Previously, Sahm Adrangi worked in Chanin Capital Partners in a bankruptcy restructuring group. His roles in this job position included advising creditors on bankruptcy restructuring and assignments such as preferred equity committees, bondholder committees, and creditors of distressed companies. Before working in this company, Mr. Adrangi worked in Deutsche Bank. During his work tenure in this bank, he helped in structuring leveraged buyout financings and debt refinancing. By successfully working in different reputable organizations, it is evident that Sahm Adrangi possesses the best skills and knowledge in the economic sector. He pursued his higher education at Yale University where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor Arts in Economics.

The working experience and vast knowledge in matters concerning economics have led to Sahm Adrangi lecturing numerous conferences. Some of the seminars that he has been a speaker include Activist Investor Conference, Sohn Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, Value Investing Conference and many more. Mr. Sahm has been featured in numerous publications including BusinessWeek, New York Times and many more. Moreover, he has appeared on Bloomberg and CNBC for interviews.


Revolutionary Thinker Dr. David Samaldi

Dr. David B. Samadi is one of the most well-known and experienced robotic prostate surgeons in the world. His career was set up to be successful beginning in high school where he took rigorous courses to challenge himself every day. By doing this it allowed his education to have a solid foundation where it could then build off when he attended New York State University, here he earned his degree in Biochemistry and medicine on a full scholarship. Samadi was born in raised in a Persian Jewish community in Iran which presented difficulties when growing up but has later aided him with a diverse background. Dr. Samadi can fluently speak four languages which benefits him greatly. Being able to communicate with others with various backgrounds is not only helpful when treating patients all over the world but also shows the great deal of knowledge he withholds.

In 2007 Dr. Samadi had finally perfected what is called the SMART technique. This technique is revolutionary and incorporates a new way of sparing nerves during a robotic prostate surgery which will later improve the sex lives of patients who suffer from prostate cancer. This tool not only improves vision but also allows angles of dissection to become clearer which would not be possible with straight or open laparoscopic instruments.

Dr. Samaldi also has a website called Dr. Samaldi T.V. which you can visit. He posts videos on all different topics of his field educating and informing listeners, information about himself, and the website even includes what is called the “Symptom checker” where you can see if you possibly could be a candidate for his work. This website really shows the effort and care he puts into his patients.

His media presence is really one to be proud of. His Facebook is well thought out and made to be easily accessed by patients so they can contact him but also get to know him on a more personal level. By having such a great look on social media he has caught people’s attention and made himself, his techniques, and views on medicine well known.

He has been recognized for his great innovations and ideas in his field by many. An article was published about him and his work in New York Magazine, he won Most Compassionate Doctor award, Americas Top Doctors for Cancer award, and Patients Choice award just to name a few.

Learn More: prostatecancer911.com/david-samadi/