Bob Reina: He’ll Make A Believer Out Of You

When looking at people out there that know how to get people to believe both in their own brand and in a product, there is not a single person on the planet earth that is better than Bob Reina at it. The reason he is so good at it is because it is part of who he is and what he stands for as an individual. With Bob Reina, he is not looking to sell people on anything. He wants people to make up their own minds. That is how they become believers and that is how they join Talk Fusion. He never pressures anyone and he never makes anyone do anything they don’t want to do, which is why people are so receptive to Talk Fusion.


When hearing Bob Reina give a speech, it is easy to see that he is not at all pushy or bossy about Talk Fusion. As a matter of fact, he is just the opposite. He is calm, cool, and collected. He speaks directly from the heart, which is something that people really respond to when they listen to Bob Reina. In addition to that, Bob Reina offers 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion for customers out there.


They also know that when they join Talk Fusion, they are also helping charities, as Bob Reina is one of the most charitable human beings out there. He has talked about this in the past and he respects both approaches when it comes to giving back: the silent approach and the approach where people are made aware of the donation. He clearly respects the silent approach, but in his mind, when people are made aware of charitable donations, he thinks it really gets them thinking about how they can do something similar to what Bob Reina has done.


There are a lot of people in positions of power with a lot of money on their hands. As always, it is up to them how they use it, and that is not for anyone to say. At the end of the day, Bob Reina just wants them to use it for something they believe in and something they are passionate about if they are going to give back. Learn more:











Paul Herdsman’s Tips To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Many people have the desire to start their own company and become bosses of themselves. However, there are a couple of things that separate those who succeed from those who fail. COO and Co-Founder of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman, shares guidelines on how one can establish and successfully manage a company. Paul Herdsman and his company focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. His primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.


A positive attitude is a crucial necessity towards achieving anything in life. Paul Herdsman says that positive thinkers tend to be more resilient and good at solving problems as they face challenges with a lot of energy. One can be able to increase their positivity through expressing gratitude. It is important that you are thankful for what you have as this will help you focus on achieving more as you utilize and enjoy the resources available. According to Paul Herdsman, a good entrepreneur must be willing to take risks as this is the only way that one can determine whether an idea will turn out to be a success or not. One should also be able to assess the given situation and decide whether or not it is a risk worth taking.


Make sure that you venture into something that you enjoy doing since a business consumes a lot of energy and time. If your business does not excite you, it will simply be a burden to you. It is vital for an entrepreneur to have a clear goal of what they want to achieve. This means that you should be able to create a clear picture of where you want to be in around ten years to come. It is not possible to accomplish every task all alone.


Therefore, Paul Herdsman advises that you need to select the best people for your team as these are the persons that will help you work towards achieving the set goal. The character and values of an individual can assist in determining whether they are fit to be in your work team or not as skills can be taught. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


To become a successful entrepreneur, you must take each failure as an opportunity to learn and up your game. Mistakes are inevitable and will be made from time to time. Knowing one’s customers and staying connected with them also helps in growing a business. For your customers to remain loyal to your services or products, Paul Herdsman says that you should always deliver more than expected.



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Gregory James Aziz: Plans Of Expanding The Operations Of The National Steel Car

The National Steel Car is considered by many business experts in Canada as a fast-growing company. The 106-year old rolling stock manufacturing company has been experiencing tremendous growth since Gregory James Aziz purchased them from Dofasco. Gregory J Aziz has been focusing on expanding the company’s client base, and he managed to earn a lot of new clients because of the high-quality products that the company is manufacturing. The National Steel Car was founded in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car, and they have experienced their golden era in the 1920s. However, experts believe that the company is experiencing a golden age under the ownership of Gregory James Aziz.


Since he purchased the company back in the year 1994, the primary goal of Gregory James Aziz is set on the company’s expansion on an international scale. Today, most of the clients that the company is working with are based in the United States. The rolling stocks that they are shipping to the United States are mainly used by railroad transport companies or other companies that are delivering cargoes through the rail. Gregory James Aziz wanted to work with other companies aside from the United States, so he keeps on demonstrating their products to a huge audience every time he is given an opportunity.


Gregory James Aziz would sometimes demonstrate their products at a convention, or simply inviting foreign investors to visit their plant in Hamilton. Gregory James Aziz is dreaming of supplying the European and the Asian market, which has a growing demand for rolling stocks. He stated that if the Europeans would sign a deal with the National Steel Car, it will usher a new age in the company’s history. What he wanted to do is to create a network of partners in Europe where the rolling stocks will be manufactured. He also noted that Europe has an extensive railroad system, making rolling stocks a suitable export product. Find Additional Information Here.

Aside from Europe, Gregory James Aziz is also confident that the Asian market could be working with the National Steel Car in the future. Gregory James Aziz noted that a lot of Asian cities are starting to build multiple train lines, and it can be a possibility that they will be tapping the services provided by the National Steel Car in the future and order rolling stocks from them. For Gregory James Aziz, everything is possible. All he has to do is to work hard to gain the trust of the market that he wanted to work with.


End Citizens United Fight against the influence of big money in politics.

The End Citizens United is a democratic human rights organization. It is a non-profit PAC group. Its main aim is to fight against the effect of using finances in any type of election including the national elections. Over the years financial aid has slowly taken up the free and fair position in State Elections. Tiffany Muller is the chairperson of the organization which has its headquarters in Washington, DC. In spite of its main location in the US Capital, it has other branches spreads out all over the vast country. The organization has also participating members based up in all this branch.

According to their recent newsletter, End Citizens United is planning on publishing the names of politicians who have perpetrated this vice for so long. Under the banner-name of Big Money 20, the politicians will be revealed to the general public in a bid to fight the money influence in State Politics. These politicians have been found guilty of putting their selfish need ahead of their electorates needs.

The liberal PAC group aims at coming up with a sum total of $35 million in support of re-elections which is higher than the amount they used in the 2016 elections. The initiative is aimed at discouraging political candidates to decline financial support from private firms which only do it for selfish gains. The candidates who listen to the plea have gained a backing from the End Citizens United. ECU has also taken the responsibility to urge the electors to contribute towards the campaigns of their favorite candidates. These candidates have opted out of the choice of corporate endorsements and hence have proven that they cannot be bought. This, therefore, requires the voter to chip in and aid the campaign contribution.

These particular State elections, End Citizens United has backed Senator Cory Booker. This is after a bold move by the senator to reject financial support from corporations. Senator Cory is however not the only politician that is receiving aid from End Citizens United after denouncing contributions from corporate firms. Politics is slowly turning into a transparent game as the list of politicians in support of this way of thinking continues to grow. The corporate donation threated the stability and political growth of the country. It all started when the Supreme Court gave a ruling permitting the financial support o big corporations and billionaires in state politics.

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Success of Peter Briger

In his career, Peter Briger has a recommendable character. He has been in the industry of finance and investment for years, and that makes him to be an outstanding professional person in the industry. There are lots of accomplishments that are associated with Peter such as the partnership with Goldman, Sachs, and company for more than fifteen years. Moreover, he had an opportunity to attend various committees when he was working at Goldman namely Japan Executive Committee, Asian Management Committee, and many others. Besides, he took leadership roles in so many companies like Asian Distressed Debt Company, and he executed his responsibilities well. Currently, Peter Briger is the co-chair and principal of the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group Company. The Fortress Company is well conversant with asset investment management, and it has its headquarters in New York. Peter Briger started working with this company in 2002 as management committee member. Since then he rose to more significant and senior positions of the firm. The efforts of Peter in the firm are substantial since the company is recording a tremendous growth in the industry and to know more

Also, Peter was able to serve other companies besides Fortress Investment Group such as Princeton University Investment Company on the board of directors. He attended the Princeton University and earned Bachelor of Arts and M.BA from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. It is imperative to note that Peter Briger provide the support to various organizations such as Central Park Conservancy.

Mr. Peter has great connections and networking that helps him to expand his way of giving services to the community. Peter Briger is passionate towards his career and works hard to provide satisfactory services to the customers. The employees of the Fortress Company feel comfortable serving with Peter as their leader since he is a role model to many of them.

Conversely, Peter Briger is a philanthropist. He contributes significantly to philanthropic events and organizations to achieve their goals. He supports not only these organizations but also the leader to some such as Silicon Valley Council. The primary purpose of his donations is to ensure the less fortunate in the community are accessing better education and alleviated from poverty level. This has made it possible for numerous persons to receive quality services for a better living. Also, it is crucial to understand that Peter Briger is amongst the Forbes Top 400 business professionals in the US. Peter Briger has accomplished great in his career.

How PSI Pay Has Stayed Relevant

Evolving and adapting with the times is a must in any working industry. In fact, this should be common sense to most professionals. Because no company or professional wants to be left behind with the times due to competition, we are always seeing companies advance and upgrade their services or platforms. Worth mentioning, this includes the financial and banking field as well. Realistically, this field has been a leading field when it comes to upgrading and improving with the times. Because of the importance of having a secure and reliable financial situation, to be frank, this field would not last very long without constantly evolving. A great example of this can be seen in the company PSI Pay. Known as an alternative banking solution, PSI Pay has stayed relevant with the times by having services such as real-time direct deposit and withdrawal without limitations, with nearly fifty currency adaptations in more than 170 countries around the world. As impressive as that may be, PSI Pay still has so much more to offer. With that said, here is more on some of the ways PSI Pay has stayed relevant throughout the times.


PSI Pay & Digital Wallets

Being involved in an industry as competitive as the banking industry is, it would be company suicide to not use technology within their products and services. Considering how much technology has been integrated into many companies, naturally, PSI Pay also found a way to utilize its benefits. As we can see from this article on PSI Pay & how they have been closing gaps, we see how this utilization of technology has been extremely beneficial for them. In addition to this, the article talks about how PSI Pay has benefited by using digital wallets and providing them to its clients. By providing this advanced method of secure banking, PSI Pay has been able to create a convenient, reliable, and practical use for its clients. As we can imagine, not only has this method been enjoyed by its numerous members but, it has also brought the company many new clients. Furthermore, this example of advancements by PSI Pay is more proof that this alternative banking company desires highly-regarded recognition within its industry. Also, it shows that they will continue to succeed throughout the times as they always have.

Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has worn many hats. Most famously as an Oscar-award winning actor, but he has also been a writer, producer, director, a war correspondent, and an interviewer. He recently put on his writer’s hat, to write and publish his first novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. This dark but hilarious work centers on a man who works a variety of odd jobs like selling septic tanks, setting up firework stands, and helping give aid to immigrant workers. But he also has a much darker side job as a contract killer for the U.S. government.

Critics are divided about it. Some are considering an instant classic work of satire, while many others are saying that it is a very sad effort by an actor making a play at being a serious writer. However, most of the criticism against Penn and his book concerns his commentary therein concerning the #MeToo movement. His book contains a six-page criticism of what he considers a very childish crusade. But Penn does not like it that this seems to be the major thing most critics seem to be highlighting in there reviews. He says this is just one of the many important ideas he communicates in the novel. He says taken as a whole his work is offering a criticism of our rampant superficiality of a culture. He says the book’s conclusion is that we’re either for inclusion or for divisiveness.



But while Penn is clear that his opinions are clear in his book, he says he wants it mostly to be viewed as a work of fiction rather than just an opinion piece. Regardless of any harsh criticism, the book has been hugely popular throughout its lifespan. This was even the case before it was published, all of the released snippets going viral. And it appears the popularity and love for the book are not only remaining but climbing. Time will tell where this work will land in history’s pantheon of literature, will it be recognized as an enduring classic or will it soon be forgotten? Above all else, Penn wants this to be seen as a work of fiction and that it instigates authentic change.


Having a great credit score is very important in today’s day and age. It allows you to qualify for many great loans with fairly low interest rates. Unfortunately, many people do not use credit to their advantage but rather abuse it frequently. As a matter of fact, credit card debt has continued to go up despite going through the recession of 2008. Did we not learn anything from 2008? In the end, credit card debt has become a problem for many families nationwide. Some even have to file bankruptcy which permanently damages their credit score. But the best news out of all of this is this doesn’t have to be you. In fact, you can utilize credit and debt in general to your advantage. In this article, I am going to be going over ways to improve your credit score.

  1. Pay off your remaining credit card debt

The first thing these credit card companies want to see is you paying back the money you borrowed in the first place. And I am not talking about paying the minimum payment every month. I am actually talking about fully committing to this debt and taking matters into your own hands financially. As for paying it off is concerned, I would recommend using the debt avalanche if it is a fairly large debt. By doing this, you pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first, allowing you to save money over time. If you are dealing with smaller debts, the debt snowball will work just fine. All in all, your primary concern is to pay off this debt and do it in a timely fashion.

  1. No cash, no credit

If you cannot afford to buy something with cash, you probably shouldn’t buy it. In other words, don’t put things on credit that you know you won’t be able to pay off.

All in all, go with GreenSky Credit if you are looking at loans. GreenSky Credit is committed to helping you and your business out. GreenSky Credit has over 12,000 merchants ready to help you at the drop of a hat. In the end, GreenSky Credit is where it’s at.

The Passion And Know-How Behind Southridge Capital’s Services

A Connecticut-based private equity firm that makes investment banking and securities brokerage services available has bankrolled more than $1.8 billion into growth companies worldwide since its launch in 1996.


The range of services Southridge Capital offers takes in customized financial policies, securitization as well as ways for clients to augment their credit. The company has provided such services to more than 250 publicly held firms.


As founder and chief executive officer, Stephen Hicks heads up the management team of Southridge Capital along with Controller and CFO Narine Persaud; CFA, CPA as the Director of Research Laurence Ditkoff; JD, CFS as the Chief Operating Officer Henry Sargent and General Counsel and Linda Carlsen as Portfolio Manager.


Under their leadership, Southridge Capital helps companies improve their creditworthiness by working in partnership with their creditors to do away with debt in support of common stock. Southridge also establishes detailed, estimated financial statements based on financial and operational theories which determine a company’s enterprise value.


What’s more, Southridge Capital may recommend streamlining manufacturing procedures for companies to reorganize their operations while some times a bankruptcy filing may be the needed tactic.


Southridge Capital also finds merger applicants and carries out initial careful examination of possible targets. The company works with clients to support them with resolving legal actions by reducing the time and costs clients may encounter and identifying every legal obligation. For more info you can visit their website



It also provides advice on restructuring analysis, convertible debentures or a wide variety of other assets. Southridge Capital’s Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) lets companies raise capital exclusively at their request no matter what the conditions of the market.


The company actively supports volunteer work as well as community leadership through its philanthropic actions.  You can visit for more details.



For example, Hicks and his wife Mary started the Daystar Foundation, which jointly with Southridge Capital, supports charitable organizations such as the Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation at Danbury Hospital, the Ridgefield Community Center, the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation and more.(



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Choosing IDLife is Choosing a Healthier Life

IDLife is a company that focuses on health and wellness by offering customized nutrition plans. The name stands for individually designed life, according to their website. Products provided by IDLife are based on the individual needs of the customer.

To start with IDLife, customers simply feel out a free health assessment located on their website, Answers to this survey all IDLife to create a vitamin program, scientifically supported. Each product offered by the company has gone through extensive research and studies to ensure customers are receiving quality products.

The IDLife team all share a similar vision of providing amazing results for every IDLife customer. Logan Stout is the CEO of the company. The Scientific Medical Advisory Board is comprised of several doctors with diverse backgrounds. The board has orthopedic doctors, nephrology and internal medicine, childhood obesity specialist, nutritionist, etc. These are just a few of the specialties that IDLife has on their team of doctors. IDLife also has a team of fitness specialists and ambassadors. Among these ambassadors are Carla Ferrer, a bestselling author of the book “Fat to Fantabulous” as well as Jay and Lin Johnson, celebrity trainers for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

IDLife provides various types of products based on the clients’ needs. They have products to help with everything from an increase in energy to catching up on sleep. IDLife even has products for the whole family in their snack bars, full of nutrition. They have also developed a skin care like that is hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. Their weight management plans come in the form of meal-replacement shakes as well as vitamins. IDLife also offers a workout line with various delicious flavors of pre-workout, taking workouts to the next level. All of their products are non-GMO, soy free, gluten free, and hormone free. IDLife offers excellent products in order to best benefit their customers and help them live a healthy lifestyle.