NGP VAN Inc. Setting Pace In The Politics Of USA

The onset of the digital era has revolutionized almost every aspect of human life, spanning from businesses shifting their physical offices to virtual assistants, stores making sales online to many more. One of the most notable effects of this transformation has been witnessed during political campaign seasons. Technology has come in handy for the political class by aiding them to reach huge masses across their areas of jurisdiction within a short period, and at a low cost compared to the door-to-door campaigns that come along with a ballooning expenditure. This medium has, in turn, led to the development of technology firms to run these activities on their behalf.


Brief Overview Of NGP VAN

Mark L. Sullivan, the brains behind NGP VAN Company, saw the opportunity that lay within the technological spectrum and founded the firm in 2001. With its base in the Washington District of Columbia, they provided, created and disintegrated web content for target audience through social media platforms, emails, and websites as well as managing fundraisings for different organizations. The company has withstood various waves to emerge as one of the leading gurus on matters technology in America. Formerly known as Voter Activation Network, the corporation has it’s primary focus on campaigns and has established a sister base in Somerville, within the suburbs of Massachusetts.

NGP VAN has a staff base of highly experienced individuals whose vast expertise has been evident in their undertakings working for the company. Yash Mori incorporated as one of the video producers has seen the firm rise and cement their ground in the day to day politics of the most powerful nation, USA. He was part and parcel of campaigns such as Hillary For America, United We Dream, The Latino Victory Fund et cetera.

NGP VAN focus on Yash Mori brought out his interests and background life which is worth an ear or two. His debut into law and politics was marked during early years at high school when a close friend was indicted and faced deportation from North Calorina. Yash made a bold move to fight for him, and their efforts paid off at last as the government revoked the order.

With that victory in mind, he ventured into community organizing taking advantage of the digital platform’s presence. His newfound career blended well since he had prior experience as his parents were immigrants from India and that gave him the first-hand feeling of what his subjects were facing. NGP VAN highlighted his arrival in California to oppose Trump’s separation of families policy.

Despite the challenges metted upon Yash, NGP VAN adds that he is still upbeat about their victory in advocating and fighting for the community’s rights and freedoms.

Kamil Idris Discusses World Intellectual Property Day

World Intellectual Property Day is one of the fastest growing celebrations in the world. It was launched several years ago in an effort to recognize the importance of the creation and preservation of intellectual property rights. Many governments and organizations throughout the world have come to recognize this day as one of the most significant each year. The day is now celebrated every year on April 26th.


There are many people who are very curious about intellectual property and what makes it so valuable. Things such as copyrights, patents and trademarks are not regarded as important compared to issues such as global warming and sporting events. However, intellectual property is a major part of the institutions that support sporting events and many inventions. On a regular basis, new products and technologies are made in order to make things more efficient and the world as a better place. With intellectual property, these inventions can be better protected and preserved.


On World Intellectual Property Day, everyone is able to celebrate the impact and value of intellectual property. They are allowed to show appreciation for the creativity and advancements of humanity. This day also allows many people to show recognition for the regulations that promote individuals and organizations with the right to make valuable contributions to the economy, cultural institutions and social development throughout the world.


World Intellectual Property Day is a tribute to all of those who have been able to make breakthroughs in art and technology. The innovations of these people have been able to provide others with things that will enhance their lives. Having intellectual property is important for these individuals because it protects their accomplishments from being stolen as well as enabling them to maintain their positive recognition.


Kamil Idris is a statesmen from Sudan who has been quite active in intellectual property. He has spent a number of years as a scholar and international civil servant. At this position, he has been able to help establish and develop the creation of World Intellectual Property Day. Idris served as its Director General for over ten years. During his career, Kamil has also a member of the International Union for the Protection of New Varities of Plants.

Meet Rodrigo Terpins, a Passionate Brazilian Sportsman

The Brazilian sporting sector has encountered several champions rise to the top of world championships. One such celebrated individual is Rodrigo Terpins, a man whose tremendous success in the sporting arena has made him a celebrity among Brazilians. Rodrigo’s passion for sports could be attributed to the fact that he was born into a family of other sportsmen. His father, Jack Terpins, president of Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council, was once a prominent basketball player who made numerous achievements at the time he was actively involved in sports.




Rodrigo acknowledges that his career is quite a demanding one as it calls for maximum intrinsic discipline, considerable patience, and a lot of experience. Born and brought up in Brazil, Rodrigo spent the better part of his childhood fixing cars. It is not by surprise that he developed a passion for motor rallies. To date, he has participated in more than five car rallies out of which he has registered steady growth and improvement. Check out





Rodrigo, together with his brother Michael co-founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This team has always participated actively in the Sertoes rally competition which is an off-road championship. Rodrigo and Michael, both of whom are members of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, are so talented in rally races that they have emerged victorious in some championships.




Rodrigo has become a renowned participant in the Brazilian Championships Rally’s T1 Prototypes Category. Upon participating in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally, an edition that involved seven stages taken through two states and covering a total of 2600km, he emerged position three in the T1 Prototypes category and became eighth in the general category which had 38 competitors. During the Sertoes Rally’s 24th Edition, Rodrigo and Michael actively participated, and together they emerged winners in the second stage. For more details visit Terra.



Rodrigo studied at Saint Hilaire and acquired corporate governance and management skills. At the moment, he serves as the Senior Director at T5 Partipacoes, a company that he has successfully used his skills to grow, thereby preparing it for Brazil-based bigger competitions.



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Adam Milstein: The Jewish Community’s Enlightenment on the Consequential Actions of Radical Muslims

As a man that stands to be represented by the several professional titles attached to his name, Adam Milstein is viewed by many people within the Jewish community as being a well-respected businessman and Pro-Israel activist who dedicates his time to administering philanthropic services to uplift native Israelis. However, prior to becoming the well-established managing partner, philanthropist, and blog author that he is today, Milstein demonstrated leadership qualities many years beforehand at the prime of his adulthood.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel to the parents of a homemaker (mother) and real estate developer (father). As a child, Adam had the pleasure of living within various cities in Israel as his parents relocated accordingly to make suit of their lifestyle. Nonetheless, despite the versatility in his upbringing, Milstein still managed to take hold of responsibility and made the decision to join the Israeli Defense Forces to serve in the Yom Kippur War at the age of 19—a decision that rendered him capable of leadership fulfillment. After the war ended, he married his partner (Gila) and decided to further his education by enrolling at the Israel Institute of Technology in 1978 where he later graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Industrial and Business Management. Shortly after that, Adam Milstein and his wife relocated to the Unites States. Furthermore, in succeeding his move to the U.S., Adam continued his education to earn his MBA degree from USC—an honor that propelled him to eventually become a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

To add to his list of accomplishments, Adam Milstein and wife Gila co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to assist the needs of the Jewish community via the provision of financial resources and education. Moreover, as an active board member to several Pro-Israel organizations, Adam Milstein used his platform to become a blog author for Jewish News Syndicate. In his latest article on the JNS blog, Milstein gives a wake-up call to his fellow Jewish brethren with his discussion of the latest trend of the growing alliance between radical leftists, radical rightists, and radical Muslims. Milstein relates how even though the alliance between radical Muslims and rightists has existed for quite some time due to their sharing of extreme ideologies of humane treatment, the growing merge by radical leftists to adapt to this anti-Semitic way of thinking is atypical and poses as a threat to Jewish culture because it signifies the Jewish community’s diminishing support by those in favor of societal equality. Nevertheless, Milstein feels that his audience should take heed to the matter because as more and more people target Israel as a state of oppressors, hatred will grow and the nation of Israel will be forced to be delegitimized.


Mark Mofid and a Smooth Practice Setup

Mark Mofid is a noted plastic surgeon who calls San Diego in Southern California his home at the moment. He operates a practice that accommodates patients who hail from communities such as Chula Vista, Del Mar and La Jolla. He has board certification from prominent organizations such as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Mofid’s office is in the heart of all of the action in beautiful La Jolla. His wife serves as his clinic’s on-site dermatologist. A nurse is also part of the staff. The practice is connected to a surgery facility that has accreditation from Medicare and from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities or AAAASF. Laser specialties are accessible through the office. Mofid’s practice receives thousands of patients annually. It provides patients with cosmetic and medical dermatological assistance. Reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery options are on hand for patients as well.

Mark Mofid has a talented team working for his clinic. His front office team consists of four professionals who work on a full-time basis. A pair of surgical technologists work for the practice as well. He has a skilled office manager who has been part of his crew for seven years and counting. Mark Mofid relies on a Cutera laser that caters to both vein and hair removal treatment techniques. He provides patients with a number of facial resurfacing choices. Dermabrasion and strong chemical peels are two pathways that patients can consider.

Mark Mofid is a medical professional who believes that spreading the word is all about excellence. His office is equipped with an in-depth website that goes into detail about all of its offerings. Print advertising simply isn’t a focal point for Mofid and for his staff.

Mofid is an alumnus of Harvard University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He got a magna cum laude degree as an undergraduate from the Ivy League school. Mofid functions as an American Board of Plastic Surgery diplomate right now. He’s an American College of Surgeons fellow as well. He writes about facial and breast surgical methods frequently.

Meet the Legendary Film Producer, Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is a film producer in America. He has produced a series of movies, television films, and documentaries, with Reservoir Dogs which he produced in 1992 forming his breakthrough. He has been linked to almost all content written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, with an exception of a few. Over the years, Lawrence Bender has received multiple awards and has been nominated for the Best Picture in the Academic Awards thrice.

Between 2003 and 2004, Lawrence Bender produced two movies. These might just be some of the most successful films he has produced so far. The plot revolves around the Bride, who was part of a Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and is now attempting to kill each member as they tried to kill her and her unborn baby. It attracted nominations at the 57th British Academy Film Awards, 9th Empire Awards where the cast and director won two categories, 61st Golden Globe Awards, 2004 MTV Movie Awards where all categories were won, 2003 Satellite Awards and 30th Saturn Awards.

One of his films that was also nominated is Inglourious Basterds, which features famous actors like Brad Pitt. This movie was released in 2009 and it is based on the context of the World War II. It features “The Basterds” who are American soldiers ready to tear down the Nazi authority in Germany guided by First Lieutenant Aldo Raine. A cinema proprietor whose family was killed by the Nazi group is also plotting to murder the latter by setting ablaze the cinema house when their film is aired. The Nazi leadership is under threat as two enemies try to put it down.

Inglourious Basterds received a standing ovation when it was first released at the Cannes Film Festival. It was nominated for a completely 8 Academic Awards and earned a total of $321.4 million as the highest grossing movie, until 2012.

In 2012, Lawrence Bender produced the film “Safe” with Jason Statham as the lead actor. However, the movie had a poor reception although starring Jason Statham brought some positive light due to his amazing stunts.

In 2018, Lawrence Bender is set to produce the film, Al Capone biopic Fonzo.

Sheldon Lavin, Worlds Meat Tycoon

Sheldon Lavin: The Key to OSI Industries International Success

OSI Industries was originally founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as a corner butcher shop. It eventually was renamed into Otto & Sons in 1928. The brothers became a partner with Ray Kroc as McDonald’s first supplier of beef in 1940 and became forever immortalized as part of the American way of life. After several decades of success with their partnering with McDonalds, Otto & Sons became OSI Industries in 1975, the very same year Sheldon Lavin was asked to join the company.

OSI saw rapid growth in only a few years and opened its first plant in West Jordan Utah by 1977. When McDonalds went international OSI built plants in Germany and Spain, eventually becoming a massive and complex multinational corporation.

Thanks to his leadership during this time period, Sheldon Lavin would eventually become chairman and CEO of OSI in the early 1980s. His keen foresight saw OSI not just being a food processing company for McDonalds, but also ventured out into other sectors of the food industry.

With his personal experience as an CEO and a banking investor, Sheldon Lavin proved to be a critical asset in what would become one of the most profitable growth phases for the company which continues on into the 21st century. The company eventually constructed plants throughout Brazil, Austria, Poland, the Pacific Rim, Hungary and Mexico which gave birth to the company’s aggressive expansion during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Sheldon Lavins oversaw a joint partnership with K&K Foods in Taiwan, which started OSI Asia-Pacific. Gen OSI was established in the Philippines in 1990 while a company in China, known as WFOE was constructed in Beijing during the year 1992. Another plant was established in Shanghai in 199h.

The company didn’t stop growing in the US. New plants were opened in Chicago and in Oakland, Iowa in 1986 and 1996 respectively. Mr. Lavin would eventually see the company branch from beef production and entered an partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods in 1994 expanding the company’s production from beef and branched out into other meats such as sausage, bacon, hot dogs and poultry.

Thanks to the impressive foresight of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Industries would eventually become one of the largest companies in the US generating sales of 6.1 billion by 2016 and earned three recognitions for environmental safety by 2018.


Career Life of Successful Businessman Wes Edens

Wes Edens co-founded Fortress Investment Group in collaborations with other key principals. Besides co-founding Fortress, he co-owns Milwaukee Bucks, and also he founded e-sport team FlyQuest. Mr. Wes attended the Oregon State University and was able to earn his degree in Finance and Business Administration. A few years later he joined Lehman Brothers and worked there as the managing director before moving to BlackRock Asset Investors where he served till the idea of establishing Fortress came up. As he was serving in these two companies, he gains massive experience and skills that enlightened him in running various businesses and handling customers hence by establishing Fortress would yield lots of success. Since the establishment of Fortress Investment Group it has been recording remarkable improvement and growth since it is currently leading in the investment manager this is an indication of the leadership and governance from the able leaders such as Wes Edens.

Edens started to be the co-chairperson of the Fortress in 2008, and since then the progress of this company has drastically increased and attracted more investors to make their investments with Fortress. The team in the Fortress are well conversant with investment more asset management hence they offer the right services that are satisfactory to the investors. The most significant achievement of Wes Edens in Fortress was when he helped the firm to buy Springleaf Financial Services which made the company to earn huge returns from their investment. Mr. Wes is a great investor and has been successful in all the investment business that led him ranked at Forbes Billionaire list at position 962. His passion drives him, commitment and determination in business and through that he works hard to ensure all the goals that he set are achieved.

Moreover, he ensures that the employees serving under his leadership are motivated in working hard since it is through hard work and teamwork that will aid the firm to attain its goals.Furthermore, Wes Edens is a great  philanthropist that is devoted to giving back to the community. There are lots of philanthropic organizations that are supported by Wes through donations. Some of the organizations that he provides donations include Environmental Advocates of New York, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, and the University of Florida amongst many more. Through the donations and support he provides has enabled hundreds of people to meet their basic needs and easy access to quality education. Wes lives in New York City with his wife Lynn, and together they have four children.

Randal Nardone: An Impeccable Leadership Journey

Randal Nardone is a co-founder with two other partners for Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the chief executive officer and director of the company. He is gladly connected to around eight organizations in 20 different industries. Randal co-founded the company in 1998 that continues to grow in his leadership and other partners. Since 2013, Randal Nardone has worked as the chief executive officer and in 1998; he assumed the seat of a principal of the Fortress Credit Corporation. Randal is the able president of Ncs 1 LLC. He also stands in to serve as the chair and president of Springleaf Holdings LLC. His service is extended to Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC where he is the secretary and vice president. Being a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group has been an exciting journey for him and the other partners. The headquarters of the firm is in New York in the United States.

His leadership ladder is quite a wide and exciting one. He has been an all-time principal and director of the Fortress Credit Corporation. Mr. Randal was as well the president and chair of Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC. The great company enjoys the service of this great leader since 2006 as the director, principal, and co-founder. In the same year, Randal was elected to the office of being a director for Eurocastle Investment limited where he still serves. Following ear in 207, Randal was given the title of a non-executive director at Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd. In the year 2008, more responsibilities were added to him serving as the director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation where he still gives direction. In 2010, the Springleaf Finance Inc.

saw his excellent work, he was given the post of director, and he continues to show his unique skills and expertise in there. Mr. Randal is the current director of Springleaf REIT Inc. since 2011. His profile reads excellent leadership posts which equally suggests that he is a man with a vision. He serves in many board settings, and he continues to earn respect in his career and profession.Randal Nardone went to the University of Connecticut where he earned a BA. He proceeded to Boston University School of Law where he acquired an honor in Juris Doctorate. Randal Nardone is affiliated to several organizations either directly or by association. In all these, he shows his commitment and dedication to excellence and success. Mr. Randal was named a billionaire in 2007 as part of the famous Fortress Five.

Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Vision

Brandon, Florida native, Bob Reina is fully committed both to his business and to philanthropic giving. And he has managed to make both of these world’s equally great. He credits his daily mantra, “I Will,” for spurring him to great success it these two areas. It is this mindset that keeps him working at his best every single day. His business, which he founded, is called Talk Fusion. He has led the team of TF to make the company a global powerhouse. He has used his high-profile position here to not only give but to inspire other people to give as well.


He says in this way, his philanthropic giving is going even further. Riena is profoundly thankful that he even in a position to be philanthropically influential. More than anything he loves being able to help people who are in need. To this end, he constantly keeps his eyes open for new ways he can give. While he might love the world of philanthropy more, he has always dealt with both the world of business and philanthropy equally. And to him, they are just extensions of each other with his main objective with Talk Fusion to make people’s lives better.


This strong sense of self-discipline has been with him throughout his career. He entered adult life with an education at the University of South Florida. After graduating at the top of his police academy class, he spent the next several years in police work. While still a policeman, he took a side gig as a part-time associate in direct selling. He eventually quit police work altogether to devote work direct selling full time. Not very long afterward he founded Talk Fusion.


While most of Riena’s philanthropic work is for needy people, as a decided lover of animals he is a frequent supporter of non-profit organizations who help animals. Learn more: