Bernardo Chua – Determination Creates Achievement

Bernardo Chua is originally from the Philippines, and has spent many years of his life working in multi-level marketing. He is a well liked businessman and a fantastic network marketing executive. He is the current CEO of Ograno Gold Coffee and is also a world industry leader in marketing. He also founded this company in 2008. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

The unique thing about Bernardo Chua and his company Organo, is that he is committed to bringing earthly treasures to people around the world. This means that things like ancient Chinese herbs are a well known part of the tea and coffee that Organo originally put out. His vision was to sell a range of healthy bio-active coffee products containing the ancient Chinese herb Ganoderma Lucidum. Now a days his company sells more than just coffee. Their products range from weight management and personal care products to beverages.

Bernardo Chua continues to stay focused on staying ahead of his competition. He didn’t get to where he is easily, and focusing on this is one of the many reasons why his name continues to grow. He also purposely chose to base his company in Canada because of their strict guidelines for products and businesses. He believes that this gives his customers and added benefit of peace of mind.

On his twitter you can see that Chua is a big proponent of being part of Organo Gold’s company. He has a picture posted from one of the staff holiday parties and calls his company the OG Family. He also wishes them all a happy holidays. This idea of family extends into the company culture of Organo Gold, creating a group of people that all firmly believe in the vision of Chua. This is one more reason he is well known.

Chua has received many awards for his achievements. For his ingenious business adventures he received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. For his products he was awarded the National Shoppers Choice Award for food supplements. His love of Directs Sales even got him the Direct Sales Company of the year award five times.

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