21st Century Banking

If you were to sit and think of all the financial institutions in the country, what names would come up first in your mind? More than likely you’ll probably think of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, and others. These are all popular answers, but none of these institutions are considered community banks. Community banking vs regional banking? The difference here is that national banks span across the entire nation while community banks serve a particular region. Community have closed the gap between the two and is now offering many of the exact same services.

NexBank is a leading community bank in Dallas, Texas. Formerly known as Heritage Bank, this exclusive financial center has been causing a commotion in this ever demanding industry. NexBank is playing ball with the big boys in-a-sense and it’s playing to win. President and CEO John Holt is the head man in charge here and his passion, focus, and expertise has helped the bank to excel to new heights. Institutional, individual, and corporate customers all benefit from these valuable services. Did you know that Nexbank played a huge role in the “Affordable Housing Loan Program” last year? This enormous task was designed to help lower income families who didn’t have access to affordable mortgage coverage. NexBank provided up to $50 Million in loan support as well provided counseling for anyone who needed advice and prepping services. You won’t find too many other financial institutions whom are willing to put up this amount of capital, but NexBank isn’t your average everyday banking center.

This is the proper way of doing business and this exclusive institution is changing the game by it’s progressive movements. This is truly 21st Century banking at it’s finest.


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