3-D Printing Advances Help Baby Thrive

Garrett Peterson is too young to understand 3-D printing, and he is too young to remember the days before this became a part of our lives. Garrett Peterson is too young to realize just what 3-D printing has done for him and the way that it changed his life, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t appreciate it one day.

Garrett Peterson was born in 2012, before we even started to hear a lot about 3-D printing, before it had become something that was in the news often. Garrett Peterson was born with a defective windpipe, and he needed help. Thanks to 3-D printing, this little boy has received the help that he was needing. 3-D printing has allowed little Garrett Peterson to receive a new windpipe, a windpipe that was created just for him. The medical advances that are coming about through 3-D printing are amazing, and Garrett Peterson will appreciate them one day, plus investors like Lee G. Lovett are going to be coming out in droves, and have already shown a ton of interest on services like Angel.co.

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