3 Year Old Dies from Fatal Car Accident

Allison Liao is one of the saddest traffic deaths out there. The three year old died on October 6 last year. The little girl was holding her grandmothers hand while crossing Main Street. The little girl and her grandmother made it halfway across the street before they were struck by a black Nissan SUV.

The grandmother, Chin Hua, was merely knocked and struck by the vehicle, while Allison was sucked under the tire and killed. The 44 year old driver has not been charged with anything for this incident. There was no prosecution because the driver was not impaired. The only consequences he suffered was two tickets. These tickets were failure to yield to a pedestrian and failure to use due care. According to Sam Tabar and official recordings it only took 47 seconds to dispose, and dismiss the case. Was justice really served in this case?

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