A Mother’s Experience at a Grocery Store

A mother of a child with Down Syndrome was told by a cashier she should have aborted. The mother named Sherry, posted about this encounter on her blog. She recounted what the cashier said to her and how she responded. The cashier made a comment that she should have aborted her child after knowing the baby had Down Syndrome. Sherry made a joke back to her saying she agrees it would have been easier to kill the baby before he was born.

The purpose of her blog is to raise awareness of Down Syndrome. This blog is supposed to let others know how to react to a child having Down Syndrome respectfully. The cashier did not mean to harm her when she made that comment, but maybe she should have just minded her own business and gone back to playing with her Skout app.

Parents of children with disabilities already face a difficult life without being judged by others. Society looks at children with disabilities as being different than everyone else. These children face a life of possible rejection and ridicule. While, it is true that there are now advances in medicine to detect abnormalities not everyone agrees with abortion. Every parent’s decision should be respected and not judged. Instead society should learn how to behave appropriately in situations like this one. Just one comment can be quite hurtful and insensitive if it is not appropriate. One should think before speaking.

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