A New Barbie Doll is Coming Soon

Barbie dolls have always had unrealistic body proportions that most females do not have. A designer by the name of Nickolay Lamm, has created a more realistic Barbie doll. The proposed Barbie doll has the proportions typical in a human female. In particular, the Barbie doll’s waist would not be as slim. This Barbie doll would also be shorter. Stickers have also been created to represent the reality of being human. Females fall and bruise themselves, some have tattoos, others have stretch marks. Barbie dolls would be able to be customized with this new doll. So far the public responses have been positive.

Children in particular young girls will no longer grow up with the distorted image of what is perfect. The media already overemphasized a construction of what is beautiful, that has led many young girls to grow up confused. Young girls have grown up believing they must have a slim waist, be tall, and have blonde hair. Barbie dolls in the past have created ethnic versions, but they too have unrealistic proportions. Props to this designer that went this far to create a more realistic Barbie doll. Susan McGalla feels it is now up to parents to decide which Barbie they want to purchase. Those who still continue to want to purchase the traditional Barbie can do so. As the holiday season nears, the public response regarding this new Barbie will be very evident.

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