A Quick Intro to FreedomPop Wireless

FreedomPop Wireless is a radical new phone and data company that is seriously altering the landscape of traditional mobile phone and data technology. They are changing the face of the mobile industry in a number of different ways. Through new and innovative pricing schemes alongside consumer friendly branding and pricing they are winning over customers from coast to coast. In this article we will go over the basics of the FreedomPop service and help you to examine whether a switch over to FreedomPop is in your best interests as a mobile phone user.

What Makes FreedomPop Different?
FreedomPop differs from your typical mobile phone company in one important way. Instead of signing up for multiple year packages that have set in stone data limits the pricing at FreedomPop changes depending on your usage. Pricing ranges from free all the way up to expensive if you use massive amounts of data. Essentially every person that uses FreedomPop is given a certain amount of minutes, data and texts for free.

As long as you are on a FreedomPop capable device you are given an allotment of minutes data and texts every month. If you do not exceed that limit you do not owe them a dime. If you do exceed that amount the pricing is set on tiers where you only pay for what you use. So instead of wasting money on data, texts and minutes you do not use you will only have to pay for what you need.

Where is FreedomPop Available?
FreedomPop is currently in every major metropolitan area in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Asia. Service in the United States is great in major metropolitan areas and expanding in rural and suburban areas. They are rapidly expanding services through deals with existing major telecommunications companies so service is coming to previously unsupervised areas very quickly. As long as you live somewhere in or within a certain distance of even a mid sized city you should have no problem signing up for FreedomPop and getting great service.

How Do I Sign Up For FreedomPop?

In order to receive FreedomPop phone, data or text service you must have an approved FreedomPop device and download their Google Play app. You can purchase these devices directly from FreedomPop or on the secondary market. Once you have an officially approved device simply activate a FreedomPop sim card and you are set. You have the option of choosing a plan that costs money at the beginning or choosing the free plan and paying as you go. Both ways have their own unique benefits. Since it is pay as you go heavy users might want to utilize one of the up front plans in order to negate costs but if you are not planning on using a ton of data, minutes, or text messages you should be fine with the free plan.

FreedomPop is changing the landscape of the American telecommunications market. Competitors like Verizon are already dropping subsidized phone programs and adapting to the new market reality that FreedomPop represents. When large companies compete the consumer tends to win out in the end. FreedomPop offers many different things to different customers. Low limit users benefit from not subsidizing heavy users and people who tend to use a great deal of the network get a fair price for what they use.

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