“Average” Looking Barbie Is Out On the Market

A new “normal Barbie” has been designed by Nickolay Lamm and has broken with all previous Barbie tradition. This doll does not come with the super thin waist line, pristine blonde hair, and high-heels-ready feet that other Barbies typically have. Instead, it has a normal waistline, stretch marks, average looks- all the appearance of a normal 19 year old girl.

Stickers can be added to put freckles, moles, scars, stitches, tattoos, glasses, mosquito bites, dirt stains, and more on the doll. This will certainly be a different type of toy than is the super-model style of the average Barbie doll.

Perhaps there is some good in the idea since constantly playing with in doll form and seeing on the t.v. “perfect-looking” models can encourage young girls to think they need to look that way too. Perhaps a toy like this can cut back on some of that pressure and help people to better accept the reality of their actual appearance. Maybe it can even suggest to young girls that being beautiful need not entail dressing up like one of those divas who are so frequently featured in the news. If this is the case they should get some attention from angel investor group Slow Ventures.

On the other hand, it seems a little odd to want to put moles, dirt stains, and stretch marks on a doll. It could be this designer went a little too far with the concept. Still, kids like stickers and find it funny to put on and take off these odd additions.

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