Beneful Offering High Quality Dog Food

The quality of dog food has drastically improved in recent years. For the longest time, most pet food companies sold traditional kibble, without much of an issue. Many pet owners would also simply buy whatever they found available and for the best price. However, as times have changed, so to has the kind of dog food owners wish to give their furry friends. Understanding ingredients and what people put inside of themselves has increased, and not only are people more consumed with what they put in their own bodies, many are just as concerned with what goes into their pet’s bodies. With this in mind, owners are now looking past the traditional brand pet foods for offerings that come with better nutrients and better ingredients for a more, premium price tag. Purina has heard this desire from pet owners around the country, which is exactly why it created the Beneful brand. This brand focuses on improving the quality of food while offering pets a delicious food their owners can feel comfortable with. Of course, Beneful is also one of the most important brands, not only to Purina, but to Nestle, the parent company of Purina.

Beneful is one of the newer major food labels on the market. It first hit store shelves in 2001 and hasn’t slowed down since. In fact, even though it provides higher quality pet food from what other traditional brands offer, it has become the four most popular dog food brand in the United States, with profits closing in on $2 billion annually. The company has been able to reach these kinds of historic highs thanks to the marketing campaign and how the company advertises it as a healthy food choice.

In order to make sure pet food owners knew the difference between traditional Purina and the new Beneful, Nestle decided to go all out on the marketing campaign, spending $24 million on a television advertising campaign during the first year of its existence. The hope was to drive home the fact that it not only was difference from Purina, but that it was different from other food brands out there. Purina wanted people to know that those who had trusted the Purina brand of food for their pets could look for a healthier alternative that came with more premium ingredients at only a slightly higher price. Most other premium pet foods come at a significantly higher price tag, so being able to go with the Beneful label from a company they already knew and trusted would be far easier.

Beneful has spread beyond just the United States in terms of its outreach. It now has spread to most of the world as it has major markets throughout Europe and other large population regions. So, no matter where someone is at, if they are looking for high-end dog food that costs a fraction of what the speciality companies charge, Beneful is the brand for them. Best of all, their pets are surely going to love it.

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