Bullying Prematurely Ages Children

Countless hours and funds are spent to prevent premature aging of the skin so we can appear to be younger than our chronological age, but very few cents have been spent to stop bullying and child abuse which has now been shown to cause children to age prematurely and die younger than they would have under normal life circumstances. This story was passed along to me by friend Bruce Levenson.
A new study has revealed that along with all the other physical and developmental harm that bullying and abuse does to a child, it also causes the child to age more quickly on a cellular level than children who are not exposed to violent acts and words on a regular basis.
Since bullied and abused children start off ‘older’ than their peers, the liklihood of them dying before their peers is increased as well. The stress of the bullying harms internal cells which in turn lead to increased risks of the child developing health problems, like heart disease or diabetes, at an earlier age and not being able to keep the disease(s) under control because of the accelerated biological aging brought on by the stress of being subjected to regular bouts of bullying and/or abuse.

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