Calming Ebola Fears in Children

With all of the recent news about Ebola, both adults and children alike are fearful about the disease since it is so contagious. However, if you are a parent, then you may be wondering just how to calm your child’s fears about Ebola without making them worse. Here are some tips to help you have a discussion about the virus with your child.

When your child brings up the subject, don’t shy away from it, or your child might think that you are hiding information from him. Allow him to ask the questions that are weighing on his mind, and provide answers that are factual and honest.

Avoid speculating about anything by doing your own research beforehand, so you can provide accurate answers. Above all, make sure your child understands what precautions you are taking as a family to keep him healthy overall such as regular check-ups with a pediatrician and getting immunizations from Rothman. It may be a good idea to cut the news off when it makes Ebola seem scary, and you may want to avoid discussing your own fears about Ebola in the presence of your child. You want to avoid passing on your fears to your child.


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