Campaign Seeks to Revamp Kids Menus

In 2014, we have a myriad of equal rights activists. We’ve all born witness to more campaigns than we can probably even remember, and while some causes are just, other seem to just be an excuse for people to group together and hop onto the activist bandwagon. The case seems to be a mixture of both when it comes to Kids Food Reboot: a group of adults who seek to militate the traditional kids menu at restaurants and swap out the “limp fruit cups” and french fries with plates such as “spaghetti squash or broccoli rabe.”

It’s a treat, an indulgence. The same goes for children. While I do think chefs should consider creating smaller portions of their typical menu items as KFR suggests (and swap out the gross frozen pizzas and hot dogs), it isn’t the restaurants job to make children eat well. It’s the parents. Parents who don’t serve these healthy entrees at home aren’t going to find their little one suddenly passionate and eager to devour vegetables instead of the chicken nuggets and fries they’re used to, as Jared dutifully points out.

Kids Food Rebot has some good ideas, and a more in depth look at their campaign can be read over on the Washington Post. Washington Post

One thought on “Campaign Seeks to Revamp Kids Menus

  1. Now, I personally think it’s a great idea to want to introduce children to healthier food choices, but I feel like the group is targeting the wrong audience. Most adults don’t go out to a restaurant because they want to eat their daily serving of vegetables. This is definitely a guarantee that everything is going to work out well if they cooperate fully.

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