Christopher Linkas: Encouraging Young People To Begin Investing Early

Investment expert Christopher Linkas thinks its important for young people to begin investing at an early age. He points out that young investors have many advantages over people who become involved in investing later in life. Some of the reasons Christopher Linkas gives for young people to start investing as early as possible include:


  1. Recovering Over Time


When people begin investing while they’re young, whether they invest in low, medium or high risk stocks they have time to recover from money lost due to the volatility of the market and grow their wealth.

  1. Letting Their Money Work


By investing early young people can earn interest and let it grow in value and generate compound interest over a long period of time. This allows them to build a large nest egg for retirement.

  1. Changing Spending Habits


Young people who learn to invest regularly and live within a budget rather than impulsively spend their money can attain their financial goals and have the money they need to become entrepreneurs should they so desire.

  1. Gaining An Edge


By beginning to invest early, young people can improve their decision-making, begin making profits that will put them ahead of their peers financially and be able to afford larger purchases like homes later in life.

  1. Improved Quality Of Life


By investing early, young people improve their changes of enjoying a better quality of life. This will allow them to be able to take advantage of more opportunities that come their way and have the financial foundation to pursue activities that they enjoy. Christopher Linkas can provide young people with a variety of tools and share insights and strategies that can lead to strong returns and help them amass a fortune over time.


Many companies seek out Christopher Linkas for investment advice. The Bowdoin College graduate has worked as a financial analyst and vice president at RER Financial Group, an Associate with AEW and with Goldman Sachs as a vice president. Christopher Linkas currently works with a major investment group based in the UK. He is also a wealthy and successful investor.

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