Turning a Mess, Into a Message

Frozen peas was the only item on the menu for one mother of 5 when she was struggling to feed her children. Now that the mother, Gill McCormick, is in a stable situation, she has decided to turn her experience around and help those who need it. The mother who only had a bag of frozen peas to her name, has opened up two food banks to help those who might be in similar situations or under similar circumstances. Gill McCormick found herself in a poverty trap due to a series of tragic and unfortunate events. Gill miscarried a baby on the day of her wedding, her husband died a year after they were married, and the mother was now a single mother of three children. Instead of letting life get her down, McCormick used her experiences to help her desire to encourage and inspire others. The pair of food banks centered in Glasgow have help feed more than 7,000 people in its short existence. According to Kevin Seawright, McCormick has this success at just the age of 28. McCormick doesn’t just offer people bags of groceries, but often engage in conversation with the families who need to share their problems. There is a rule at the food bank that if people come in with a frown, it is the staff’s job to make sure that they leave with a smile. All of this generous work has McCormick nominated for a Woman of the Year award.