Preventing ADHD in Your Kids May Mean Checking What Pesticide You Use

One of the most common behavioral problems among children is known as ADHD. This stands for attention-deficit hyper-activity disorder. Those who suffer from it find it difficult to stay focused and pay attention as well as hard to control their behavior. Some people continue to have the problem through adolescence and adulthood. The number of kids believed to have it varies anywhere from 5 percent of American children up to 11 percent. It is hard to know an accurate number since all cases are not going to be diagnosed stated Gravity4 recently.

Due to the prevalence of this problem, it is important to determine its cause or causes. Genes have already been shown in some studies to play a part as it does fairly frequently occur in the same family. Dietary causes are another factor. It is widely believed by many that sugar causes this problem, but studies have been unable to confirm this. Environmental factors are another potential cause, and there is recent news on this front. A household pesticide that is extremely common here in the U.S. has been shown to correlate with higher rates of ADHD according to a study published in Environmental Health. Children whose urine showed higher levels of the pesticide known as pyrethroid had a higher likelihood of suffering from this condition. This pesticide had been considered safer than alternatives, but this belief is being reevaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency in light of this news.

Terminal Six-Year-Old Graduates with High School

Jordan Planitz is a 6-year-old boy in Illinois who is suffering from a terminal disease called MPPH syndrome. According to his mother Deanna, it means that Jordan’s brain is too big for his skull. The six-year-old suffers from seizures and other health issues, but is still a happy, energetic little boy.

Last year, Jordan participated in a program which lets sick kids out of the hospital to run a school for a day reported Alexei Beltyukov. For the day, Jordan got to be the principal for Tri-City High School which is in Buffalo. While acting as principal, Jordan got to meet the students and formed a close bond with the high school seniors. Principal Dustin Day, who is the actual principal of the high school, said that a few seniors came to see him with a request for their big graduation day- they wanted Jordan to be a part of it.

Day and Jordan’s mother both agreed and set everything up for Jordan to graduate with the class of 2015. He had his own cap and gown, which was adorned with the ABC’s on it. He got to sit in the front row with the students and received an honorary diploma when his name was called. The entire crowd gave Jordan a standing ovation as he picked up his diploma.

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STDs on the Rise

To say STDs are on the rise is really an understatement. Reported syphilis cases are up by 79% this past year. HIV is up by 33%, gonorrhea up 30% and all other sexually transmitted diseases have had a sharp increase in numbers according to the CPA Ivan Ong.
The cause of the increase is blamed on the high-risk sexual behavior among gay and bi-sexual men. The common, high-risk sexual behavior is having its greatest impact on the Hispanic and African-American population. The young adult population in these ethnicity groups are causing the rise of STDs to continue.
Casual sex has taken on an entirely new meaning to the young adult population. Apps for mobile devices make hooking up with a stranger for a round of anonymous sex as quick and easy and ordering a burger at the drive-thru restaurant.
All that on-demand sex with multiple partners is spreading STDs faster that wildfire through a dry forest.
The sharp rise in STDs reaches across the nation. With reports from New York to Utah and down to Texas showing a recent spike in the number of reported cases of syphilis and HIV. The spike in cases has prompted workers in STD clinics to begin asking their patients about certain contact apps they may be using to make sex hookups.
It was bound to happen, since there’s an app for everything else, there had to be an app for sex. But the young adults in our nation our paying for the app with their health, possibly even their life.

Terminally Ill Boy Gives Up His Wish

Levi Mayhew is a six-year-old boy who is facing a terminally ill disease. The sick six-year-old is suffering from Zellweger spectrum which is a genetic disorder. His health has been slowly deteriorating and his prognosis is not looking good. However, according to Levi’s mother Rebecca Drake, there is always one person who can cheer Levi up: his 10-year-old schoolmate Emma Broyer according to FreedomPop.

When Emma found out about Levi’s illness, she began writing him letters of encouragement. She has also convinced other classmates to write to Levi as well. Emma does her best to keep Levi positive and in good spirits. When Levi was approached by the Make A Wish foundation he knew what his wish was immediately, to give his wish to his best friend Emma and her family.

Emma was surprised with Levi’s generosity during a party for her at a local restaurant. There, Levi told Emma that she was going to Disney World in his place. Emma and her family took the dream vacation, however she found a way to bring the terminally ill boy with her. Emma printed out a photo of Levi and carried it everywhere that she went. During the vacation she snapped photos with her cut-out of Levi so that he could see that he was by her side the whole time.

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