Susan McGalla’s tips on how busy mothers could become more effecient

Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips From Susan McGalla

For any person, it has never been easy to find a balance between work and home life. It even becomes more difficult if one is a busy mother. Every mother wants her kids to feel like she is there for them. She wants to do house chores like a normal wife would and even treat the husband well. This may seem too much for most mothers. However, with a little focus, one can turn the chaotic life around and balance it all. Susan McGalla shares tips on how to do this:

– Susan insists that it is essential that one finds time to relax. This done together with friends or family members. Relaxing restores oneself and makes them able to respond to challenges from home or work easily.

– Activities that drain you should be avoided at all costs. If whatever you are doing is not constructive in any way and yet takes up much of your time and energy, then it is time you stop doing it.

– Apart from relaxing, find time to do anything that soothes you. Do this all by yourself. You may leave work early just to enjoy a hot shower. During the weekend, you can extend your sleep time by two or more hours before getting busy again.

– Work out! It gives you the feeling that you have things in control. Mentally, exercise will clear any emotions or random thoughts that drain the brain. A simple job in the morning around your home can do the trick.

– Discharge small duties to other people who are willing to help. You don’t have to do every single small task. Small things take up a lot of time without one realizing it.

– Do not strive to be perfect. As much as you want to give your best in everything you do, the results do not have to be perfect.

– Put your smartphone away. Stay away from any technological gadget that may distract you. Technology introduces the notion that one hasn’t been working. Staying away from tech items helps one to focus.

– Yoga is good for anyone. For busy mothers, it is probably all they need. Find some few minutes to meditate.

– Restructure your lifestyle and make it as simple as possible. Find the easiest way to do things.

– Even the most efficient mother feels guilty about not being there for her family at some point. It is normal. Learning to ignore this feeling could help you concentrate on being efficient.

– How a day begins hugely affects how it goes. The mood you get when you wake up will determine how your day will be. It is therefore important that busy mothers avoid chaos in the morning. This can be done by planning for the next day the previous night.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla used to be a senior board member at HFF Inc., a company that deals with commercial real estate. She became popular when she served as the president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Currently, Susan directs planning and growth as The Pittsburgh Steelers. She works to bring SuperBowl to Pittsburgh and also launch a fashion site.