Controlling Canine Obesity With Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food

Nearly 52% of dogs suffer from obesity. The reasons are pretty simple; an excess of food and too little exercise, or even hormonal changes that cause rapid weight gain. Yet, for the majority of dogs, obesity can be blamed on a sedentary lifestyle and poor menu selections.

Controlling Canine Obesity

Weight control begins during the puppy stage on It is vital to prevent canine obesity early on because an obese dog has a lower life expectancy, and the quality of life will certainly decline. Complications from canine obesity are no different from humans; diabetes, joint disease, and breathing problems are just a few of the early signs. In fact, dogs also can become prone to incontinence, skin diseases and an impaired immune system. To help your pet lose a few pounds start by offering wholesome nutrition from Beneful.

Review what’s on the menu. Caloric restriction usually results in weight reduction. Pick a quality dog food, like Beneful on twitter Healthy Weight, and feeding should be limited to twice a day. Beneful dog food has a good reputation, and remains a top choice among pet owners. The Purina Beneful brand offers appetizing selections, and more importantly, the healthy weight formula has a decent protein-fat-carbohydrate percentage. Minimum carbohydrates and balanced fat content will help dogs drop the pounds quicker.

If you keep more than one dog, it is often advisable to feed them separately. This will help you avoid food envy and ensure both animals receive only the portion of dog food that is intended.

If your dog is going to lose weight, it has to move around a lot more. Take the time to walk with your dog on a regular basis. Gradually, increase the number of walks, and try to make the mode a little more strenuous. Combining Beneful Healthy Weight dog food with a consistent exercise program will get your canine to the goal weight in no time.

Simple solutions that boost metabolism can control canine weight issues, and as for pet owners, eliminate snacks and encourage more physical activity.

Beneful Offering High Quality Dog Food

The quality of dog food has drastically improved in recent years. For the longest time, most pet food companies sold traditional kibble, without much of an issue. Many pet owners would also simply buy whatever they found available and for the best price. However, as times have changed, so to has the kind of dog food owners wish to give their furry friends. Understanding ingredients and what people put inside of themselves has increased, and not only are people more consumed with what they put in their own bodies, many are just as concerned with what goes into their pet’s bodies. With this in mind, owners are now looking past the traditional brand pet foods for offerings that come with better nutrients and better ingredients for a more, premium price tag. Purina has heard this desire from pet owners around the country, which is exactly why it created the Beneful brand. This brand focuses on improving the quality of food while offering pets a delicious food their owners can feel comfortable with. Of course, Beneful is also one of the most important brands, not only to Purina, but to Nestle, the parent company of Purina.

Beneful is one of the newer major food labels on the market. It first hit store shelves in 2001 and hasn’t slowed down since. In fact, even though it provides higher quality pet food from what other traditional brands offer, it has become the four most popular dog food brand in the United States, with profits closing in on $2 billion annually. The company has been able to reach these kinds of historic highs thanks to the marketing campaign and how the company advertises it as a healthy food choice.

In order to make sure pet food owners knew the difference between traditional Purina and the new Beneful, Nestle decided to go all out on the marketing campaign, spending $24 million on a television advertising campaign during the first year of its existence. The hope was to drive home the fact that it not only was difference from Purina, but that it was different from other food brands out there. Purina wanted people to know that those who had trusted the Purina brand of food for their pets could look for a healthier alternative that came with more premium ingredients at only a slightly higher price. Most other premium pet foods come at a significantly higher price tag, so being able to go with the Beneful label from a company they already knew and trusted would be far easier.

Beneful has spread beyond just the United States in terms of its outreach. It now has spread to most of the world as it has major markets throughout Europe and other large population regions. So, no matter where someone is at, if they are looking for high-end dog food that costs a fraction of what the speciality companies charge, Beneful is the brand for them. Best of all, their pets are surely going to love it.

Choosing the Right Purina Dog Food for Your Pet

You love your dog, and he or she is probably almost a part of the family. Pets have a way into people’s hearts that really is amazing. As a result, you know that you want to give your dog the best possible food. You want food that will give him energy, keep him healthy and that he’ll enjoy.

These days, you have better options than ever. For instance, consider Purina’s new Beneful dog food line. It’s made specifically for dogs who love to play, so it’s high in energy. It makes sure that they never tire out. A long day of playing ball in the yard is now possible! Beneful contains the real meat that dogs need, with chicken, beef, port and lamb. You can see the ingredients, you know they’re not nearly as processed as some other brands, and you know that your dog is really getting the right food. When deciding what to give your dog, consider the following:

1. What the Dog Prefers
Like humans, all dogs are different, and they have different preferences. Some like baked treats. Others like wet dog food. Still others prefer dry food from Beneful. Test each one out on your dog, and it’ll become clear pretty quickly what he would like to eat. That’s the route you want to take, as it ensures that your dog always eats enough, enjoys his meals, and spends less time begging for your food.

2. Your Dog’s Size
For dogs, size is more important than age, as it determines what type of food they need and what they can eat the best. Typically, there are types for small breeds, medium breeds and large breeds. Weight limitations will be listed on the bags so that you know where your dog fits in, as everyone thinks of a “large” dog slightly differently.

Remember, if you get a puppy, it’s going to grow through these stages very quickly, and so you may need to use all of the different kinds in a row. Don’t just assume that, since your dog is eventually going to weigh 100 pounds, you should give him food for a large dog when he’s a puppy. Your considerations should be based on his size right now, not his eventual size.

3. Natural Food
It’s best for dogs to eat natural food when they can. This fits with their digestive systems and gives them what their bodies crave. Dogs are not designed to eat overly processed food and artificial ingredients. That’s why it’s hard to beat the Purina dog food that has real meat as the main ingredient. That’s what your dog wants the most, and that’s what he needs.

4. Variety
For the most part, you want to keep the dog’s diet the same day after day. However, that does not mean there’s no room for variety. Try giving him a few different types of treats. This gives him something to be excited about, to look forward to, without being too different from the daily meal.

Purina Is The Best Pet Care Brand

The education of Purina’s pet care philosophy is an integral component of their effective business plan. Currently presenting a variety of products, ranging from wet/dry food to delicious snacks, this well-known corporation seeks to spread the knowledge of animal wellness to individuals across the United States and abroad. Essentially, Purina’s noteworthy quality control procedures promote healthy meals that every pet can enjoy. Most importantly, this leading company truly understands the effectiveness of beneficial animal foods and strongly believes that educating individuals about the advantages of utilizing their products will result in more satisfied and loyal customers.

Purina news objective is to provide extremely personalized products in order to cater to a wide array of pets across the globe. This is accomplished with an extensive portfolio of pet consumer goods to adhere to every animal’s unique needs and desires. For example, the “Purina Pro Plan” is designed to assist dogs in performing their absolute best while the “Purina Beneful,” encourages playfulness as the foods encompass stimulating colors and textures. Both of these canine meal selections are packed with nutritious and beneficial ingredients to ultimately help extend a pet’s healthy years. Unlike many animal brands, Purina produces their products with complete and balanced ingredients, which includes meat, fish, soy, and vegetables. The formulation of these essential components promotes digestive health as well as overall performance and endurance. Commendably, Purina believes that the best ingredients are team players as they successfully complement the entire nutrient blend.

As an avid supporter of food safety, Purina has the most rigorous quality control measures in the pet care industry. Moreover, they maintain a comprehensive database of roughly 400 scientists and nutritionists who work tirelessly to develop healthy consumable products for a variety of animals. Notably, these experts adhere to federal and state regulatory laws in addition to the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) strict guidelines. Moreover,
Purina strives to exceed the requirements of these safety standards to promote optimal nourishment for many pets.

For over 80 years, Purina has successfully delivered outstanding products to many animals and owners around the world. The company’s beneficial goods are usually available at pet stores, grocery stores, and mass merchants. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to develop meals that appeal to dogs and cats taste buds while simultaneously ensuring a completing digestible product. With the best and healthiest ingredients, the company composes a smart nutrient blend that maintains a proven track record of improving a pet’s overall health.

Along with formulating beneficial products for the consumer, Purina is also passionate about assisting shelter pets. Notably, in 2011, the company donated food to approximately 1800 animal rescue centers around the globe.

Hope Gives Hope To Cats With Special Needs

It’s difficult for many animals that end up in shelters to get adopted, let alone animals with special needs. The Humane Society, which is a no kill shelter, especially has a hard time adopting out cats with food or medical needs. These cats typically require routine followups and vet checks, so naturally some people are hesitant to take that on.

But, there’s Hope. Literally. Meet this little sweetheart named Hope. Hope was born with a developmental disorder called microphthalmia. Microphthalmia causes the eyes to develop abnormally, and they typically are non-functioning.

Hope, along with her mother and sister, were found and rescued from the parking lot of the Burlington Ikea parking lot. The Burlington Humane Society began posting pictures of Hope online and many fell in love with her. This led to people donating the money that was needed for her eye surgery.

Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that she had her eye surgery earlier this month, and recuperated far better than expected. Last Thursday, Hope was one of the lucky cats with special needs to find her forever home. And, this lucky little kitten’s needs will be met- in the one floor apartment of the man who adopted her. Not all cats with special needs are lucky enough to be loved and have their needs met. But Hope was, and her story is incredible.