Private Air Travel Club Surf Air Announces New Partnerships To Help Celebrate 5 Year Anniversary

Surf Air is an exclusive private air travel club that offers members an unlimited number of flights every month. The company strives to provide a stress-free flying experience. Surf Air has private air crafts that are available throughout the United States and Europe. Surf Air also provides global charter services through the Surf Anywhere program. The majority of Surf Air members are leisure and regional business travelers.

The Company is celebrating its 5 year anniversary this month. To help celebrate this huge achievement, Surf Air members will receive new membership benefits. Surf Air wants to thank their members for their loyalty. Surf Air experiences started as a way to help members receive a great flying experience in California.

Surf Air is proud to announce their new partnerships with All Roads North, FoundersCard, and The Private Suite LAX. All Roads North has helped create road trips across the United States. All Roads North works closely with different lodges, hotels, and ranches to create a great experience. Surf Air members can enjoy different travel packages throughout California.

FoundersCard has a large community of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who receive special networking opportunities and additional benefits. Members have access to special VIP travel packages. Members who book their stay at a luxury hotel or resort can receive special rates and amenities, as well as adjusted cancellation options.

As part of Surf Air’s partnership with The Private Suite LAX, members will receive special benefits while waiting for their flight at Los Angeles International Airport. Members will be driven to their airplane with their baggage already taken care of. Members can wait in a private suite with their own bathroom, food pantry, and daybed.

Download the Surf Air App HERE.

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Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Products Scoops a Second Award from Technology Marketing Corporation

Talk Fusion has proven to be one of the providers of groundbreaking video marketing solutions around the world. Under the leadership of its CEO and founder, Bob Reina, the company has attained considerable successes in the industry. In fact, some of its video solutions and products have scooped top industry accolades and recognitions. Video Chat is one of the products that has played a significant role in flying Talk Fusion’s flag high.


Last year, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat product proudly attained the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. The award was courtesy of the integrated media giant, Technology Marketing Corporation. It recognizes outstanding services and products that promote video, voice and data communications that were introduced to the market or considerably improved in the past one year.


Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO, acknowledged the honorees of the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award as the true leaders of their respective industries. He also added that the honorees serve as the representatives of the best solutions and products that are currently available on the market.


By leveraging the potential of WebRTC technology, Video Chat enables users to communicate on a face-to-face basis with anybody, anywhere and through any communication device. The Video Chat application is readily accessible through popular avenues such as Google Play Store and iTunes. Aside from the recognition from TMC, Talk Fusion made other significant impacts such as the introduction of free trials, launching of a new site and the WebRTC Recorder. These accomplishments made 2016 one of Talk Fusion’s best year so far.


A Comprehensive Look at Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a renowned international leader in video marketing solutions. Since commencing its operations in 2007 under its founder and CEO, Bob Reina, the company has changed lives and promoted business growth through its revolutionary and proprietary video technology solutions. By utilizing an individual-to-individual marketing strategy, Talk Fusion has expanded its operations and sold its products in over 140 nations globally. Additionally, the company is not only known for introducing the first of its kind Instant Pay Compensation Plan but also for being an acclaimed member of the Direct Selling Association.



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