ClassDojo: Promoting Entrepreneurship

ClassDojo was presented in 2011, by the co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. They believe ClassDojo application would create a positive culture of communication between parents, students, and teachers since it is free and easy to use. ClassDojo has raised 21 million in the stake funding of a technology that enables the teachers and parents to effectively communicate on the student’s behaviors and development in school.

Parents are always concerned about their children to progress in school. The long years of learning the school’s curriculum make the parents wonder what their kids are experiencing and their daily behaviors in the classroom. ClassDojo has made work more accessible by establishing a useful communication platform between the child’s educator and the parents.

Teachers monitor the child’s behaviors and the activities they are undertaking. They use a ClassDojo application to record videos or photos of the kid and upload it for their parents to view, this has made information more reliable. The ClassDojo application is used by many schools in public and the private sector in many countries. Most of ClassDojo users are the teachers in the kindergarten classes. ClassDojo aims to circulate its application to more teachers and parents in the country.

ClassDojo produced their first application in February 2013, for the android operations. That year the firm gathered 8.5 million in a series of round A of funding. ClassDojo has been divided into 35 languages and made penetration to 180 countries.Around 2014 ClassDojo improved their platform to assist the teacher in communicating with parents directly. They added a digital form of sending the contents from teachers to parents in August the same year.

The company got 21 million in series B round of funding which was addressed by General Catalyst Partners in 2016.The firm also signed a partnership with Stanford University Project for education in research That Scales lab to discuss the growth of the five-part series of education videos. The series was viewed by many students in the schools in American classrooms. ClassDojo also updated their platform to enable the teachers to share school-based contents to the parents.

Recently ClassDojo presented a mindfulness curriculum in partnership with the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence.The firm is looking forward to making the communication platform in education more better by including more features into the application.

OneLogin Ready Data Security

Most companies have General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) feature, and OneLogin is one of them. The main agenda is to work with given timelines and policies to ensure safety and privacy program are attained to the firm and also to its customers. It is used by more than 2,000 enterprise customers worldwide to secure their applications. The user is required to log in once to access all the apps on the computer or phone. GDPR is the solution to many individuals and entities, being among the first to adopt frameworks and regulations meant to improve security.

While many companies are yet to calculate what needs to be done to secure information, OneLogin is working to improve its existing functions and reliability to a client in different ways. Subjectivity has to be dealt with whenever it arises so that the customer’s confidentiality in the firm is assured. First, the policies and processes have been revisited. It means redrawing the data flows and constructing a detailed diagram of data mapping. Secondly, is to enhance contract language for a change. The data breach, subcontractor use and responsibility of control in data processing are the changes introduced to the Data Processing Agreement. The customer is also allowed to get their language as long as it works for both parties.

Thirdly, Addressing Data Protection Officer (DPO) Requirement is essential. It will ensure the laid General Data Protection Regulation plans change so that DPO does not have to be independent of the company. Having the data protection officer operating from within the firm is conducive especially when changes need to be done. Lastly, OneLogin is determined to create trust with its clients who rely on the existing program. The current providers may have adapted to the programs available to cover GDPR. An official and reliable certification of GDPR is therefore bound to be defined.

With these plans in the security company, current clients and prospective customers are made to understand the course of their service provider. OneLogin is available to offer confidentiality and privacy to customers to help them in risk management.