Jeremy Goldstein, an influential attorney with a big heart

Charity events are often characterized with fun and weird activities, but when Jeremy Goldstein is involved, the script tends to read a little differently. Jeremy who now sits as a board member on the director board of Fountain house recently organized two lavish wine dinner parties with the sole aim of raising money to support and increase awareness on mental illness.


However, he did not do it on his own as he had Joe Finkel and Omar Khan on board and together they were able to host two of the most lavish and also posh wine dinners ever witnessed in the history of charity. Through the dinners, Jeremy Goldstein and his two friends were able to raise over $56,000 in support of Fountain House, a non-profit organization famed for its tireless efforts in helping those who have mental illness. The events attracted the crème de la crème of the community and helped increase awareness on this silent condition.


How Fountain house came to be


Six mental illness patients in 1944 established fountain House. Even though the idea was born in 1944, it was only until 1948 that it officially came to life after the patients with the backing of their supporters procured a building with a fountain in its garden (hence the name) and formally established the organization. The fact that it was found by people suffering from the same has acted as a pillar for the organization and has gone a long way in eradicating the stigmatization and changing the perception of how people in the community view mental illness. Today, Fountain House is a global organization with over 300 locations in 30 countries and thirty-two states.


The board of directors governing Fountain house incorporates all necessary programs from housing, education, employment, health to wellness; to ensure that each patient gets access to all the relevant resources that they need for full recovery. Its efforts have been fruitful, and there have been myriads of success stories. For instance, about 99% of its members have access to quality housing while 42% of the patients from Fountain house are employed and earning approximately $2 million in a year. Currently sitting on a 5-acre farm in New Jersey, Fountain House has indeed lived up to its foundation and has positively impacted the lives of not only the patients but also their families and the community.


Who is Jeremy Goldstein?


Goldstein is a well-known attorney practicing in the realm of corporate law. He has been part of some of the most significant corporate deals and has helped steer numerous companies to success and away from government trouble, through his impressive knowledge of the legalities involved in the corporate arena. Jeremy Goldstein is also quite lucrative as he holds various certifications such as a B.A from Cornell and an M.A from Chicago University. Additionally, he is an alumnus of New York University where he received his JD.


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