Officer Feeds Baby After Mother has Seizure

Not all police officers are bad people. They don’t all want to make an arrest every time they get in a car or walk on the street. Folks at Boraie Development LLC know that one officer is being praised for making sure a mother’s baby was cared for after she had a seizure. The officer held the baby while emergency workers made sure the mother was stable enough to go to the hospital. It’s these acts of kindness and dedication that give officers a good reputation, something that they need in the country after the latest incidents in some states. The officer was doing off-duty work at the mall when the mother had the seizure. Pictures were taken of the man holding the baby and giving her a bottle. It didn’t seem like any other people were going to stop to help as they were too busy trying to get a picture of the officer. Some people don’t want to assist others, even if it’s for a few moments while there are others who put aside everything just to make sure someone gets the proper care they need.

Michigan Couple Welcomes Their 13th Baby Boy

A Michigan couple with 12 sons just welcomed baby boy number 13 to their family. Kateri and Jay Schwandt welcomed the baby boy on May 13. They certainly cover the spectrum when it comes to age. Their oldest son Tyler is 21-years-old. The youngest boy before they welcomed their newest addition was is just 2-years-old.


Folks at Anastasia Date are happy to learn that Kateri gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She and her husband are both 40-years-old. Kateri said that they have made it a tradition not to find out the sex of the baby before having it. They have done that all 12 times previously, so nothing was going to change this time around. When asked, Kateri said she really was not shocked she had another boy. However, if it would’ve been a girl they would not have believed it.


The statistical odds of giving birth to 13 boys consistently are approximately 1 in 8,000. Family and friends of the Scwandt’s are equally as surprised that they have had 13 boys in a row but are thankful for each and every one of them.


In case you are wondering, the family is of Roman Catholic religion and does not believe in using any form of birth control. This explains why they have so many children. When asked how Kateri felt about her family dynamic, she stated that she could not be happier. She comes from a big family herself as one of 14 children.