John Holt Proved to be a Key Player in The Banking Sector at The 2016 Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference

NexBank Capital’s head and CEO, John Holt, was one of the panelists at the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 7, last year. This conference takes place yearly and brings together key players in the banking industry, including advisers and consultants.


Primary Purpose


The main goal of the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is to discuss common challenges that affect the banking arena as a whole with the aim of finding possible solutions. The participants also explore the opportunities available for them through strategies, such as organic growth and branches creation as well as mergers and acquisitions. John Holt took part in the discussion on the topic titled “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.”


About NexBank


NexBank is one of the largest serving banks in the Texas State and the United States at large. Having been established in 1934, NexBank has a massive experience in the banking field. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, and it has grown over the years to open other branches at four different locations. NexBank’s services comprise of various forms of banking that include investment banking, mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. The financial services provider has grown its clientele to include financial organizations, institutions, companies, and individual customers.


With James Dondero steering the Board of Directors Chairman, NexBank has utilized the expertise of its human capital to offer the best services to its clients. The personal banking experience offered at the bank is top-notch and is directed at managing the customer’s cash flows better and ultimately creating wealth for them. The bank offers the best rates in the money markets as compared to other banks in the industry. Following their excellence in all the areas of operations, NexBank is rated at the highest with the potential of growing even further.