Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame: Lee May

During the 1970s anyone who watched the sport of baseball in the United States of America would have been well aware of a phenomenon that was happening in the team of the Cincinnati Reds. At the time they were referred to as the big red machine. This nickname was given to them because of the fact that they had a series of victories during the seasons in the 1970s. There were a number of factors that influence the team success during this time. One of the most important contributing influences to the success of the team was that of professional baseball player Lee May.

Lee May was recruited out of Birmingham Alabama in the 1960s. He first began to play professional baseball as a rookie in 1961. He played professional baseball as a rookie for a period of around six years. It was not until 1967 after an incredible performance during one of his rookie years that he was recognized as having significant levels of talent. During the 1967 rookie season, Lee May was able to hit 12 home runs with only 438 batting sessions. At the time this was an absolutely phenomenal performance, and he was quickly recruited to the Cincinnati Reds team.

Over the next two seasons of professional baseball, he gained a reputation as one of the most impressive power hitters of the entire professional baseball league. Every year that he played as part of the Cincinnati Reds, they got closer to a title. Lee May held the home run records in the years 1968 and 1969. In 1959 the Cincinnati Reds were only four games away from setting the pace in the newly formed National League Western division. Lee May was able to become a leader of the clubhouse. Lee May passed away in July 2017, but he will be remembered forever in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.


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