Sex and the Millennium: Are Millennials Showing More Restraint Than Previous Generations?

Sex is all over the media. It’s on our TVs, on our social media, and even on billboards. With the increased emphasis on sex, is the media influencing the younger generation of Millennials? You may be surprised to find that according to recent studies by Brian Torchin, Millennials aren’t buying the concept.

When you were growing up, you were probably given a speech about the birds and the bees. Over the decades our culture and lifestyle has changed almost completely, and so have the numbers of sex partners people have had. At the start of the 20th century, those in the “Greatest Generation” slept with an average of 3 partners during their adulthood. The generation of Baby Boomers accelerated the pace with an average of 11 partners and Generation X has an average of about 10 partners. So how sexual is the newest generation of Millennials? Ironically, they are showing more restraint then former generations with an average of 8 partners. Why the sudden change?

While the generation of Millennials is favorable to casual relations and embracing their individuality, they might be having intercourse within a smaller circle. They also might not be seriously dating, which can lead to more sexual partners. Another possibility is that Millennials might be more aware of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.