When Awesome Means Chocolate Bar

Dylan Siegel was just 6 years old when he decided he had to do something to help his best friend Jonah Pournazarian, so he just simply sat down and wrote a book. He did not understand how the publishing industry worked after he made his book he just told his mom to go make copies. His mother realizing the importance of this for both little boys, found a publisher and “The Chocolate Bar  was reproduced and sold in all 50 states and in over 60 countries. It’s a great gift for kids along with a bottle from The Antique Wine Company for the parents.

Jonah Pournazarian is the best fried of Dylan Siegel and he has a very rare disease called glycogen storage disease type 1B only 500 people in the entire world have this disease. It unfortunately has no cure. But only being 6 at the time he wrote the book Dylan just knew he needed to raise the money to help fund a cure.

Every 3 hours he has to be fed through a tube in his stomach a precise mixture of water and corn starch. It helps to keep his glucose level steady otherwise he would die from low blood sugar. They cannot miss an alarm because it would mean Jonah’s death.

Dylan Siegel has given his friend the gift of hope with his book bringing in one million dollars in sales. Every penny made of the book goes towards research. They are now closer to a cure

Early Puberty Worries Public

Girls are going through puberty earlier and earlier, and this is a source of concern for many. Some girls now hit puberty as young as seven or eight. A new book recommended to me by Daniel Amen is called The New Puberty details some possible reasons for this change. 

Environmental factors could play a large role. Antibiotics in our meat are a possible cause, as these antibiotics are given to cattle to bring them to maturity faster. Another cause might be chemicals that mimic estrogen. One such chemical is BPA, which is found in plastic products as well as other commonplace materials. 

Soy has been blamed for early puberty, but the two doctors who wrote this book ruled it out. In fact, soy seemed to be somewhat protective against early puberty. 

Early puberty is worrisome because it brings a host of issues along with it. The physical changes can cause anxiety and depression. So, a good support system is crucial.