Strength and love through the art of breastfeeding

In the news there are pictures printed of a mother and her newborn son in the hospital. Buzzfeed reports “These images show the incredible strength and love through the art of breastfeeding”
As I looked at these images, I could feel the love and bond between this mother and child. The folks at The Aspire New Brunswick and the team behind feel that a mother’s love for her child or children does not begin when they come into this world, they begin the moment she finds out she is pregnant.
Unfortunately not every pregnancy is one filled with joy, but for those that are it is an incomparable and unexplainable joy to have a life growing inside of you.
In the case of this mother, there was one bond that she thought she’d never experience…the bond of breastfeeding, due to breast cancer. But to her wonderful surprise, her son did what is usually natural to do without struggle or hesitation he latched on to her healthy breast and began the next level of bonding. Even without understanding what he did this baby gave his mom the best gift ever.