Yeonmi Park’s Upcoming Visit to DePauw University

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean rebel who is currently a human rights activist. She was born in October 1993 and escaped from North Korea in 2007. She currently resides in South Korea. She comes from a family that was once part of the ruling select in North Korea. Currently, she works as a reporter, activist and public speaker appearing on TV talk shows and advocating for the plight of North Korean refugees. The speech she made at the One Young World Summit in Dublin in 2014 is what brought her to the limelight. On her official Facebook page, you’ll learn that Park’s family escaped from North Korea through China. After the tiresome and risky journey, she decided to become a full-time human rights activist.

Miss Park is scheduled for a public speaking gathering at the DePauw University on October 5, 2015. According to an article on DePauw’s University website, she is expected to speak about her departure from North Korea, the terrors and horrors of human trafficking and the need to give freedom to the people of North Korea and the world in general. The young lass will deliver a Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture making her the youngest Ubben lecturer yet. She will deliver the lecture just one day after her 22nd birthday and six days after her book titled “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” is published by Penguin. This lecture like all Ubben Lectures will be free for admission and open to anyone willing to attend. It will be followed by a question and answer segment and later a book signing.

Yeonmi’s story is one of a struggle to leave an oppressive country surviving some of the darkest times of her life. She says that her way of viewing the word changed after watching the Titanic movie. Before that she believed that dying in power or in the line of duty was the most honorable thing to do but after watching the film it gave her a taste of freedom after seeing people die for love. Coming from a privileged family things changed for them and they had to flee North Korea through China where they endured many hardships. Her sister left before them and by the time they got to China she was presumed dead. She watched her mother get raped and her father died of cancer. She and her mother managed to get to South Korea and start a new life. Her sister escaped from China miraculously and joined them in South Korea. Because she always felt left out and forgotten she decided that the world should not forget about the refugees from North Korea. That is why she decided to become vocal about it and that made her a renowned activist.

Ten-Year-Old Gets Award For Standing Up to Bullies

Dominic Zaffino,10, from Hatfield, Pennsylvania was presented with a medal of courage for standing to bullying. He was cyber bullied on social media, and he handled the situation with grace. Dominic went on Instagram to call out the bullies. The 10-year-old was being bullied because of his size. He told that his short stature was due to chemotherapy. He told them it was better to be short than dead and a person didn’t have to be tall to be a winner. The fifth grader believes it was God’s will to slow down his growth, so he could concentrate on becoming the best person he could.
Dr. Claudio Cerullo founded an organization called Teach Anti Bullying Inc in 2011 because he was concerned with the growing problem of school violence and bullying. Dr. Cerullo was bullied in middle school and through high school. The former secondary principal Susan McGalla, is intent on teaching anti-bullying to young children by writing children’s’ books on the issues. He is concerned with bullying done to able bodied and disabled students. Dr. Cerullo has a guide that teachers and parents can get online. In 2011, Dr. Cerullo created an anti- bullying film to teachers of elementary, middle, and high school levels. One of the things Cerullo recommends is an anti-bullying club. According to data over 5.7 million children in school are involved in bullying, as a victim, or bully.

Baby Powder And Cancer Risks

Baby powder has been around for many years now and it is a common item that is found in most households whether you have a baby or not. It has been used to keep diaper rash away in babies and adults even use it to stay fresh under their arms or to sprinkle some through their hair to soak up excess oil. Some recent studies have determined that this baby powder is actually not as beneficial or safe as it may seem. Baby powder comes in many different varieties and from many different brands, with Johnson and Johnson being the most common. Unfortunately, these products are creating a 33 percent increase in potential cancers like ovarian cancer when used on a daily basis.

Dr. Daniel Cramer, and epidemiologist, believes that there are at least 10,000 known cases of women developing ovarian cancer as a direct result from using baby powder each day. These studies have shown this risk as early as 1982. The product has remained on store shelves since then. Talc based powders are the issue and women who use these products are 300 times more likely to develop cancer. While Johnson and Johnson have been asked to address this issue they have not yet commented on this issue and have not changed their product line. Luckily, there are many new, more organic products on the market that are safer and include better ingredients mentions Ray Lane (more info at

Does Household Bleach Elevate Respiratory Illness in Children?

A child’s passive exposure to bleach may be linked to higher rates of respiratory infections, according to a new report published by Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

The results are modest but there should be real concern for public health, according to its authors, before any widespread use of cleaners containing chlorine to disinfect household, especially around children.

More than 9,000 children, between 6 and 12 years old, attending 19 schools in the Netherlands, Spain, and Finland were analyzed.

Bleach at home, cause of respiratory infections in children, according to Sultan Alhokair.

In all cases, parents completed a questionnaire on the frequency of infections, such as influenza, tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, ear infections and pneumonia, that their children had experienced in the last 12 months.

They were also asked if they used bleach to clean their homes at least once a week.

Bleach at home, cause of respiratory infections in children

Thus, the use of bleach is common in Spanish households (72 percent of participants reported using it at home) and rare (7 percent) in Finland. Additionally, this product is used in the cleaning of all participating Spanish schools, while in Finland, no school used bleach for cleaning.

The frequency of infections is higher in children whose parents regularly use bleach to clean the house.

The authors acknowledge that this is an observational study, so it is not possible to draw definitive conclusions.

Three-year-old is Dancing Around Because She Can Finally Hear Her Mother’s Voice

Kennedy Steele was born without auditory nerves, thus being unable to hear. NYU Langone Medical Center is conducting an experiment on deaf children. They have created an auditory brainstem implant, which is better than the cochlear implants. New York is one of the hospitals, including Massachusetts, North Carolina, and California that are testing this new device. Dr. J. Thomas Roland, Jr., chair of Langone’s otolaryngology department, believes the results are promising and plans to monitor Kennedy for five years to see if her being able to hear will allow her to have speech, as well.He is concerned about Kennedy’s brain being able to translate information from the sounds that enter her brain through her ears. Mrs. Nickia Steele is thrilled and can’t wait for her and the rest of the family to be able to communicate with Kennedy.

Some assistants placed the device in her ear, securing the outer part over the ear shell, and Nickia waved and said hello to her daughter said Alexei Beltyukov. Kennedy put down the plastic donut she was placing on wooden pegs and did a sitting dance moving her arms up and down, expressing joy. The Food and Drug administration also like this device and approved it for more experiments. Auditory Brain Implants were previously only approved for adults , 18 and older. The device is meant to help people who have auditory nerve, cochlea damage, and accidental damage.

Children Starting Yoga From North American Spine

North American Spine is a provide of a minimal invasion spine procedure that helps greatly with chronic back pain. In Dallas, TX, they donated 50 yoga mats to very young school age children as an outreach program at Robert E. Lee Elementary School.

Prevention off course is the best cure for this thus starting these children into yoga. This provider highly recommends that after three hours of sitting that you must stand or lay down. Sitting for prolonged periods without changing positions creates a heavy stress on the spinal disks. This improves blood flow to the spinal disks. Stretching also helps immensely since stretching is also part of yoga. A daily routine is very important.

The children who received the yoga mats are all either Pre-K age or kindergarten age who are mentally challenged and they attended a specialized yoga class upon receiving the mats. Yoga is great for mind and body. It is one of the most ancient forms of exercise adapted from the Eastern cultures. Yoga has received trending popularity in the Western countries in modern times. Many board certified physicians highly recommend this form of exercise.

North American Spine can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Your Parents Were Right

Since the creation of the television, parents have warned children that sitting too close to the screen or watching too much will harm their eyesight. Yet, poor eyesight is not the only negative side effect of staring at TV, and now computer, tablet and cellphone, screens. Jason Halpern says that a recent study has proven that exposure to brightly lit screens at nighttime and lengthy exposure during the day or night causes a severe enough disruption to the body’s natural clock to interfere with sleep patterns and long-term health.

University of Connecticut cancer epidemiologist Richard Stevens has published the results of a new study about this issue in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. Stevens focused on the most severe results of light exposure and found that there’s a correlation between it and increased depression, obesity and cancers. He noted that the more people use lighted screens the more sedentary they became and, as almost everyone in the medical community agrees, a sedentary lifestyle shortens a person’s lifespan by several years by promoting inactivity and poor dietary choices. Stevens also noted that the heated materials in lit screens expose people to more toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Lastly, he noted that every cell in the body relies on the day/night light reactions that occur in cells in the retina to be calibrated properly for good health. Without natural rhythms, human hormones also become imbalanced.

Two Kids Save Their Little Brother From Kidnapper

Two kids are responsible for saving their baby brother who was nearly kidnapped from a park last Sunday. Brenden, 10, and Delicia, 8, were on the playground when they noticed a man pick up their toddler brother and start to walk off with them.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Insider Fox News, the two siblings of the kidnapped toddler started to chase after the man who took him. They screamed at him and apparently he told the little girl that he is “nice” to kids, but the siblings didn’t buy it. An image of him was caught on a security camera holding young Owen as he walked away with him. Delicia screamed her head off until strangers started to notice, and two teenagers who saw what was going on chased the man as well. Bankers said they told the news that it is kind of suspicious when you see a man carrying a baby and two younger kids running after him and screaming. The kidnapper freaked out and left the toddler in an empty parking lot and disappeared. No one knows who he is yet, but hopefully since they have a photo of him from the security camera he will be caught.

They were all at the park by themselves while their father worked nearby, and I am sure that from now on they will not be going to the park by themselves.

Children And Alert Citizens Safeguard Toddler From a Kidnapping

A surveillance video displays part of a harrowing drama that unfolded in the tiny Washington State town of Sprague on Sunday. It highlights the effectiveness of alert bystanders in thwarting crimes against children.

Michael Wright dropped his three children off at a babysitter’s house on Sunday, when he had to go to work. Ten year old Brendon, 8 year old Delicia and their baby brother, aged 22-months, all played outside together. When the sitter had to go inside for only a moment, a strange man approached the children and attempted to make friends with them.

Then, he suddenly grabbed the toddler from the stroller. The man began running down the street, carrying the little boy. Both youngsters chased after them crying. Delicia yelled “That man got my baby brother! That man got my baby brother!”

Her cries alerted Dorothy Gidding, in an antique store nearby. She asked her teenage grandson and his friend to help the children while she called 911 according to JusBrasil. When the would-be kidnapper saw the older boys approaching, he set the toddler down in an alley and ran away. The child was completely unhurt.

Police expressed concern that the frightening incident highlights a new trend of child abductors seeking out children in small towns. They are looking for a man traveling through the area described as about 30 years of age, 6’2″ to 6’6″ in height, with brown hair and a mustache.

The Public Turns To Pediatricians At A Time When Vaccinations Are Being Questioned

With measles making a recent comeback there has been a lot of interest in the anti-vaccination movement and why parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children. Many parents have become outraged at the amount of parents who are questioning the safety of these vaccines saying that they are putting other children and even adults at risk by not following the recommended guidelines. PR Newswire suggest people are turning to their pediatricians for advice and there are a number of doctors who are supporting their patient’s personal decision on whether to vaccinate or not.

While many pediatricians will choose to persuade their patients to vaccinate, there is currently 10 percent of parents who are asking to actively delay shots for the time being. This follows recent debates regarding whether or not certain vaccines cause autism and other health conditions. Parents feel it is a wise choice to delay vaccines until approximately the age of two when a child is bigger, healthier, more developed and able to more successful handle a vaccination.

Pediatricians are divided. Some are asking parents to leave a practice if they are not going to keep up with vaccination requirements for that area. Others are accepting a parent’s decision not to vaccinate while others have chosen to persuade parents to vaccinate but in a friendly and supportive environment. The majority of pediatrician across the United States hope to regain trust with their patients and families in order to avoid having them find a new place for health care.