End Citizens United Fight against the influence of big money in politics.

The End Citizens United is a democratic human rights organization. It is a non-profit PAC group. Its main aim is to fight against the effect of using finances in any type of election including the national elections. Over the years financial aid has slowly taken up the free and fair position in State Elections. Tiffany Muller is the chairperson of the organization which has its headquarters in Washington, DC. In spite of its main location in the US Capital, it has other branches spreads out all over the vast country. The organization has also participating members based up in all this branch.

According to their recent newsletter, End Citizens United is planning on publishing the names of politicians who have perpetrated this vice for so long. Under the banner-name of Big Money 20, the politicians will be revealed to the general public in a bid to fight the money influence in State Politics. These politicians have been found guilty of putting their selfish need ahead of their electorates needs.

The liberal PAC group aims at coming up with a sum total of $35 million in support of re-elections which is higher than the amount they used in the 2016 elections. The initiative is aimed at discouraging political candidates to decline financial support from private firms which only do it for selfish gains. The candidates who listen to the plea have gained a backing from the End Citizens United. ECU has also taken the responsibility to urge the electors to contribute towards the campaigns of their favorite candidates. These candidates have opted out of the choice of corporate endorsements and hence have proven that they cannot be bought. This, therefore, requires the voter to chip in and aid the campaign contribution.

These particular State elections, End Citizens United has backed Senator Cory Booker. This is after a bold move by the senator to reject financial support from corporations. Senator Cory is however not the only politician that is receiving aid from End Citizens United after denouncing contributions from corporate firms. Politics is slowly turning into a transparent game as the list of politicians in support of this way of thinking continues to grow. The corporate donation threated the stability and political growth of the country. It all started when the Supreme Court gave a ruling permitting the financial support o big corporations and billionaires in state politics.

End Citizens United’s Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en