US Money Reserve Releases New Information On Gold Buying In Ebook

One America’s largest gold wholesale companies just put out a new ebook on protecting wealth against global economic threats titled “2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.” That company is US Money Reserve, a privately-owned company in Austin, TX.  The ebook goes through the various threats to currencies that come from terrorists, natural disasters, banks, and even politicians.

The book is available as part of a purchase of American Eagle gold coins that are on sale for a discounted price as a way to promote asset protection.  This is only part of the vault of coins and information available on US Money Reserve’s website.

US Reserve takes pride in helping people understand buying precious metals, and in effort to make sure both computer and mobile device users of all operating systems could buy from them they renovated the website.  It has photos of all kinds of coins and gold bars, and they have detailed sections on price charts in their knowledge center.

You can even see live feeds scrolling across the website about the stock market and gold and silver’s indexes.  But US Money Reserve wouldn’t be the company it is without Philip N. Diehl, the former US Mint Director.

Diehl is the 35th Mint Director appointed by former President Bill Clinton to bring his skills in accounting and business management to transform the agency.  He was highly commended for turning it into a profitable agency that generated billions in sales and yielded high returns to taxpayers.

In the more recent years, Diehl had a discussion with CNBC about eliminating minting the penny as he felt it was becoming outdated and could save the government money.  Diehl also brought the initiative to congress to mint the first platinum coin in 2013, and he was a panelist in the TV event “2016 Gold Summit.”

Diehl appears on the US Money Reserve website in an introduction for new users in which he explains how the company can help them build their portfolios.  Once users get through the introduction, they can download the free gold information kit which tells them how they can move funds from an IRA into gold and silver.

US Money Reserve has also introduced Client-Connect Advantage, a chat system available on all devices for those who need live support in purchasing products.  You can learn how to buy precious metals in all bullion by visiting

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