Classdojo – Making Learning in Classroom, Fun and Interactive

The world is moving ahead at a great pace, and it is all due to the rapid advancement happening in the field of technology. It has integrated with our lives and has assisted in ways more than one to make it easier and make us more efficient. One of the smart device applications that were recently launched in the niche of education is Classdojo. It brings together students, teachers, and parents together in a very efficient manner so that it helps increase transparency as well as encourages the exchange of ideas among all the parties involved.

Even though there are many communication applications available these days, there are none that are specifically designed for the educational institutions. Classdojo helps the parents, students, and teachers to interact with each other without having to share personal contact numbers, which ensures that there is no misuse of data. It provides the flexibility to the teachers as well as they can balance their professional and personal life accordingly. It is often seen that parents are curious as to what their kids must be doing at the school, how that craft project went, or how their book reading session was. However, with the help of Classdojo application, it is possible to exchange photos and videos across the platform that would be accessible to students, parents, and teachers.

It becomes much easier for the teachers to give updates to the parents about their kids’ progress in the classroom. Classdojo application is a highly progressive application that aims at making class more fun, interactive, and transparent. Teachers are also encouraged with the help of features this application provides as it makes them better at their work, and they can share their teaching ideas with other classrooms from across the globe as well as learn from the ideas of other teachers.