The Release of Lime Crime’s Venus III Eyeshadow Palette

Whether you call the makeup industry, or you call it the beauty business, cosmetics are some of the most sought-after products. For those who are inspired to temporally change their appearance, these are the products of choice for millions of people. Eyeshadow is among some of the best-sellers when it comes to makeup items. Have you ever heard of the affluent Lime Crime brand of cosmetics? Lime Crime is a revolutionary type of company as it has helped to usher-in a new wave of contemporary products. Lime Crime’s Venus III eyeshadow palette has now hit the market, and it is looking to continue in the success of its predecessors.

The all-new Venus III eyeshadow palette offers a brilliant array of glistening colors as well as subtle neutral tones. Out of any of the brand’s eyeshadows, this particular product is probably the most diverse. Venus 3 personifies the word eclectic to the highest degree. Marketing is a significant role in selling items and Lime Crime seems to specialize in subliminal-marketing techniques. On any given day, Lime Crime will tease the market by offering glimpses of its soon-to-be products. Venus III has simply engaged its audience, which has manifested into chatter. When people start to talk about something over and over, that’s a sure sign of genuine interest. The comment sections of certain websites has been embedded with Lime Crime-chatter. You can feel the energy in the air as well as feel the eagerness.

Thanks to being certified-vegan, these are some of the safest products to use on a consistent basis. On top of that, these products hasn’t been tested on any animals. CEO Doe Deere also tests the products herself before they ever hit the market. The Venus III eyeshadow palette appears to be the next big surprise from the eyeshadow sector of business.

Polly Pocket Is More Than A Brand

The Polly Pocket Palette, new to the LimeCrime brand offers five shades of exuberant colors. Customers receive the amazing shades their familiar with, but with a new advanced formula with a buttery palette. Their new brand will still continue to be waterproof, and safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. The Lime Crime designer, Doe Deere, is also an adamant animal lovers insisting her products will remain cruelty free. A portion of the proceeds from the Polly Pocket Palette will goes toward helping the stray/homeless pet population in Los Angeles by providing socialization, litter training, and placement.

Their new palette comes in a cool 90’s style look taking their customers to s time when putting their doll in the back pocket of the Jordache jeans was a right of passage. Enjoy cool colors like a deep red under the Beet It name, or Wicked, a cool twisted purple. You can choose from a complete brand of vegan cosmetics with a perfect to the touch application. Deere, was one of the first of her kind to use the velvetine matte base for her cosmetics, and now it’s sweeping the industry. The LC super-foil formula is preferred over other popular brands 10 to 1.

Get exclusive LC products directly from their website, and take advantage of first-time customer offers for free shipping. You can also find their products exclusively at select Bloomingdale’s department stores. Discover the benefits of Lime Crime to bring out your best features with unapologetically intricate colors.