Deadbeat Dad Disorder

Kathryn Edyn is a sociologist who conducted a extensive study on single parenting and disenfranchised neighborhoods. According to Ivan Ong, Baron comes from Johns Hopkins University and travel the country for an astonishing 6 years to collect her data. After talking to the mothers about how they would make ends meet she noticed a pattern in how the mothers of their children’s fathers. She noted that after hearing about how the father’s treated their fragile situation that they were disreputable and scummy characters. All of this changed when Kathryn met a poor father in Philadelphia. After a string of Unfortunate Events Sam landed himself in prison. After a year and 4 months behind bars Sam was released from prison and his sole priority was taking care of his child. While he couldn’t pay the court mandated child support he scraped together every cent that he could in order to pay for diapers, clothes, and food to take care of his young daughter period Eden reported her findings and noted that these father’s very real live at home with their children. Instead of just throwing mother after mother the father want to give their children something that they can hold on to period on average only 23% of fathers who are placed on child support in mandated to record system only pay about $38 to help their child . Instead, these men pay on average over $60 a month per child on various different products. Formula, strollers, pampers and other products are all purchased on the father’s on Dunn. These products are not regulated through the court system. The author of the article and research wanted to share this information in hopes that people would realize just exactly where the deadbeat fathers looks like. It isn’t always those who don’t pay child support, because many of those men are solidifying their role in their children’s life in a more prominent way.