Strong Ethics & High Standards Are Just A Few Pillars That Make IC System To Be A Solid Company

When it comes to accounts receivable one leader shines brightly and that leader is IC System. IC System is a formidable accounts receivable with a rich history of working with clients for over eighty years. IC System quality far surpasses others in the industry, which is why they soar so high in the industry as a true market leader.


Ruth and Jack Erickson formulated IC System in 1938 and it is Headquartered near St. Paul, Minnesota. One of the fundamental, key concepts that has kept IC System ahead of the game is that the company provides ethical and honest service to their customers. IC System has continued for decades to keep up their ethical service to their customers and has solidified a great reputation. In addition, IC System has been a master pioneers in he collections industry and it was first noted when they transitioned from typewriters to computers. Also, they support their pioneer spirit by strictly adhering to state of the art implementation of the most current regulatory standards.


IC System ethical and honest connection doesn’t just stop with its customers, but they extend outside their customers by reaching out to various communities in the form of charity. In the context of corporate responsibility IC System gives yearly in the form of services, time, money and other resources to help communities all over the world. With respect to sustainable practices IC System is proactive in setting and achieving benchmark goals to by vehemently analyzing failures and successes, systematic operational practices and complete communications with partners. In addition, IC System maintains sustainability by oversee infrastructure and lands, pursue carbon neutrality via renewable resources paired with efficient use of energy and proper consideration to the possible environmental impact when making purchasing choices.


Further, IC System sustainability efforts are reinforced by having a strong influence on their corporate culture. IC’s corporate culture is guided by a frame-work that’s linked by five main values (part of a larger list) to influence their business practices. The five core values consist of pursuing satisfaction in the corporations work, while maintaining an environment that creates innovation, results, treat people with respect and maintain integrity.

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