White Shark Media Continues To Grow And Provide Excellent Digital Marketing Services To Their Clients

White Shark Media specializes in online marketing solutions for businesses. Due to their excellence in customer service, marketing tools, and tactics White Shark Media has experienced excellent growth. The company carefully tracks all of their clients marketing using Google Analytics, software for proprietary reporting, competitive intelligence, and keyword-level call tracking. Their clients continue to benefit from their services.

White Shark Media was created in 2011 due to the experience and marketing capabilities of three Danish entrepreneurs. They wanted to start a company capable of providing outstanding services and products. They found the winning formula with White Shark Media and developed the perfect combination of a domestic and offshore presence. The addition of a bilingual staff further increased their value to their clients. Their services are effective, competitive, and highly valuable.

White Shark Media has vast experience in the industry and they share their knowledge and experience with their clients to help their businesses grow. After three years of dedicated service to their first client, this client remains with White Shark Media. White Shark Media has expanded and now employs 150 people, has a presence in three countries, and has mastered online marketing.

The tremendous growth of White Shark Media was not missed by Google and in 2012 a support team was assigned to the company help regulate their growth and the needs of their clients. This resulted in White Shark Media receiving an SMB Partnership for Google AdWords in 2014. This is a privilege most companies in the industry do not have the honor of receiving.

Since then White Shark Media continues focusing their dedication, creativity, and experience to help their clients achieve their digital marketing goals. The company is still growing and their name and reputation are becoming well known in their field. The future for White Shark Media is extremely promising.

Darius Fisher Receives PR World Award For His Work

The words “Hard work pays off” is sometimes referred to as a cliché because it is repeated so often. Cliché or not, hard work does pay off for those who are smart about what they do and consistently strive for excellence. Darius Fisher’s incredible tenure at Status Labs has typified what hard work can result in. The company has seen revenues increase massively and the volume of clients increased to similarly impressive levels.


PR World has absolutely noticed the great work Darius Fisher has done with his company. The 2016 PR Week Awards were kind to Mr. Fisher. He was named “Business Development Individual of the Year”.


Fisher’s expertise in digital marketing and public relations has been put to use at Status Labs. The company has achieved great success under the leadership of Fisher. The Status Labs’ growing client base clearly show the company is being successfully managed. A high level of employee satisfaction further displays Darius Fisher’s managerial skills extend to personnel and HR. PR World is honoring him for all those achievements.


Fisher worked as a copywriter early in his career. He developed a solid understanding of how the media and search engines impact search engines. Status Labs reflects Fisher’s brilliance at turning his experience and understanding into a massively popular international company.


PR Week does not give out these awards without careful consideration. Fisher ranked very high on the judges’ lists. Based on the publicity he is sure to receive from this award, the rest of 2016 and beyond should be very good to him.

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